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I'm 28 years old and have always felt that my nose...

I'm 28 years old and have always felt that my nose didn't suit my personality. I felt pretty but when I saw pictures of myself I was always surprised at my nose shape and sad. I finally decided to take the plunge and do it. I've had my consult and cannot wait for the actual procedure. We decided to make the bridge of my nose into a cute slope, upturn the tip, and shorten the tip as much as possible. The doctor showed me images with both a straight slope, and a more curved (ski slope) and we decided the more curved suited my face more. I was very pleased with my consultation and will update this as soon as the procedure is complete.

Scheduled the surgery

The surgery is scheduled for this Friday. I am very excited! Not nervous at all except for pain while healing

Day of surgery

I checked in and have my iv placed. Soon I will be going in for the procedure. I'm feeling anxious now thinking of everything that could go wrong but I know that I have wanted this change for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to share post op pictures

A few hours after surgery

I'm feeling god and loving the results already. Right after the surgery I was at it quite a bit of pain (headache) and the Percocet medicine actually made me feel a little worse. When I got home hubby let me sleep and now 8 hours after surgery I feel fine just stopped up from my packing that comes out tomorrow. I'm elated

What I want

Image I created to show my doctor

More pictures 8 hours after

First is before, second is eight hours after

Day 2

Back to normal life exempt I am constantly having a runny nose or a stuffed up nose. I have my drip pad/mustache pad on for convenience. I am loving the way my nose looks and I hope I like it without the cast.

Day 4 feeling great

I'm feeling great and very excited to see the finished product. I don't remember what my old nose was like as I finally settled into my smaller profile even though I still have my cast on. My bruising is still obvious without makeup but swelling seems to be much less than before. I can breathe perfectly. I only have a slight runny nose and it feels kind of crusty but I will let the doctor clean it. I am so happy that dr. Parhiscar ended up making my nostrils a bit smaller and pulled in more as I feel it looks much more refined. I can't wait to see how I look without a cast now I've had it on for four days I can't inagine myself without the cast! I am so excited!

Cast is off

Boy was I ready to get that cast off. It itched and my stitches ached. I love my profile now. Nose is very swollen and looks bulbous from my front but the doctor said it will go down a lot in the next month. I love my profile now!

A week and a half after- loving my results

Hi all I feel great, just still a little stuffy as I have scraps inside my nostrils. I love my profile and have never been happier! The top is still swollen and too bulbous for my liking but I'm sure once swelling subsided completely I will be happy with the tip

Three weeks after

I'm now used to my new nose. Still have scabs inside that I am leaving alone to heal naturally. When I look at before and after pictures I cannot believe the way I looked before! I should have done this yeas ago and I am so happy! Part of me wished it was even smaller and more upturned but when I look at the before pictures I am amazed! The asymetry is also fixed

Three week update

Three weeks exactly from surgery. My tip still feels a little bit numb and the right side where the doctor needed to do a graft is healing more slowly which I believe is to be expected. Swelling has gone down a bit. I'm loving how my nose is looking. The bulbousness is gone and it is looking gorgeous. I am very pleased. My only worry is about three big scabs have come out of my left nostril but none have come out of my right (the one where he did more work). Is this ok/normal? Wouldn't there be pain if there was something Wrong? I'm hoping it is fine. It feels and looks amazing other than my worry that the right isn't healing or is infected.

Three weeks after pics

Sorry three week pics

Five week update

It just keeps getting better. I didn't think I was very swollen but looking back at pictures I definitely was swollen. I just hope my tip doesn't drop at all because I want it pointing slightly up. It seems that most people on here say their top "drops" a bit and I hope that's not the case for me

Seven week update picture

Before on The right to compare

11 weeks update

It's been a bit over two months and it seems like I've had this nose forever. It just gets better and better and I'm sure with swelling will improve even more. Attached more before and afters. They are small imperfections but I feel that's what makes Alex us most beautiful. I prefer my left profile to my right but I'm sure no one else would notice the difference. Quick and easy healing. Great doctor. I'll update in a few more months

Four month update

So much more refined. Now I know what the doctor meant by "refined" not swollen at all anymore I think and feels like "my" nose (no tenderness or numbness). I'm so happy

3 months versus 4 months post op

This is the refinement that occurred this past month. Amazing

Six months post op

Feeling great. Still seeing refinement and some days a little swelling still persists. I am over the moon with the results

Side by side before and 6 months after

Dr. Parhiscar

The doctor I plan to have do my surgery is amazing. He is very knowledgable and his patient coordinator, Melinda was amazing. She is the reason I am driving two hours for this procedure rather than getting it in my town. I felt like the doctor and his staff truly cared about me getting the most out of my experience. I told them I was very eager to begin the process and they let me come in on a Saturday for a consult!

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