My Journey for a Breast Augmention. San Ramon, CA

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I was originally going for a bbl in LA but changed...

I was originally going for a bbl in LA but changed my mind and decided to do boobs first then bbl maybe next year...I already put deposit for LA but hopefully that can count till next ur....I decided to find a local dr here in the bayarea for boobs...I emailed many doctors most didn't get back and some did but didn't answer my question if they where in my price range, just an estimate is all I asked, which turned me off. I totally get it all depends but I just wanted a rough estimate...Dr. Parhiscar, I think he's the one lol!!! He was very honest, kind and answered everything I pressure I didn't feel judged and he was very real...he explained all the bad first which I liked then the good, he also seemed very humble:) I want to go big maybe D or DD not past that though I was thinking 475cc or 500cc...oh and Melinda she is so kind!!! emails me right away answers all my silly questions lol!! I really enjoy the vibe they give me in that office...I will be sending my deposit maybe next week...I really feel I don't need to look any further. oh and may I add prices are so reasonable especially for the bayarea...but that's not why I think he's the one but it is a bonus :)


So my dr tells me I'm borderline need a lift...I will like my results without but it will make it even better with a to lift or not lift? I really don not want a scar on my boobs at 33yrs old so I might skipped it till later on down the line...anyone on here borderline and just went with implants for now? I'm 5'1 130lbs I think I'm going for 500cc I just do t want it looking like two balls on my chest..dr recommended moderate plus silicone...he told me I can go with 500 but it will be noticeable and recommended 450cc...but after thinking I think I will go with 500cc I don't want to wish I went bigger if I go any smaller than that...any advice?

Anyone? Lol

Ok I think I will ask if 535 would be ok on my body frame without looking like soccer balls....500cc or 535cc silicone moderate plus...I wonder if 550 would be pushing it? Lol 5'1 I'm 130 and I'm pretty meaty...after I put my deposit in (waiting on refund) I will ask :) sheesh bbl girls where more responsive to me than ba girls!


March 24th is my big day!!! I love Melinda she's been so patient with me answering every single stupid question I have...she is just wonderful!! There is a patient of dr parhiscar on here to CONTAJUS...she has been so helpful also!!! God bless you girl!! I can't wait for that day to come and be over with lol

Almost there

Sent my deposit in last week now I will send my whole amount next week...I feel guilty because I blowing so much money on myself instead of my kids :( but I feel I deserve this I give my kids everything they need and most of what they want anytime, I'm a great mom, I take care of them and I should feel a little better I'm not leaving for four days to la....I just have to remind myself that I deserve it :(


These look like 500,550 or more? I'm only 5'1 127lbs I wanna go big but natural big not soccer ball big

I can't wait!!

I will pay my balance off this week! I can't wait...I'm so anxious!! I just wanna stop thinking about size, complications, being too big, being to small, waking up from surgery, being in pain, med I think I should have him prescribe!!! Sheesh!!!!!!ugh March 24th hurry up


500cc or 550??? I'm thinking 550 but I don't want to be an F!!! DD or DDD iOS what I want

This is what I do not want

To me, just my opinion her boobs are too big and too much on the side...this is one example of what I DO NOT want to look like


I've been reading a lot on capsular contracture...and I read going through the the areola is a slight higher risk for cc and that's what my dr prefers in his patients...I think I would rather go through under my breast...might be a scar but I'm sure it will fade...and if I decide to get a lift later on in life since I'm borderline, cutting they areola a second time can leave an ugly scar...decisions decisions decisions!!! 500 or lil bigger? Incisions? Saline or silicone? Complications? Sheesh!!!! Anyone where do u prefer your incisions?

More wish pix

I think I will ask for 530 to 550cc

More boobs

Question pls help

After my procedure on the 24th of u think I'd be ok to go to a family function 3 days after? Easter!!! None of my family know and I don't want them to notice...u think I'd be ok to go to a low key family function 3 days after? Help?????

Kinda down :(

My first plan was to get BBL but honestly couldn't leave my kids for 4 nights in LA :( so i plan on my BA here on the 24th and next yr I will fly to la and get my bbl!! I put my deposit with the dr In LA back in oct 2015 and u was suppose to get bbl on the 25th of this month :( so ba first and bbl next year


Any suggestions on what bras to buy for post op? What size? I'm clueless :/

Almost there

March 24th hurry up lol!! So exciting reading on girls who recently just had surgery!! God bless us all

Almost there...I'm really nervous!!!

Next Thursday is the day!!! I'm having cold feet and very nervous :/ very nervous!!!! I do not want to wake up nauseous and in pain....what am I getting myself into :/ I will ask how he feels about 550 but nothing less than's hitting me hard

Sh#% getting real

Surgery center just called me OMG! I will be getting an interview with some nurse Monday...soooo nervous but I'm ready....well today I'm ready i don't know about an hour from now hahaha :/

Preop tomorrow!!!

I'm due to repost to hospital at 12:30 surgery is at 2:30 on the 24th.I'm not looking forward to starving :/

My pre op!

I really like Dr.P he's very nice and never pushy!! I've decided to go with 550cc high profile! I have been nervous all week but after seeing Dr P he calmed my nerves. I can't wait!

I'm almost there!!

I'm so excited! Got all my meds and I'm ready to go! I was prescribed Xanax .25 and I tried it tonight...does nothing for me I wonder if I should ask him for something stronger...this Xanax is so weak...I'm still looking at my house stressing off my kids mess 1hr after taking it so u know it's weak

Tomorrow is the day

Surgery at 2:30 afternoon I report to the center at 12:30 to 1:00....I'm going to be starving! I'm really not looking forward to starving:/ I'm pretty calm not too nervous because maybe I over researched lol! But wish me luck...any tips on the starving part?

Thank you for all the love!!!

So I have boobs! 550cc hp silicone and Dr P did dual plane. I promise pix later. Now let me tell u, I was soooo nauseous everytime I had to move, I think I still am! For me it was painful day of surgery and pain meds through IV or mouth did not help me at all!!! Even the meds for nausea did not work, IV or pills... I was so out of it too!! It's now the next day and I'm still sore but not like would hurt to take deep breaths yesterday!!! I was wondering why my 550's look small? Not what I expected...maybe still early? Anyone have this problem? Thank u again for all the love and well wishes bless u all!!!

Pain and nausea

Anyone know when this stage will go away? I'd rather take the soreness/pain than nausea!!! But having to deal
With both sucks...I have meds for nausea but it's not working...I also have hydrocodone for pain which works but I don't want to be stuck on this that long!! Honestly didn't expect this to be that difficult :( and my boobs are at my neck...550 and it doesn't look like it at

Not as easy as I thought

My boobs are so high, im sore on my boobs, under my arms and back, my chest muscles are stiff as hell..I'm finally not lightheaded and nauseated...sheesh!! Honestly didn't think it would be this bad of recovery...nothing drP did its the way IM handling it...I did text dr P this morning and he got right back to me and prescribed me muscle regrets going with Dr P o just didn't know my body would deal with ba like this...miserable :(

They look weird

My boobs look weird...I hope they drop and soften up soon because they look weird

Feeling down

My ba looks weird! I have no lower pole everything is swollen and on my chest looks like the implant is sitting on top of my breast tissue, it's not in my breast area it's on top :(

Getting better and more Frankenboob

Well first couple days my boobs looked horrible!!! They where rectangle and soooooo high up!! Well it's been a week and 2 days and I see a BIG difference! My boobs still have a whole lotta dropping to do but they don't look rectangle anymore lol! I'm still waiting for the implant to drop to the bottom of my boobs which I can feel it's heading towards there. I will not post a pic till I'm satisfied with my results...I'm embarrassed:/ I pray to God o don't end up with snoopy boobs!! dr p gave me a band to wear and I wear it 247 except helped....patiently waiting for lower pole to fill out!! Thank u for all your support!!! God bless!!!

I have hope

They are looking a little better everyday...long way to go still but I think I'll get there...lower pole still needs some more filling but I'm sure it will get there :) I would still recommend Dr Parhiscar to everyone...he's great and for the 100th time Melinda is wonderful!!!


My first day of work today was a struggle!!! My back hurt my shoulder my boobs tighten up!!! It was bad!!! I tried not to over do anything but still ended up struggling to get through the damn day!!! Once I got home my boobs stop tightening up and my body relaxed....I am not looking forward to tomorrow :( oh and waiting for these damn boobs to drop to fill out lower pole and round out more...I know I know it's still early :/ what a day!!!


I'm trying to get warranty on my mentor implants and it keeps saying my sn is not valid!!! Wth!!! Help someone anyone have this issue?


I know it's only been almost 3 weeks but when will my 550's look like the 550cc I see on girls on here (rs)? I have done a whole lotta research on BA's but one thing I did miss and didn't think it was gonna be a big deal was the waiting process the drop and fluff process...I didn't realize this part was the hardest :/ when will my 550 look like 550's :(

Just waiting

Nothing new...boobs looking better and better everyday...just waiting for fluff and more drop...right still a little higher than left! Waiting for lower pole to fluff more...praying it happens soon weather getting warmer ;)


My right boob is stil areola is numb and it it doesn't does sometimes but for the most part it doesn't...looks bigger than the other...weird! It just stays relaxed and it's bigger than the other one...anyone have this issue and go back to normal?

Still high and akward


Oh nothing just waiting for these
Boobs to drop and fluff and drop evenly and look like 550cc (well what I imagined and see on here) my husband says they are big but I don't think so..:I still have hope everything will turned out as imagined or close to it, before I got my ba :)


Finally paid the $200 for my warranty...ugh I know it's worth it in the long run but sheesh that's a lot of money to me so I'm not too happy about it right now...but I know I will be glad I did :/ now only if my right boob would just drop to the lower pole...ugh!!!!

Braces and extractions

Anyone have any experience on getting braces after a ba? Extractions of teeth?

Finally a pix

My right is still higher and a little flatter than the left...anyone experience this and turned out ok? I still wake up feeling a little tight or sore (I don't know how to explain) and once in a while I feel a boob Charlie right lower pole still not completely filled either...I hope my right fills out soon

Getting there

No more frankenboob...that phase was horrible!! I thought I would never look normal...I'm liking what I see so far and I know it gets better
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr Parhiscar and Melinda are wonderful!!! Dr Parhiscar is only a text, email, drive or phone call away...any questions I had or have he always answers and eases my mind...honestly I had an issue and he helped me faster than my primary dr lol!! Within an hour!!! I'm loving my results so far and know it's gonna get better! I just love Melinda and Dr Parhiscar...I feel they are just genuine and NOT full of BS like others I consulted with before!! If any of you are THINKING of going to Dr P...just go!! U will get great results with honest people that WONT just drop u after the procedure...Never going to anyone else!!

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