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My nose has always been a problem for me I just...

My nose has always been a problem for me I just regret waiting so long to get it done. I did my research and had 3 consultations with different doctors and finally decided on one. So I haven't been that nervous but today is my surgery so I'm thinking that I'll be a little more nervous later on. I'm posting my before pics. Wish me luck!!

It's done!

So I had my surgery done yesterday, today is my first day post op! Some important tips:
Take Chapstick!
Have water around / some spray for dry/ sore throat
Be prepared to Not sleep the first night!
Thank goodness I had my nasal packaging less than 24 hrs! It's very uncomfortable!
I stayed in the hospital overnight and am now home. In 10 days I get to see my results! Very excited and I can already tell my tip is more refined and upwards but not piggy like. Of course there's a lot of swelling and bruising but I had NO pain whatsoever!!!
I'll post more pics day to day cause that's what I personally like to see.

Day 2 post op

So I woke up to find that the left side of my face is puffier than yesterday, the Dr told me that could happen depending on which side I slept. I'm taking emergen-c thinking it could help with the swelling/ bruising. Still no pain, but I can't breath through my nose, it's all stuffed up... Guess that's normal. I was told I can't blow my nose for 2-3 wks.

Pic day 2 post op

Just a thought...

Looking at myself so much I'm thinking I'm going to look completely different, and I'm not necessarily mad/sad about it. I'm actually really excited. It's different with different people but I wouldn't mind looking different, changing my look. I mean I told the Dr. In my consultation that I worried it wouldn't be enough of a change but he said that a lot of people worry about that but his job as a plastic surgeon was to make it look subtle yet fix everything I wanted.

Day 3 post op

Today I've been more tired than the other days.... No pain, same bruising and swelling. Not much different since yesterday. I'll still post a pic for reference.

Washed my hair!

I don't know when your allowed to wash your hair and take a shower but I COULD NOT handle feeling so gross!! So I went ahead and took a shower, just titlted my head back and made sure not to get any water on my face. I feel SOOO much better now!

7th day post op

I haven't updated in a few days just cause nothings ver different. Still have bruising, swelling but each day it's less. I still can't really feel the Tip of my nose :/I hope It goes by quick. And also I'm planning on traveling in two weeks, i'll be on a plane so It might be a little Weird. I hope everything goes well! I am so tempted to take this thing off my self BUT i wont cause I know It could interfere with the final result. Ok Well Thats all for now... I'll post pics when my splint is off:)

Cast is off!!! :)))

After what seemed like an eternity I got my cast off!! I love how it looks!! And that's that it isn't even the final result!! I have that tape that they leave on to reduce swelling which I was told I would have to use for 2 weeks. All I can say is that it was 1000% worth it. I thought I wanted it more upturned but I would've ended up looking like a pig. The bridge of my nose looks so much more refined!! I'm posting pics.... I'll update later, after I stop using the bandaging/tape.

Nothing new

I haven't updated cause I'm still wearing tape and just waiting for the swelling to go down on the bridge of my nose. I have to say patience is a virtue with this surgery. I'm posting a pic of the side view ...

Almost 5 weeks post op!!

Went to the Dr's today for my 1 month follow up apt. I had tape on after my cast removal for like 15 days. I'm posting pics and all I can say is I am absolutely in love with my nose!!! My Dr told me that healing is going really well and I still have some swelling that needs to go down and that I should do massages 15 minutes a day on my bridge and tip. All I can say is that if anyone is on the fence about a rhinoplasty ....DO IT!! My only regret is not doing it earlier!

5 months post op went in for revisión

So i had a bone callous form sortee when it was before But no quite as prominente. So My de said dont worry I'll Shake it down with local anestesia and itll look fine. And i just finished. I'll tell you the truth: this is fine dote local anestesia and it hurta when the inyect it in your nose. After that its pretty simple and quick because they just have to shave down certamen áreas. All in all it wasnt THAT bad and it was less than an hour. So Now i have to wait itll next wednesday to take of My bandages. And friday i see the final result. But I'm quite confident he got everything :) si I'll post before and after revisión pics soon.


Helo to all, it's been 4 months since my rhinoplasty and I had to get amnor revision to shave a bone coallous that I ahd on the bridge of my nose. It made it look like a tiny hump but my Dr. and i agreed thathe nedded to shave it down. So I went on wedensday, got it done in is office with local anesthesia, took like 45 minutes and it was not painful. But the anesthesia was!! So afterward monir bruising, almost none I'd say, I'm posting a picture of how I look now.

Revision/rasp Nº 2 =/

Hey all, I decided to update because I'm going in for my second revision. It's the same as the one before cause I had this bone callous form (again) and it looks like a liitle bump the size of a pea on the bridge of my nose, it's super annoying and even though I know it could form again i'm going to to it anyway. It's the same procedure as before, with local anesthesia, which i'm not looking forward too (that's painful). So this will be the last time, if another bone callous forms I'll just have to live with that, my nose looks a thousand times better anyway. So I'll post a before and after when I get it done. I'm not sad or furstrated cause this is a long road so just have to wait and see what happens! ;)
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