44 Yr Mini Tummy Tuck After 3 Kids - Sandy, UT

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Doing a mini TT as the extra skin is the problem,...

Doing a mini TT as the extra skin is the problem, my abs underneath are pretty strong, but after 3 kids they still seem to protrude more than they should for as strong as my core is. All my stretch marks are below my belly button. While my BB is no where near perfect, I am perfectly happy with its appearance, so I had no interest in a full TT. I am pretty close to my ideal weight, a very muscular build. 5'8" / 150 lbs

Just a few last "before"s!


Post op pics, but not much to see yet!

Have my follow up today. So far so good. Taking oxy and it's working well, just generalized soreness, tightness, discomfort. Lots of loving help surrounding me. Have NO idea how do full TTs with implants under the muscle! (Mine is mini TT plus over-muscle.) More pics later!

Day after surgery check up pics!

Happy so far! These pics are immediately after bandages removed so all considered I am thrilled so far. Still extra skin but flat! Pain is increasing tho bc the local (Expelar?) is wearing off. I am so thankful to be able to have the help I do, and the time to take off working!

Day 5 post op

Decreasing pain meds, standing up almost fully straight, getting in and out of my recliner much easier, lots of phantom itching, drainage decreasing and getting clearer, still swollen, and prob biggest surprise is low back pain when reaching, bending, washing hands etc. obviously from over compensating for my abs. Stitches look and feel great. Some bruising showing up more now. Happy over all at day 5!!!! Shoot me any questions I'd be happy to answer them!

Day 9

Had my drain removed on day 7, it wasn't near as painful as I expected. The nurse practitioner was stunned at how well my incision had healed. She literally had to double check my file when she took off the steri strips, saying "wait, your surgery was only a week ago today?" My incision was completely sealed cleanly shut, no scabbing or irritation. I credit the fast healing to a combination of many factors: taking it so easy post-op and having an amazing supportive husband and doting parents who all waited on me hand and foot, not getting out of my comfy recliner for 3-4 days with the only exception being bathroom and doctor, maxing out the pain meds for at least 4 days before beginning to cut back, not showering even when they gave me the go ahead (waited til day 8!) being in good shape pre-op, eating a very healthy diet high in proteins and healthy fats, and tons I mean tons of water!

Day 10 test drive! Ha!

Oh my goodness, for those of u who are uncomfortable talking about sex, go ahead and close this window. Meanwhile, the rest of us can have an honest and transparent discussion about taking our new bodies out for our first test drive :)

So since I did the BA (above muscle, ultra fast recovery) I knew we could have full blown sex but I wasn't going to try for an orgasm personally bc I thought my abs might not be ready for the full experience. But as things progressed and we were bith enjoying my new breasts (my nipples have fortunately remained in 100% full sensitivity, full working order!) we thought we'd try for a big O for me, totally ok if things don't add up; it's early, no pressure.

Oh. My. Goodness. Yep, I can assure u, everything is functioning just fine! Other than the slight bruising, the slight numbness on the surface of my lower tummy, and the lessened strength of my lower abs, I am definitely good to go from a sexual standpoint.

I am in no way advocating rushing things, I recognize I am healing up much faster than average. I am just here to tell u, it's worth it, to heal, recover slowly, take your time, baby steps. Worth.... It......! Feel free to pass any questions my way. I don't get embarrassed about anything.

Day 15 check up and pics!

Got clearance to walk as fast as I want now! Before now I was supposed to go slow and keep my heart rate down. My first walk was a slow 3 miles on day 11. Then day 13, did 3.3 miles. Day 14 4.5 a bit faster, and today miles a bit faster (15 min miles). Starting tmrw I will crank it up bc I have been feeling so great! At my appt today the nurse practicioner used a needle to drain 30cc of fluid that I thought was just swelling. Luckily I couldn't feel it bc I am still numb above the incision where she went in! She said that's normal (both the fluid and the numbness). She was firm that I cannot resume my reformer pilates nor my running til 4 weeks. I am not ready to run but honestly i would love to go back to pilates and just slowly work back in. But I will be a good patient and wait!!!! :)
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