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I initially had three Nova threads put in each...

I initially had three Nova threads put in each cheek for a total of six threads. Of those initial 6, two had to be removed. One that needed to be removed was working its way out of my skin and caused what looked like a big pimple because it was pushing up from underneath my skin. The other problem thread had caught on the collagen and caused a pucker. While the initial procedure (insertion) was tolerable, the pain of removal was excruciating for the thread that had caused the puckering. Basically they need to first find the thread and then yank out the barbed thread that was caught on the skin. After several attempts and having the thread break several times, I finally needed to say just leave it in!

The doctor was very apologetic and ultimately I did let him replace the threads adding two more to each side of my face. This time things went much better but I feel he placed them deeper into my skin. The insertion was also more painful the second time around.

As far as the effects, I really don't see much of a difference. I do feel a small lump under my skin from one of the initial threads; however, there is no way I will go through the painful procedure of having it removed especially since I don't believe it is extremely visible! It has been three weeks since the replacement threads were inserted and I don't feel very comfortable smiling for fearing it will loosen the thread. Also simple things such as kissing leaves my cheeks sore like they may have been slightly dislodged. I also cancelled my dentist appointment because opening my mouth wide would certainly cause damage so make sure to get your teeth cleaned BEFORE the procedure.

While I love my doctor (other procedures have been very successful) it is very clear that he didn't have much experience with these threads. Beware though, very few do because they are SO NEW! If you are considering, I would wait a few years and let them gain their experience on other patients first. Also, if you are looking to get rid of the parenthesis around your mouth, just go with the tried and true fillers! Ultimately, this is the only difference I have seen in that they appear to have been reduce
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My doctor is great. He is very sweet and his office staff is wonderful. They even hold my hand while I'm experiencing pain which surprisingly makes things so much better!

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