300 Cc HP Silicone on a Small Frame

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Hi guys, So i've never been one to review on...

Hi guys,
So i've never been one to review on anything but after BA and reading so many reviews that were so helpful i felt that maybe my experience could help other people.
I'm 26 yrs old, petite, 5'3 tall, and weigh about 108 lbs. I had very little breast tissue prior to my BA.
Although I live in Miami, I'm originally from Central America and therefore I decided to get my surgery done there because my family lives there and I liked a doctor that has performed BA's on all my friends. I chose the best surgeon in my country, he had a practice in Miami for years and still is Florida bar certified. I feel that the surgeon is one of the most decisive factors. I travelled for mine even though there is a million surgeons in Miami. Reading reviews online about the surgeon is not enough, the best is to actually see his work on people that you know. If you haven't chosen your surgeon ASK PEOPLE who's boobs you like who they used. This is definitely one of the best ways of getting a good job. Trust me when I tell you, there are surgeons that are much better at doing boobs than others. So dont base it on the price.

I have never had children and I work out alot. -> I mention this because this DID affect how painful it was for me. My muscles were SO tight and my skin was SO tight that I felt that my chest was going to burst open for the first couple of weeks.
A few people told me that it didnt hurt that much and that I would be able to go out by day 2. LIES LIES LIES.
So the day of my surgery was very smooth sailing, everyone at the clinic was super nice and attentive. The dr said that 300cc would be perfect for me and it would give me a natural look. I asked for 325 but he said that that would be the biggest implant he would put on me. So I stuck to my original choice of 300cc. I also went with silicone, apparently it is the best option for someone with little breast tissue. And we decided on a fold incision since the implants were too big for my nipple. Also I had high profile implants. These are better for someone who is narrow that way the implants dont come out of your sides and you get more projection.
-> I had read that HP implants gave a fake look. This is not true for someone who is thin. Actually I was so scared that the implants would give me a thickers appearance in my torso and mine didnt bc the diameter of HP is narrower than that of moderate implants.

4 weeks post op

So, this is what they look like at 4 weeks.
I am totally inlove with the results.... its been tough... I did feel that it took me 3 weeks to get back to feeling like myself.
But i love the results so far!!! As you can see one has dropped more than the other one. I feel that they look a little crazy. But I know it takes time for them to settle!!!

Scars 4 and a half weeks post op breast augmentation 300 cc silicone

So I wanted to tell you a bit about my experience with my incisions. I had fold incisions because my nipple was too small for my implant. The doctor also mentioned that with a crease incision he wouldn't touch or damage any of the breast tissue or the nipple. But I have an obsession with taking care of my skin and I DREAD marks on it. So I was really scared of what the scars would look like.

All surgeons have different treatments towards scar therapy. Ive read alot about some surgeons not wanting you to touch the scars for about 3 months. I cant comment on this because I began to treat mine IMMEDIATELY.
I have been using Mederma on my scars, Vitamin E oil all over my breast and then palmers cocoa butter over that. I do this religiously twice a day from the day I got my stitches removed. Also- from time to time I brew some chamomile tea and once its cooled down I place the bags on my incisions, Ive read its a natural anti inflammatory and helps with scars. Aside from this, and most importantly, I havent used a bra or ANYTHING that can rub on my scars. I have been very good about not lifiting heavy things and Ive stayed away from working out (even though I am an avid yogi)
I mention my entire routine because my scars are BEAUTIFUL, a thin dark line that is disappearing before my eyes.
Obviously Im not done with my scar treatment, I am going to do silicone strips after 12 weeks I believe its recommended. But I wanted to share the success that Ive had with my scar care.
I am definitely no surgeon or doctor but I do believe that the first 6 weeks are vital to the future look of your scar and breasts
Also- Ive used the vitamin E and the cocoa butter to avoid stretch marks. When I came out of surgery my skin was sooo tight I felt that it was almost see-thru, and I began to see a thin faded like appear in one of my breats. So i freaked out and ever since I began with all my lotions, everything is perfect.

I hope this helps!!

3 months POST-OP 300 CC silicone

okay, so I hit the 3 months mark and I must say I am fully surprised at how my breasts have GROWN. I am currently measured to be a 32D, in Calvin Klein, Wacoal, Chantelle etc. I had no idea that I was going to end up being this big but I will say that they don't look like Ds. Certainly not like natural Ds. They are awesome. I am BEYOND happy. Sometimes I do have mixed feelings about the size bc i used to be so flat and theres no way of hiding them now, but this has definitely changed my life, I feel way more confident especially in a bathing suit, at the gym etc.
My scars are improving. Im only using Dermatix Ultra now and although my scars are 100% flat they are still pinkish/red.
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