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  To read part 1 of my BBL journey,...


To read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Ok ladies I first want to say that Dr. Afifi did a great job on me but I had regrets on gaining weight or too much weight because there is still some things I will have to fix in the gym. She changed my shape and I love it. My booty is starting to form and it is looking nice. Even if my butt doesn't project out as much as I wanted, it is a hella lot better than it was. I had no booty, now I do plus I can lift it in the gym some more. It is still hard so there is more fat to find the blood supply. My brother saw it and he said it is nice and he started singing bands will make her dance lol. I bought a garment from target, it is kinda like a spanx and I wear my waist cincher over it. Boy it is tight but it will pay off.

Where do i begin. I had to step away from this...

Where do i begin. I had to step away from this site because I was toooo overwhelmed but I often come by to see others on their journey. My butt has been bothering me since day one. My left cheek has a seroma pocket that I have been getting aspirated every week. My left and my right cheek both have fat necrosis. My overall shape is better but it defeats the purpose of the surgery. Im always wearing spanx and I cover up with a sweater but my left cheek has a lump and my right has a dent. So I said f-it ima get a round two and get this mess fixed plus I got some fat to be removed. Ima have to save again but at least I will be happier. I pray.I decided to go with Dr. Yily in DR. If any of you ladies are going to her this year please let me know. Maybe we can buddy up. Oh and I will take pics tomorrow.

OMG I just got the quote from Dr. Yily. She quoted...

OMG I just got the quote from Dr. Yily. She quoted me $3100. Now its time to save and put down my deposit.

Tomorrow I have my consult with Dr. Dass. Before I...

Tomorrow I have my consult with Dr. Dass. Before I had my BBL with Dr. Afifi, I had a consult with him when he was working at Dr. Boris's office and now he has his own office. I just saw his work again on Gabanna77 and she looks awesome. I rather have my surgery in Cali so I can come to my bed and just in case I have issues. But we shall see. Its between Dr. Dass and Dr. Yily.

I had my consult with Dr. Dass today. I really...

I had my consult with Dr. Dass today. I really like and feel comfortable with him. First he wants me to wait some months for my fat necrosis and seroma to go away. Im so confused because his prices are high. He quoted me 9300, and I can save that although only the Lord knows how long it will take me. So now I am like should I go out of country for less than 6,000 or stay in cali for almost 10,000. My only concern about going out of country is if I needed to see my doc, I wouldnt be able to or at least not right away. Decisions, decisions.

Im also seeing bad reviews about Yilys atttitude....

Im also seeing bad reviews about Yilys atttitude. I cant do a stank attitude doctor, so Yily is a no go for me. I need professionalism and caring.

I made my choice and I am going with Dr. Dass.

I made my choice and I am going with Dr. Dass.

This is why I chose Dr. Dass. He is compassionate...

This is why I chose Dr. Dass. He is compassionate and professional. Annnd very handsome by the way lol but seriously. With what happened to me round 1, I cant afford to go to someone (even if they are great at what they do) out of the country. I need someone local that I can go and see at anytime, minus an expensive flight where I would have to sit on my new booty. So the saving begins on the 30th when I get paid. Im going to put down my deposit and save my date. Until then I will be focusing on healing my fat necrosis and seroma and eating right so I dont gain weight because he told me not to, but I also dont wanna lose weight cus I need all this fat.

This finding a doctor stuff is no joke. I find...

This finding a doctor stuff is no joke. I find myself being unsure alot. I initially said I wasnt going to go back to my round 1 doctor but I feel it will be best. She already knows my issues and my body. She is fixing the problems that I am having and she wont charge me alot to have a round 2. Dr. Dass is a great doctor but I am a single mom and a full time student. I dont want to even try to afford to pay $9300. I got to put my priorities in check and while a bbl is one of my priorities, being broke and struggling is not. So there for on wednesday I will get a quote for a round 2 with Dr. Afifi and that will be that. I just want more hips, more projection, and I will be good. Im not as big as I was when I got round 1, so she will be able to sculpt me better this time.

Changes I will do this time around: 1. Not go over...

Changes I will do this time around: 1. Not go over board on the supplies. Half of the supplies I did not use. 2. I will be wearing a garment after surgery and not a waist binder. I will also be wearining it all day. Taking it off for pics and to breath is fun, but I need to be disciplined at least for the first month. 3. I will for sure not be sitting on no part of my butt. 4. I will be getting lymphatic massages, which I did not get round 1. and 5. not being so hard on myself cus there will be no round 3's.

Im sure I am not the only one who is often bipolar...

Im sure I am not the only one who is often bipolar on their doctor choice. lol I really really wanted to give my doc another choice but I was looking at some of her more recent surgeries and not one of them gave a worth it rating. Dr. Afifi is a great doctor and if very caring but she does not know how to sculpt the body I am looking for such as wider hips, small waist, coke bottle shape, projection in the booty, and sexy curves. I have decided to go with a doc that I have been considering for awhile. It is not Dr. Dass, nor is it Dr. Afifi, Dr. Yily, Dr. Campos, Dr. Perry, or Dr. Duran. So yall can take your guess but I am gonna stay silent until I lock in my date cus then it aint no turning back. I talked to his assistant who was very helpful, they respond to emails, and answer their phones. Plus he knows how to shape the body well and he does really nice breast work even though I am not getting my boobs done, if I was I would choose him to do them.

I just got my quote back from Dr. Pantoja and I am...

I just got my quote back from Dr. Pantoja and I am over joyed. Now I can call and send in my deposit.

I came across some Campos patients and man can he...

I came across some Campos patients and man can he shape some hips. Damn Gina. Whats a girl to do. He includes more in his quote too. Let me pray on this one lol

After deliberating for the past freaking 24 hours,...

After deliberating for the past freaking 24 hours, I have to decided to choose Campos or Pantoja. I believe they are both great docs but I prefer the way Campos scopes the heck out of some hips. He is a hip doctor and he does them well. He also give great projection. And I want them both. He has also had some changes with his staff. I remember it was so unorganized and now they are answering the phones, emails are getting responded to and everything is working out. My quote with Campos is 4745 but I added hip injections so its now 5345. The extras are my flight, recovery house, labs, and any additional massages I want other than the 5 I get for free. Everything else is included in the quote. I am looking for a January date so I am waiting for Angie to check Dr. Campos schedule. I cant wait, Im ready to put my deposit down.

So I just got back from my Post op appointment...

So I just got back from my Post op appointment with Dr. Afifi and my seroma is basically gone. She syringed everything she could get out, but it wasnt much. I told her about my getting a round with a doc in TJ and of course she doesnt want me to go, although she knows she cant stop me. She wants me to wait and see how my body heels because I am only 5 months po but I know me and I didnt like my results from day 1. So it aint gonna change in month 6. She would like to be the doc to give me my round 2 but I will feel much better with campos. I just feel that he could give me the results I desired this whole time. I respected her enough to tell her, and now I pray nothing goes wrong with my TJ doc. Dr. Campos will not be giving January dates until june so I will have to wait to put my deposit down. I am kinda nervous about going to TJ but I know they are professionals even though they arent american, they still take pride in their work.

Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez is my choice

Ok yall. I just read up on another doc in DR and I like her. I sent her a quote at 5:21pm and I got a response by 6:30pm Nice!!! So this is my email from her and/or her staff Hello Kristian!

Thank you for thinking of me for an evaluation of plastic surgery, for realization of all the surgeries you requested the most important thing is that you must be healthy and the cardiologist must approve that we can perform all procedures. I can perform lipo to your back, flanks and waist and the fat from that lipo can be injected to your buttocks, this will give you a curvier and better look. I must tell you that irregularities on your abdomen won’t get better. The price for the surgeries that you are requesting and I recommend you to have: lipo to abdomen, waist, back, flanks and Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to butt) is US$ 2,700, which includes:
-Airport pick up

-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups

-Medication post-surgery
-lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages which are included

The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction. Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia. I recommend you to begin taking vitamins (C and B complex, folic acid, iron) and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done. You should need to stay in Santo Domingo for at least 10 days.

If you need transportation or a recovery house (prices from $75 per day) we can offer these services with an additional fee.
Questions or doubts about the price or the elements included in your surgery package just email and I will reply as fast as I can.


Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

It is personable because she knew my concern about not wanting a tummy tuck. I do not care that my belly will get more wrinkles. I will get a TT after im done having babies. The price is too right because this is my round 2 and I just cant afford to pay too much more and I dont wanna wait til next year. I need my body fixed sooner than later. Not only is her price nice, she includes everything massages, labs, airport pick-up, post op meds, and even a garment. All I would have to pay for his my flight and extra garments, and my stay. I can do that!!! She is highly trained and very humble and nice. I believe once she gets more attention she will start to raise her prices like everyone else. I emailed her asking if hips are included in the quote and which RH she recommends me to stay in. Im too excited!!!

A another convo with Dra Baez

I recently had a convo with Dra Baez about her pictures. This was my email: Where are your injection sites when you lipo the back and butt? I dont see them. You only have a few pictures and there are alot of ladies on Real Self interested in you but we are kinda concerned that your pictures are photo shopped. Do you have any recent photoes of the bbl to share?

This was hers: Site injections are under the gluteal fold and depending on the site that have lack of volume, you may not see clearly the sites because patients may have three months or more from their surgery, i will send you some pics from early post surgery

I dont care for the last pics but maybe that person did not want hips.

I have to wait

So I have to wait til the fat necrosis heals all of the way before I do a round 2. I am so pissed. I pray it heals by time september comes. Im just gonna save up so when I feel it is all the way healed I will be ready to go.

My runner ups

Ok so these are my runner ups. Dr Campos in TJ- he is over my budget for a round to. The quote alone is $5345. Dr. Baez in DR- I dont love love her results. Dr. Duran in DR- waiting for her quote. Dr. Jose Luis Sala in TJ- waiting on his quote.

got some quotes

Ok I have been searching alot of docs and I found some that are not on fb. I have just really been seeing what they would quote me. Dr. Fuentes and this other doc in TJ told me I dont have much fat. I have gained a tad bit of weight since these pics but I think I should gain like 5 more pounds. Dr. Villalobos in colombia sent me a quote and I have been talking to Paola one of his staff and she is a doll. She sent me some of his work and I must say he is good. He wants me to wait about 6 more months before having another surgery and I am ok with that because I have to save. He quoted me 2500. Super low. That only includes 2 girdles, insurance for 2 months, 10 massages, and 2 days of nurse care. I am asking him about his po meds and labs now. waiting for a response. So far I like him. So for me because this is round 2 and I dont have time for foolery again. My two choices are Campos and Villalobos.


This is Villalobos work. Now that I look real good, I dont see a huge difference in the butts. His shapes are nice but his butts are alright.

Cant post Villalobos pics here

I tried to post the attachment but I cant so if you wanna see the pic you gonna have to send me your email and I will send it to you that way.

I talked to Cabral

I called Cabral's office this morning and he answered the phone. I told him some ladies are waiting for a quote and he said he knows and that he has been busy. He told me to resend it and that he will answer it later on tonight.

I know im rollin with a doc in the DR

I know I am rollin with a doc in the DR I just dont know which one yet. Campos is not gonna be in my top three anymore. He is just outa my price range. His quote alone is over 5000. Cabral aint responding so I am giving up on him. Duran aint responding either but she is worth it, so Ima keep on trying. Yilys work is nice but her butts can be better. So it is between Duran and Yily. If Duran gives me a quote it is a wrap, she will be the one.

Now getting the BBL, BL, and TT

I though the first BBL doctor choice was difficult. Choosing the doc to do my round two is even more important and stressful cus I cant do a round 3. I decided I want the full affect so I am now getting a TT and a breast lift. I got my quote from Cabral and I am waiting on my new quotes from Duran, and Yily, and one more doc I learned about through a friend. I just wanna make the right choice, I just want the body I should have got round 2. What I do know is the doc I go to with be in the DR. I feel safest there and those Dominicans got some body on them.

I got Durans quote

Today was a good day with me and Duran. She answered all of my emails and gave me a quote. She quoted me 6,000 for a bbl, bl, and TT. I also sent another email to Baez. She quoted me 4600. That is a nice quote but I would pay the extra money for Duran because I think her work is more on point. I just need to check out durans TT and boobs a few more times.

This round just a bbl with Cabral

This round i decided i should just get the bbl and six months after im going to get a tt and a bl. I need all of the fat ive gained for my butt and I want to be able to lay on my stomach. I may even wait a year to get my TT and bl so I can lay on my butt.

I am not pleased with my results, I am now searching for the doc to get me right. I will not talk down about Dr. Afifi but I am not pleased with her work on me.

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