31 Yrs Old, 3 Kids (1 Set Twins), 5'1, 111lbs 300/325 mentor moderate plus under muscle

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Here we go! I've decided it might be fun (for me)...

Here we go! I've decided it might be fun (for me) and helpful to others if I document my mommy makeover journey. My surgery is scheduled for 11/7/16.

My children are now ages 4, 4, and 5.5 yrs. and after wrestling with whether or not to have a 4th baby, my husband and I have decided that our family is complete.

I am having a tummy tuck, BA, and inner thigh lipo. Since I don't have enough laxity above my belly button to allow for a low scar, the Dr has discussed the option of an inverted "t" scar on which my low horizontal scar will be accompanied by a small, vertical midline scar. I'm still unsure about this. There's also the option to "float" my belly button down an inch or so to avoid the vertical scar, but then the skin below my belly button might not be able to be pulled as tight. I'll update with my decision after my pre-op appointment in October!

As far as my BA, I think I'm going to have to wear a shirt over the sizers because it's really hard to see what they'll look like by just putting implants in your bra. I like to be active and don't want my boobs getting in the way. In fact, the goal is for my breasts to be a non-issue in all aspects of my life. I want to fit into my clothes and dresses without having to use bra pads, but I also want to workout without interference. Having said all that, I think I'm leaning toward 300cc silicone.

And lastly, I'm also getting liposuction in my inner thighs. My thighs are completely unrelated to having children, but they've always bothered me. I have very short, stumpy legs relative to my torso and I'm hoping the lipo will give the illusion of more length.

That's all for now!

"Before" photos

Photos of my belly both relaxed and flexed

More before photos

Anxiously trying to pass time before my surgery on 11/7

I've got about 7 weeks till my MM and it feels like light-years away. I am spending so much time on RS that there's almost nothing left to read! I'm also getting anxious about my implant size. My nipples point somewhat laterally, and I know that implants can magnify this difference. I keep vacillating between 275-325 moderate silicone. I will discuss size with my PS at our pre-op appointment. I've also been compiling a list of questions that are coming up.

I've been working out everyday, and keeping my nutrition in check. I'm at 112lbs with a lot more muscle definition. I'm hoping that maintaining good diet and exercise routines will help speed recovery. The recovery from my c-section with my twins was rough. However, I wasn't nearly as active as I am now prior to my c-section, I was insanely sleep deprived, and my body was shrinking back together after having almost 14lbs of babies displacing my organs and shifting my bones apart. Hopefully because I will be recovering under much better circumstances, this surgery recovery will be easier. I'm also terrified of the constipation! I took Percocet after my c-section and #1 it didn't work that well on me (my body hurt so much, not necessarily from the surgery, but just from not having anything inside of my holding me up anymore!) #2 it took a good week for me to have a normal bowel movement even after taking stool softeners and milk of magnesia (which is absolutely disgusting!). Eventually it was the Fleet enema that got things moving again. Needless to say, I want to avoid the whole constipation thing all together.

I think in the next week or so I'll upload some boob pictures. Mostly because the reviews with lots of photos and details have been the most helpful to me and I would like to be just as helpful to others. Other than that, posting photos of your boobs on the internet is a weird, weird, concept to me.

That's all I have for now!

Preop boobs

Laterally pointed nipples. Can't even give you an accurate bra size because my current bra was fitted as a Natori 32D. I think it's because I have a wide breast base.

Internal freak-outs happening more often now!

I am a few days away from my pre-op appointment (oct. 27th). I kept telling myself that the surgery was so far away, and now we're at the end of October! Halloween is just around the corner and my kids don't have costumes because I've been in denial that we're actually at the end of October.
I've been having a lot of second thoughts about having surgery. Based on the reviews I've read, it seems as though this might be a normal reaction as we get closer to surgery, but at the same time I really, really feel anxious about spending so much money on my body. I mean, it's just a body. And it's a very healthy, strong, and functional body already. And my kids have grown so attached to my squishy belly. Sigh...I hope after the pre-op appointment I'll be more confident in my decision.

Most recent stomach shot

Belly skin in plank position

A variety of muscle contractions...

Pre-op appointment done!

I had my pre-op appointment this morning and the nerves are really building up. We decided on Mentor 300cc (L) 325cc (R) moderate plus profile, sub-muscular. I think that's going to give me the look I'm going for. I don't want to be "chesty"

As for the tummy tuck, I'm going to definitely have a vertical scar about 1" long and I'm okay with that. I'm mostly excited to have my abs tightened. The skin doesn't bother me that much. Doc discussed plicating the mid-line of my abs very tightly and then a little less tight on the top and bottom to achieve an hourglass shape. I'm happy with that. I'm tired of being rectangular :)

I need to get my prescriptions filled at Kaiser and pick up some stool softener. But other than that I think I'm ready. We have an adjustable bed so I won't need a recliner. Doc just suggested I use a small stool to get in and out because the bed is somewhat high and I'm short.

I'm going to have a hard time not thinking about anything else for the next 2 weeks!

Guilt and shame are eating me alive!

I'm not one to hide that I'm having a Mommy Makeover. I'm not telling everyone I know, but if they happen to ask what surgery I'm having I tell them. But right before I tell people, there is this feeling of shame and guilt that pops in. Part of me is really afraid of being judged for having this done. Today, the surgery center called and asked me a bunch of pre-op questions. One of the questions she asked was "what procedures are you having done?" and I felt so icky saying "breast augmentation and tummy tuck".

I've also been so preoccupied in my mind that I haven't worked out as much as I usually do this week. I think exercise will help, but for some reason I'm feeling paralyzed.

Enough about my emotions. The practical stuff the surgery center mentioned:
--No eating after midnight the night before surgery
--Wash with Hibiclense the night before and morning of surgery
--Get to surgery center at 6am for 7:30 operation
--Bring drivers license, insurance card,
--Wear loose fitting clothes, preferably a top that buttons in front
--No make up, no jewelry, no contact lenses

Just a handful of days now!

On the flat side!

Surgery is done! I went in around 5:45am (had a nightmare that I was late and didn't make it) surgery was at 7:30am and I left around 12:30pm I think. I am at home in bed and the pain is manageable after the nurse gave me 2 percocet. I was in a lot of pain as I was coming out of anesthesia, and it seemed like it took forever for the drugs to kick in, but now that they are in effect, I'm happy :). A little loopy, like I had a couple sips of wine, but not passed out like I thought I'd be. I do plan on taking a nap after writing this, though.

I had some bone broth mixed with rice porridge my husband made for me. It's so soothing to have something warm, especial with the "cotton mouth" that anesthesia gave me. I'm not 100% sure how many cc's went in, but I'll ask my husband (he's got the Mentor card). I know that it's around 300 and 325 mentor moderate plus silicone, but not sure if that changed in the OR.

For my tummy tuck, I did end up getting quite a long vertical scar, from my belly button down to my horizontal incision. Dr. said I had a lot of loose skin and it was quite baggy so he removed the skin, but that resulted in the longer vertical scar. I think I'm okay with that. I also had my implants under the muscle and placed through my tummy tuck scar, so no BA scars or incisions to have to worry about!

I am wearing a Design Veronique compression garment which isn't bothering me right now. It seems pretty comfy. I also have a band on top of my breasts to keep them down, but no soft bra. I have 2 drains, and surprisingly those aren't bothering me or getting in the way.

The kids look relieved that I'm home and my mom has reported that they have been really good and trying to help themselves as much as possible--not bad for 4 and 5 year olds who can sometimes be crazy.

Apologies if this post is all over the place, but that's what happens to your brain on narcotics. I will try to post photos soon, but right now I'm happily laying in bed. xoxoxo Thanks for all your support!

PO Day 3

It's day 3 and what is killing me isn't pain from surgery, it's the gas and needing to go #2, but can't because everything is slow and kind of numb down there. I can't push if I wanted to. I've been on stool softener since 2 days before surgery, and just yesterday I made my husband get me some Dulcolax to get things moving. So far, just a more angry tummy. I even stopped taking the Percocet because I just want to poop! I've been taking 2 extra-strength Tylenol since last night. I also haven't had much appetite because I don't want to put more in if I can't get anything out. So far the most I've eaten in a meal is this morning's breakfast of a gluten-free waffle and 1 egg--That will probably last me all day.
I don't know how people do this without a team of help. Day 1 and 2 I needed someone to help me with everything from getting in and out of bed to opening my meds. Today is better and I've been able to be on my feet more than yesterday. My chest is still rock hard, but it doesn't hurt and feels similar to having engorged nursing boobs. The only pain I'm feeling is the burning on the incisions and needing to go poop. Did I mention that I really just want to poop? Also my back is starting to hurt from being hunched and I'm getting tired of sleeping in a "W" position--my butt hurts and all I want to do is stretch out or sleep on my side.
I am hoping to take a shower today when my husband gets home. I'll get some photos then. So far I haven't seen anything because I haven't taken my compression garment off. I'm a little afraid of touching anything! I can't even tell if I'm swollen because everything is just squished into the garment and it all feels tight.
I have my first post-op appointment tomorrow so I'll have more to report then.

POD3 photos

Since my surgery was so early in the morning, I'm counting surgery day as day1, making today POD3. I was able to take a shower! Feels so good! I'm out of my garment for now while it's being washed.
This is the first time I've seen my results and I'm pretty happy. Belly button seems off center but its too early to be criticizing anything. I'm happy!

Before and after

Even with the swelling I am happy with my new shape!


Just came back from my first post-op appointment. Dr removed the drains, which didn't feel or sound that great but I'm glad they're out! I'm hoping that this doesn't mean I'll swell a lot more. He also said I can start straightening up as long as its comfortable and I'm not straining or jerking myself upright.

Things that are new:
--I pooped! Hooray! Not a lot, but enough to release the pressure in my stomach and at least things are moving now.
--I have more of an appetite which is both good and bad. I want to eat, but I physically don't have room for more than a couple bites.
--Still off narcotics and weaning off Tylenol (taking as needed instead of on a schedule)
--I have more energy and less pain which means I want to do so much but have to hold myself back. And now that my mind is not on pain, it's on all the things I need to get done, but can't. So my problem is getting myself to mentally relax.
--I tried on my Natori 32C bra and it still fits, but I think that will change when the implants drop
So at this point I just need to be patient and let my body do its thing!


I'm continuing to heal and each day is getting better! Here's what's new today:
--Completely off any pain meds, no Percocet or Tylenol!
--I'm standing straighter, though not completely upright and as the day progresses the harder it is to keep myself upright. My stomach feels like a rubber band that I have to fight against.
--All those stool softeners and laxatives decided to become really effective today if you know what I mean...
--Breasts are still high and firm, but I'm comfortable enough to massage them a bit, and I have all range of motion back in my arms.
--I showered, dressed, and blow dried my hair all by myself, but it took a lot out of me.
--I got my twins ready for ballet class and helped my mom make the kids lunch.
--My appetite is bigger so I've eaten more today
--Emotionally I'm feeling impatient and frustrated, even though I know I just had major surgery 4 days ago.

9 Days PO

I'm 9 days post-op and feeling better than I thought I would at this point. My mom left yesterday and I've been back to normal, day-to-day activities since POD 7. I'm trying to figure out what is "too much" activity for this stage in my healing because I don't want to overdo it and compromise my results, but intuitively I'm maintaining my activity level until my body tells me otherwise. I wonder if I should be doing less even though I'm feeling good?

1.5 wks post-op--Feeling uncertain

I guess I'm going through the post-op phase where I'm not quite sure this was worth it. I'm healing great aside from the normal swelling, but my results so far are far from where I want them to be. Logically I know that I won't see my final results for months but I have moments of "what if this is it?! What did I do?"
My breasts are still high, tight, and funky-looking, my belly button is a 1/2 inch off center (could be pre-existing, anatomical, swelling, or due to mild scoliosis), and my waist contour is asymmetrical. I trust my surgeon and think he's fantastic, but I'm being impatient and judging my results too soon. I know this will pass, but I just need to vent a little right now. I need to remember how much I do like about my results: I fill out my clothing so much better, my waist is tiny and belly flat, and my belly button is awesome!

2 wks PO photo

I'll be 2 wks post-op tomorrow. I'm noticing tiny changes, but comparing my 5 day PO to 2 wks, you can't see a whole lot of difference. Maybe less swelling. The photo quality isn't great but with 3 kids running around, you don't get a lot of privacy to take perfect pics!

I'm over the CG!

After a couple nights of uncomfortable sleep (not due to pain or anything related to surgery, but to the darn compression garment) I've decided to ditch it and wrap an Ace bandage around my lower abs. The zipper was digging into my ribs every time I'd try sleeping on my side and the shorts were bunching up and causing all kinds of irritation in my thigh crease. The Spanx-type girdles weren't doing it for me either. So far the good ol' Ace bandage is being my friend!

Not too much to update at 3 weeks except I'm still waiting for my implants to drop, especially the right one. Healing is going well with my TT incisions. I just started my first cycle since the surgery and I'm definitely swelling/retaining more water than previous weeks. Also my cravings are off the charts! I want to eat everything. Thankfully, I'm still feeling so tight that I can't eat a whole lot before becoming uncomfortably full. Starting to straighten up even more and trying to slowly increase my range of motion. I miss exercise and throwing my kids around!

4 wks PO

I'm starting to feel much more normal at 4 weeks post-op. I can sleep in almost any position comfortably (though haven't tried belly and I'm not a big belly sleeper anyway). I am walking more straight and as a result my back muscles are less tight and sore. Everything is healing well and the swelling has improved dramatically. I stopped wearing my CG but continue to pull my pants over my belly button as I did before my surgery. I guess it's a comforting habit :) I don't get exhausted at the end of the day where I feel like I have to sit down. I have an appointment with my dr tomorrow. I'm a little concerned about my left boob. It's been my concern since day 1. It's just a funny shape. I'm hoping it stretches out and becomes rounder with time. I try not to think about it too much. Scar is more red now, but all normal and I'm not concerned. Also think I have a stitch wanting to come out of my BB because there's a weird piece of skin protruding. I continue to keep on keeping on!

2 months Post-Op

2 months post comments

I forget that I can't edit my posts so here are my thoughts to go with my 2 months post photos.

I love my tummy tuck more and more! My belly button being off-center was a cause for concern earlier but now I feel like it's less noticeable or it's moving toward center as everything settles. The scars are progressing and fading and I've been using a random mix of silicone tape, coconut oil, Vaseline, and massage (not all together but whatever I feel like for the day).

I'm still getting used to my BA. I love the fullness but feel like my breasts look fake and too round and too much upper pole fullness. I know they are still softening and dropping so I'm not too concerned that they will stay this round forever. I have hope that I'll enjoy my boobs as much as my tummy tuck eventually!

I have been exercising since 6 weeks post and although I'm a bit out of shape, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I can sleep in any position including stomach. Abs still feel tight but not uncomfortable in any way. Okay, kids need me. Hope this is helpful to those about to embark on their own MMO journey!

First full week of intense exercise

I mentioned earlier that I started exercising at 6 wks PO a few days a week (jogging, and moderate intensity interval training). I'm at the end of 8 wks PO and this is the first week of exercise everyday at high intensity (as high as my physical condition will allow anyway!) I'm noticing more swelling than previous weeks but I'll trade some swelling for endorphins any day!

9 week photos

Quick update: I'm still numb down the center of my abdomen, if I don't hold my stomach in I bulge a bit in my upper abs, I feel like the TT is loosening (not of concern but sad that my contour isn't as narrow and tight as it was right out of surgery), still have swelling

3 months PO

Quick update: still numb down center of abs
Workouts and mobility back to 90% (can't do full cobra due to tightness). Ab exercises aren't as painful or uncomfortable.
Waist contour is back to pre-surgery, pre-children but not as sharp as immediately post-surgery. I'm not upset about it because it's still an improvement from post-babies.
Upper ab bulge still occurs after eating or if I'm swollen but I know will go away once I get my core back into shape. I can flatten it when I contract my abs.
Scarring around bb is thicker than I'd like right now.
Oh and I went out wearing a dress without having to wear a bra to give the illusion of boobs! So much more comfortable!

Breast progression

Dr. Parhiscar

I am 4 days post-op from my abdominoplasty and breast augmentation and while it's still very early to see the end result, I'm really liking what I see so far. Dr. P and his patient coordinator Melinda have been fantastic from the time I scheduled my consultation through surgery. They are quick to respond via email or phone (usually just a couple hours) and never made me feel like my questions were silly or I was asking too many. Dr. P answered all my questions in detail and never made me feel rushed. Wait times in his office have pretty much been nonexistent even though there was always somebody coming or going while in the office. He also quoted the least amount of time in the OR, which at first I thought was a sign of him being hasty, but it's actually a testament to his skill and efficiency. I ended up being under anesthesia for about 2/3 of the time that another surgeon quoted me, which meant a better recovery, less risk of complication, and saved me some $$. I highly recommend that anyone looking to have plastic surgery done at least consult with Dr. P before making a decision.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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