52 Years Old, 5'5.5", 119 Lbs, Pre Op 32A with a Full C to Small D Post Op goal - Boca Raton, FL

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I'm 52 and have three kids of college and HS age....

I'm 52 and have three kids of college and HS age. I've thought about having a BA for a long time and finally decided to do it. I took a solid six months to research options and consult with a total of four plastic surgeons before I made my decision. At my pre op visit, 2 weeks before surgery, I brought 3 pages of questions that covered everything from the surgeon's reputation, general info and concerns, surgical technique, risks, contraindications, complications, surgical procedure, recovery, results and financial cost including any potential future costs for my particular case.Every single question was answered and they loved that I had I had done my homework. In the end, we were exactly on the same page. Had my surgery Aug 11, 2016 and will continue to update my progress. I'm very excited and so glad I FINALLY did it!

3 Days post op

Still high and tight, esp right breast, but definitely less than day 1. I feel great and have been resting well. I sleep at about a 45° angle. Taking antibiotics faithfully as well as Arnica Montana and applying Arnica gel on breasts but NOT near incisions. Only took pain meds twice. Don't really feel pain, just mild to moderate discomfort/tightness. I'm excited to see them relax and settle in. Some bloating from the meds but I'm not worrying about that now as I can address that when I get the green light to work out again. For now my goal is to comply with Dr's instructions and avoid any complications. I visit the doc tomorrow and will give an update afterwards. Well wishes on your own journey =D

1 week post op

Well, 1st week went pretty smoothly. Just finished my proscribed antibiotics today. I will confess, when saw my new breasts for the first time the day after surgery, I was taken aback. Ugh, they looked a bit odd shaped and so unnatural. However, I know that it takes a while for the pecs to release and for the muscles and skin to relax and stretch to allow the implants to settle in. I do see a subtle softening to their appearance after a full week so I am optimistic and realistic about my expectations. My particular concern has more to do with the fact that my PS decided on HP implants during surgery so tomorrow I'll be asking him what final outcome I can realistically expect with respect to dropping & fluffing. Right now they're so high with nearly all the fullness in the upper pole. I am hoping that fullness shifts to the bottom pole and sides so as to round them out nicely and give me the curvy look I'm wanting. Will update more on that after my discussion with him. One thing I forgot to mention is that my right nipple and surrounding breast tissue is numb. This is not uncommon so I'm not concerned at this stage. Also, I've been faithfully massaging Jenny Eden's Boobie Butter on my breasts, (NOT on any sutures or open wounds), for healthy healing assistance. Her Scar Salve will be used on my incisions once they've healed, (photos included). I found these products from someone else's post and I am so glad I did. Ideally, starting with the Boobie Butter prior to surgery is the way to go. I just received mine and it's part of the daily regimen now. Also have taken Amica Montana 6c from surgery day forward. In just a week all bruising is almost completely gone. All in all, so far so good and I'm excited about my new additions!

2 Weeks Post Op & Still Riding High

So, yesterday marked a full 14 days post op.  I saw my PS this morning and he is pleased with my progress. We discussed my concerns of still riding so high and he is not worried at all.  He said it is very common when the patient has muscular pecs for them to drop very slowly.  We also addressed my concerns that I might not have gone large enough to achieve my goal of full C/small D.  He assured me that when they do finally drop and settle in that I will round out and fill out very nicely. He also added that, in my case, based on my anatomical measurements, I could not have gone any larger anyway.  As a first time BA patient with my petite frame and tiny pre op breasts and available breast tissue, his final decision during surgery was also the maximum my body could accommodate. It's not to say that i couldn't consider going larger at a future date if I really want to but,under my current circumstances had he put in anything bigger, they may never have dropped sufficiently and/or properly and I would not wish that on anyone. Furthermore, I don't want breasts that are too large to compliment my frame anyway so I am thankful for his experience and expertise.  

A few things to note, I'm feeling great overall.  I have full range of motion with my arms but I am not doing any strenuous upper body movements, ie; lifting anything heavier than a few pounds and no assertive pushing or pulling motions either.  I did get the green light today to go back to the gym for lower body workouts; nothing too aggressive and "listen to my body" was the advice. That's fine by me as I don't plan on doing anything to rock the boat and inhibit healthy and successful healing and results.

My breasts are very sensitive and the right nipple and the surrounding area is also numb. This too is very common at this stage of recovery so I am not overly concerned about that.  Also, it seems to me that my left breast has dropped just a tad and I'm looking a little lopsided.  Again, I know it's very common for each implant to drop within different time frames so I'm not worried about it.

I'm doing my breast exercises and using the Jenny Eden's Boobie Butter faithfully.  My sutures are totally closed now so I will also begin using the scar salve to massage my incisions to help break down scar tissue for a nice smooth end result there as well.   

Until next week, wishing you all the very best in your individual journeys!

Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

I took my time researching and consulting with doctors before I made my choice. Dr. Pozner is a top notch, Board Certified, plastic surgeon. He performed my BA yesterday and I am confident I will love my results. His staff is courteous, helpful and accommodating. His practice has an open door/phone policy for your questions and concerns. In my case I had a few issues to consider before surgery, ie;-small lower pole, slightly uneven areolas and slightly different breast sizes. We discussed each of them and i agreed with his minimally corrective plan during surgery. He felt strongly that, in my case, it would be wise to let everything settle in and only address it should it remain an issue and not risk overcorrecting during surgery. I am very pleased with my entire experience thus far and highly recommend Dr. Pozner.

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