MiXto Caused More Wrinkles and Sagging Skin - San Ramon, CA

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I had Mixto laser on my face on August 21st. I...

I had Mixto laser on my face on August 21st. I have been miserabley itchy for 5 days now. It is the worst itch you could possibly imagine. and the doctor did not tell me this was a side effect, nor is it mentioned in the several pages of information about after care that the office distributes to the patient before hand.I feel like there are little things crawling and biting at my face that cause it to itch every single minute.

I see no difference in my acne scars on the sides of face and on my chin. I was assured by the doctor that i would be well enough to attend a concert on August 29th and the literature states that the redness lasts for 5 to 7 days. Well it has been 7 days and I am absolutely bright red, and itching like crazy. Benedryl only makes me drowsy and non functional, yet does not releive the itching at all. The doctor solution is to give me more drugs like doxipin but I refuse to take anymore drugs.

He insists his patients take demerol, along with 3 or 4 other drugs in addition to the numbing salve. I still felt a lot of pain. He made 3 passes on the sides of my face.

The clinic is telling me that the improvement in my acne scars will come later. My losses have been significant, and I cannot function in everyday life because the itching is so severe. I may go to the emergency tomorrow.

I want to add more or to write another review. I...

I want to add more or to write another review. I did not have Mixto primarily to treat acne scars. I did it to firm my skin and minimize wrinkles, however it has had the opposite effect.

The doctor really pulled the wool over my eyes. He neglected to tell me about the side effects and the lengthy down time and the fact that I would have more wrinkles and sagging skin after the procedure.

I am devastated because I look so much older than before the procedure was done. My damage is significant and I have asked the doctor to refund my money and will be expecting him to pay damages for altering my appearance so negatively.

Do not go to this doctor's office in San Ramon, CA. They misrepresent the facts and are negligent. I was not at all prepared to look so bad and absolutely do not know what I am going to do. I am emotionally devastated due to all the additional wrinkles and loose skin on my face!!


Updated on Nov 13, 2009

Why aren't their disclosures re eyelid ptosis and eye pain from Mixto laser?

I cannot say there were any pros of my treatment experience.

I have described the cons in prior reviews. I still have excess sagging skin around my mouth and sagging eyelids, along with pain and weakness in my eyes from the Mixto laser resurfacing treatment that I had.

Can you believe that a well known doctor did this to me? Why would a doctor that claims he has done 800 of these Mixto procedures and has 30 years of experience fail to discuss the primary and worst side effect of itching accompanying this Mixto fractional, in the paperwork that he hands out to his patients prior to doing the procedure. and why in the world does he state in writing that the redness only lasts for a week? How negligent is this???? An individual needs to have realistic expectations. There are losses like time from work and too much down time. And I have this really bad red line of demarcation under my chin where the red stops on my white neck. I have never worn face makeup or powder of any kind. I will be asking for the doctor to pick up the cost of the procedure to accommodate for his negligence. What do you think? Should we as consumers put up with this?

San Ramon Dermatologist

The doctor misrepresents the outcome of the procedure, the downtime, and is too agressive. He does not disclose the side effects or complications that can occur from the laser resurfacing procedure. Also I asked him before hand if I can have eyelid surgery after the Mixto was used on my lids and he and his nurse both said that I could. The two ey doctors I have consulted with say that because I have pain and weakness and dry eyes from the Mixto that I cannot have eylid surgery anytime in the near future. Basically I was sold a pack of lies.

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