Mom of 2 Ready-to-Bloom 2016. San Ramon, CA

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San Francisco area has a plastic surgeon's office...

San Francisco area has a plastic surgeon's office on every corner. For the last year I went to a few consultations and not every experience was great. A friend's recommendation brought me to the East Bay to meet with Dr. Afshin Parhiscar. His office and staff aren't prissy or snooty. Melinda was down to earth on the phone and better in person. Dr. Parhiscar is new to California but I read his New York reviews and he was consistently rated high across the board. Now that I have met with him a few times, I can say the reviews and client photos do not do him justice. Let me start with the office photo album. His work showed enhancements to what looked perfect to begin with to "WOW how did he do that?" Most importantly to me, the results all looked natural. A lot of his patients were from ethnic backgrounds and I could not see any scarring no matter the skin tone. I felt like this was a preview of what I could expect for myself. Dr. Parhiscar himself was so calm, caring and humble. He cared about my wants, but educated me so I could make the best decision for what would be right for me. He never pushed. I've been waiting for years for the right time to have a mommy makeover and the right doctor. I know that it was meant for Dr. Parhiscar to perform my surgery.

Update on Scarring Comment

New to RealSelf and I need to correct my review. Correction on scarring comment. There is obvious scarring for a lot of the procedures performed, however the scarring was smooth and minimal. Even on the darker skin tones, the incision lines were thin and blended in. I know as time goes by it fades. The pictures in Dr. Parhiscar's were impressive.
As with any of us preparing to go through the procedure of breast lift and tummy tuck, scarring is a big concern. I was worried about a big red line forever across my stomach, underneath my breast and around my nipple. The before and after pictures in his office of body shapes that were similar to mine, had minimal scarring. The lines that did show were smooth and skin toned. No thick red lines. Understanding that not everyone heals the same, these pictures were a preview of what I can expect from my results. Some of his past clients were mothers like myself with the sagging breast, rolls, hanging belly bumpy hips and butt. After seeing what he did for them, I know he can work that magic on me. I'm comfortable with his ability after seeing his book of transformations. I sent an email asking RealSelf to remove the no scarring comment. If that doesn't happen, hopefully this additional post helps clear up any confusion.

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