Preparing for a BBL 2013 - Santa Ana, CA

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Hello everyone I am new here to real self. I have...

Hello everyone I am new here to real self. I have a upcoming consultation with Dr. Afifi July 26, 2013 for a BBL and I am so excited. Looking at some of her past reviews/results have helped me schedule a consultation with her. I recently went to a Laser clinic for a consultation and the Dr. there was also a plastic surgeon so for the heck of it I got another opinion. Thankfully I do not need a tummy tuck because I thought I might. She told me she could do 1000cc each cheek with 4000cc on the lipo. She was really nice but pricey; I still would like to see super excited. After the initial consultation I will begin to document my journey.

Needed items..`

Hey Ladies for those of you who already had the surgery I need some help with the following questions?:
How long was the recovery process, is 2-3 weeks enough?
What things do I need for post op care?
How many garments do I need and how do I know when to switch them?
Any other information I may need feel free to let me know.

Thanks :)

2 days away from consultation!

I am 2 days from seeing Dr. Afifi; I am super excited!! I am hoping to post some pics tonight!

My butt

Wish pics

Here are some wish pics; I have better ones on my phone but I need more time. The first model is French Rose Bud and her measurements are 34-24-45 5'8 160..I am 5'4 38-35-43 164..I am way shorter and I have a lot of fat via my midsection; I def hoping the surgery could proportion me out more...I might need to lose weight but I am waiting for the Dr to direct me...

front view not that old..

as you can see I have a square type mid-section..alot of fat from my kids..the good thing is I have big thighs and hips they just need to be sculpted nice.

Seen Dr. Afifi yesterday...OCT.2013

Yesterday was my big day at Dr. Afifi office. I was greeted by the staff including the wonderful Tammy; she is so sweet. I filled out some paperwork and off to a room I went. First off Dr. Afifi is very pretty doesn't look much like this profile pic she has long hair. We clicked instantly and she pretty much covered everything. I didn't really have to ask much. Since I was there for BBL..I stood up pulled my pants down and shirt She basically explained she would like to take out from my upper back, abdomen, love handles, and thighs..seeing my wish pics she said I can do anywhere from 1000-1500cc whichever I choose..she will have to see me 2 weeks prior to surgery so that's when we will make a final decision on the cc amount. I do need to lose 10 pounds; if your heavier like me she would like you closer to a weight that you plan to stay at. In my case I planned on losing 10 pounds so I am planning my surgery date end Oct. 2013. She said that's plenty of time to lose weight and give notice to my job for time off. Again she basically just covered how everything works like with the surgery, the time needed off, and that shes 200% in charge of you. If you have her as your surgeon she will see you for LIFE if needed..a perk she offers to her patients. She is in all just really down to earth..very funny..and very real Dr. She will tell you what she can do and what she can't do..she really cares for her pts. I am going back in about a week to leave my deposit for surgery I am sooo EXCITED!! I just need to pick a date and am set! As far as extra costs thankfully I have insurance so my labs/prescriptions are covered. I just need the garment which Tammy explained I can buy at JC Penny, Burlington Factory, and some other stores I wrote down. She was soo awesome; she said theres no need to spend $150. Look forward to continuing this journey!

Picked my surgery date.

After a lot of planning and coordination I have decided to choose Nov.2 as my surgery date; I am going in next Wed. to leave my deposit! I am sooo happy and excited to start this new chapter in my life. I hope this date will be available!

been gone for a min....

hello ladies I've been gone for a minute I've been working a lot I work in a psychiatric facility and we've been really busy I've decided to push my surgery back 2 January 2014 I'm really excited to finally go and put my deposit down for the surgery I barely have any time for myself yet alone my family but I know that I really. want this done in the meantime I have time to lose the weight needed for the surgery and prepare for everything else to me there's no rush as long as I'm ready for the summer I've also decided that I'm probably going to get the maximum ccs as possible which is about 1500 anyways if you don't hear from me right away I'm probably working or with my family but if you have any questions feel free to comment take care ladies :-)

my original wish pics

these are the original pictures of what I would like my b*** look like I had a problem uploading them from my iphone but now I have a tablet so I just took a picture off the phone picture from my tablet

new pics coming

now that I have a tablet I will be posting pictures of myself soon better picture

No more Afifi......

I have been very busy with school and life; still want my BBL. However am thankful I waited because as nice as Afifi was she got some really bad reviews and had she mess up on me....that wouldn't have been good. I am not trying to waste 8K...So am back searching so far Dr. Kenneth Hughes has me very interested...
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