From Date of Breast Surgery to 3 Weeks Later - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi everyone, would just like to share my...

Hi everyone, would just like to share my experience with you all as to be honest, mine wasn't as bad as I expected or as bad as some I have read on here.
The day I went in for surgery I wasn't feeling great, the excitement had faded to nervousness and honestly I was terrified as well as starving.
I went into hospital at 7.15am and ended up going down the theatre around 10am. I was seen by the anaesthetist, the consultant and the nurse to be fitted for stockings. Wore a gown, stockings and disposable knickers down to surgery and could feel the drugs working as soon as the needle went into my hand. The next thing I remember is waking up in the bed on my way to my room, it was 12.30pm by this point. I was very drowsy and disoriented but managed to move myself across from one bed to the other in my room. I felt a bit sore but even on the day of surgery I was managing to move around the room and had been told I wouldn't be able to lift my arms - I managed this fine. Bending over was a problem but I was regularly topped up with co-codamol and ibuprofen so managed well. I was a 36c before and had 400cc implants on top of the muscle to take me up to a 36dd. In hospital I wore a 36e to accommodate swelling and this was perfect as the consultant said. The worst part of the day was that I had a fair amount of visitors and they all seen me bedridden and with no make-up on lol!
DAY TWO - Leaving hosp.
I had a difficult sleep as I normally sleep on my side and had to sleep on my back. I also got up to wee in the middle of the night and that felt painful as the drugs from surg yesterday had worn off and the painkillers were wearing off.
The nurse came in around half 6-7am to give me painkillers and ask what I wanted for breakfast, I found eating made me feel slightly sick but that was due to the co-codamol. My husband and baby son of 6 months came to take me home around 12.30pm after the consultant came to inform me that due to the waterproof bandages I had I was able to bath or shower and would be fine to hold my son after a day or two although he wouldn't advise ironing or hoovering for about 3 weeks. After I left hospital with the painkillers they gave I went for a pub lunch and then went to try on clothes in the shops for a family party the following weekend. My friends who had also had the same surgery done couldn't believe this.
For the first week after surgery, my husband was off work to help out with my son and the house. I slept in the spare room encase he knocked me and he got up in the nights with my son and would have to lift him etc. By about day 3 I would pick my son up. Small things like lifting him from the floor to my sofa to feed him. It would hurt if he was wiggling but other than that it was fine. I stopped taking the painkillers by day 4 as I didn't need them, I would only take them to go to bed as they helped me sleep. I went back to share a bed with my husband and do the night feeds by day 7. The 7th day was also the day I managed to sleep on my side and have done every night since.
Research your consultant. I honestly believe that I have found recovery so easy is because I did my research and went with one of the best. I had minimal bruising and swelling was also minimal. The scars under my breasts are also so clean cut that once I have healed completely, you wont even know they are there. Very fine scars!
Its been three weeks now since my surgery and I'm now back to normal. Up until now although I have been able to do everything else with my son, I have avoided carrying him up and down the stairs but now I can. I would say I can carry out everyday tasks well, the only thing I was informed I should be careful of is vigorous movement of the boobs, so no jumping and I cant go to the gym until around January 2014. Sex is also something we have managed to do since around day 10 but I must keep the sports/maternity bra on to avoid to much movement which also means some positions are off limits. I hope this helps you all out there in your decisions of what to expect. If you want any more info, please ask. I am finding the decision I made to have my boobs done one of the best of my life. I am so pleased, just need to shed a few pounds now and I will be happy!!
Mr Cooper

I work in a hospital so did my research, Mr Cooper is a burns and plastics consultant in the NHS but also works privately in Wales, UK. He is rated as one of the best and I believe the reason I have had things so easy following surgery is because he is a brilliant consultant. Cost about is cost for everything in USD but I paid in UK pounds so £3995

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