41yo - 350/375cc Moderate Plus Under Muscle. San Ramon, CA

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Well, after scrutinizing this website for couple...

Well, after scrutinizing this website for couple of years now, i have finally decided on a doctor for Breast augmentation first, maybe rhino as well but I am still u decided about this one.

Everyone on this website has been very helpfull in assisting with my decision and I thank you every posters.

I had my initial consultation wit Dr Parhiscar in San Ramon, Ca. He was very throrough with his information. I felt very comfortable right away.

I have attached some picture of me now. And I will most likely go with silicone mentor moderate plus under muscle - 350cc per his recommendation. I liked the 400cc to which he said it might a bit big for me and might be less natural. Like most of us, I dont want to have any regrets.

I will record my journey through this adventure hoping it helps someone else as well.

Date set - April 01st 2016

Well, we finally pin-pointed the date for surgery. That's it! I am doing it. To be honest I feel very superficial at times wanting this and second guess myself as to the necessity of this surgery. But I am going for it or I losse $500. ;)
I also know I will love the results and the fact I really like my sirgeon also makes me feel good anout going for it. So the pre-ops is definitely a time of great reevaluation of priorities, at least for me.
My pre-op will be on March 22nd. I am still leaning towards 375/400cc rather than 350cc.
My stats are 5.3ft, about 113lbs + or -. I breastfed my 5.5yo son for about 6months and saw my breast loosing its firmness right away. But I was on the smaller side prior, and a full 34B. I would like a full 34C small D. My doctor says 350cc would give me that and 400cc would start to be a bit less natural. I hope he is right because at the end I think I will follow his leD and trust his expertise.

Is there anything I should do to help the healing phase before the surgery? Aby advises wpuld be great. ;). Thank you.
Ps: I am also attaching the picture of a realself patient as this would be the ideal outcome for me.

3days pre-surgery

Wow!! I don't recall when I have ever been this confused and doubtful of my decisions. I will be doing 2 procedures with Dr P. His office and him have been very helpful in appeasing my worries. Deep, deep, deep down I know it will turn out just fine :) but I am still constantly doubting myself and what I want.
For those who might find this helpful, as I did in the past, I have ordered the following to help me heal:
- ScarAway strips
- U-shape pillow
- The pain meds
- Soups/Papaya/and a bunch of prep meal for my family
- Comfortable shirt
- Cleaning wipes & dry shampoo
I am planning to go for a nice waxing treatment for armpits and eyebrows. :)

With Dr P. we decided to go with 375cc Mod plus. The high profile scares me, even though it is his recommendation due to my narrow chest & hips. He recommends HP for smaller chest otherwise the mod plus that is wider would be go beyond the natural side curve of the breast and look a little less natural on the sides. It makes sense, but I figured 25cc would not make this much of a difference.

That's it for today. :)

Day Off

Hi Everyone,

First thing, the medical Ce ter, the Nurse (specially Elizabeth), the Anestesiologist, and it f course the one and only, Dr Parhiscar has made this day a fabulous experience.
First, I arrived at 6am. I thiught I would be waiting from one thing to another but now, their timing is excellent. No time to really think too much, which is a plus. My surgery was at 7:30am. I woke up at noon, I beleive. I had 2 procedures and the breasts are the one thing that is feeling tight. With and without the pain medication. But I live yhrough it no problem.
I should have listened to Dr Parhiscar - 350cc would have been just fine. He did a favulous job. Here a picture attached. They do feel so big.

PIx day 1

btw Feeling great.

Day 2 - very painful

quick update: Day 2 is very painful. My chest is very tight, painful, swollen. My back and side hurts. The oxycodone doesn't work nuch for this area, just makes me sleepy. Hoping to be much better by Monday as I will have my son full-time.
Does anyone have suggestion to what to do?

Day 4/5

Hi Everyone,

Here are few pictures that show you that my breast are still very high and to share some insights I have gained since this Friday April 1st!!

First of all, I remember reading these BA post sharing how easy and wonderful this process was. All I remember is stories of ladies who have returned to work after 3 days post-op and feeling wonderful!! Where were those posts describing how difficult it could be the forst week, i don't recall a single of these stories, unless I looked through the pics only and skipped the important parts but I don't think so. ;) I do know we all experience situations differently.
So here is my experience and insight for those thinking or etting ready to go through this procedure.
I have to say that it took the wind out of me. My breast had a little bit of tissue prior to the sirgery and I don't think I choose a large cc size, but I felt my breast changing dramamtically with my food intake and especially the changes of activities during the days. Per example as I eat food high in sodium, my breast will tighten and Feel more sensitive. If I increase my activity to walking around the house still making sure I don't carry anything, my breast will also feel tight and sensitive for hours after that. So my recommendation is to really take it easy for a week. If you are used to be active and if you have kids around, prepare your significate other or parents/friends to help you for the first 7 days. These are the recovery days and the time needed to help with the healing over all.
Take this time to ice that area regularly, rest as much as possible.

Today I feel exhausted, my breast feel tighter and more sensitive than on the first days. I had my son all day today and he was a trooper, he helped me prepare lunch, cleaned up his room even though this is the most doffocult task for him and we worked on a lot of art projects together. It was fun but also required a lot of motion and walking around. I had a wo derful day with him, I am just paying for it now.

So relax ladies for the first 7days and do nothing. ;) it is worth it but if I had known it would take so much out of me, I would have prepared the first week better.

The oics are not fabulous but it is a sneak pic of my progress. Excuse the bloating as well. ;)

Day 13

Not much to update other than my left breast is doing well but my roght breast is much more sensitive than the other. The nipple is very sore. They are still sensitive and toghten after too many movments. But overall, i am happy. I read that the sensotivity is normal for the first month.
I will post pictures in 1 week - at the 3 weeks mark.
Happy healing!

2 weeks mark

Here are some pix at the 2 weeks mark. ;)

3 1/2 weeks update - they feel amazing

Hi Ladies,

Here is a quick update to share that at 3 1/2 weeks my breasts are finally softening to the touch and they feel amazing. There is still some necessary droopping but they feel great and this is a major improvment as the first 2/3 weeks the breast is extremely tight, which is normal. I am quite impressed with the fact that they feel like they are all mine so soon, no complaint.
I plan on bra shopping over the weekend for no padded and no underwire bras. It will feel fantastic and I am looking forward to it.

I am definitely not a great photographer but I hope it represents how amazing I think they are. ;)

Happy healing for those ladies who are still in the same phase as I and happy planning for those wanting to feel more feminine soon.

Bra or braless??

Hi Ladies,

I just popping in to ask if anyone has been braless after 3weekspost-op?
I am so uncomfortable with bras since week 2. O decoded last week to just wear no bra only on occasion. I do not wear a bra at night.
I am just now thinking that it may or may not be a good idea.

I wanted to ask for your advice or experience with either. What do you think about being braless? What do you do?

Thank you for your feedback!!

10months post-op

Great decision so far!! Feel very natural!!
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

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