Implant And Capsule Removal Dr Guillermo Koellicker

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Aftercare was the top variable in this decision,...

Aftercare was the top variable in this decision, after the surgeons credentials. 24 yrs ago, Original implants placed on top of the muscle, large enough to fill out post-breast feeding tissue along with a lift. After so many years, I'm back to the "tennis ball in a tube sock" look, just bigger! I'm scheduled this surgery along with a "SMAS" full facelift on August 2nd in San Miguel Allende Mexico, using Pat Marino as liaison. She has been incredibly helpful, describing the procedures in detail and post-op care.

Over muscle Implant - 25 years old

Surgery Scheduled for 8/2/2016 - CBC & EKG Submitted

Dr. Koellicker requires a current CBC and EKG prior to confirming surgery which I find both comforting and impressive. Initial feedback - my hemoglobin was 12.1 and he prefers it to be at least 13.0. Vitamin levels are good, including iron, so meeting with nutritionist next week for a 3 month plan to bring it up!

20 Days Until Surgeries!!

I've read every article containing suggestions for getting prepared. Purchased - eye drops & lubricants; topical anti-inflammatory gel (Flector); new prescription eyeglasses; special support pillow; 2 post surgical bras; 4 pair new front opening pajamas; and scarves & sunglasses! Pat Marino is excellent in providing step by step details to prepare, including which toiletries to bring! There will be pain and discomfort, along with the usual "why did I do this" for the first weeks, so at least I'll have all the little things, including comfort foods!

12 Days Until BR and SMAS!

I'm ready, not the least bit nervous and know I'm going to be miserable for the first week. Very few people know & I'd like it to stay that way by seamlessly coming back to work. Tiny problem-Not picking up boxes. (Manage an audit.). Faking a sprained shoulder should help divert attention!
Actually am nervous and excited...but getting rid of these calcified rocks will be well worth it!

Turning 60 on Saturday - Surgery in 4 days

My room at Casa Marino - post op care Spa.
I've spent the last 5 months reading every review on RealSelf and other blogs in order to pack everything needed to speed up recovery
I'm set! I am so excited to recuperate in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. Located 90 mins from Houston; cool climate year round and gorgeous villa!

Explant after 25 years ---GROSS!!!

Absolutely wonderful experience arrival yesterday afternoon-concierge driver picked from airport to hospital-even waited until I was checked into my room. Dr Koellicker reviewed procedures and the tests began - all in my room. He returned to my room several times to report on the results and explain the "next" steps. At 9:00pm, took my sleeping pill. Awakened at 6:00am to start prep-full body shower with Betadyne, including hair; IV insertion; surgery leggings; etc. 15 mins prior, Dr Koellicker made the markings on my face and breast areas. IV sedation with epidural was the best experience-no pain or sensation throughout the procedures and completely worn off within 2 hours after. While removing the breast implants, we were able to discuss the severity of calcification, leakage and the best step moving forward. Remove and let heal for 3-6 months before performing the lift and new implants. My response was to do what was best for my health & recovery. There are always padded bras to use in the interim! Attached are pics of the nasty, calcium & silicone covered implant. Annual mammograms nor ultrasounds revealed a broken implant. I am so glad to have these out and having an ethical, competent surgeon.

4 days Post-Op - HUGE Barnacle Covered Mass Removed

After seeing the fist sized, barnacle covered capsule that took Dr Koellicker over 2 hours to remove, I'm thinking more than twice about having any further breast surgery. Yes, being a "swollen" B cup is a huge change - doubt any of my clothes will fit properly - but the shocking reality of seeing a silicone drenched foreign object, puts this process in perspective.


My first day out after barnacle covered capsule removed! Dr Koellicker came to the Spa to remove stitches & was happy at how quickly I was healing. He reassured me that it would take 6 months to heal well enough internally to consider a new implant. Another patient staying at the Spa and I grabbed a taxi for some well earned shopping. When anyone hears "Mexico" the immediate response is drug cartels and shoddy medical facilities, but this is NOT San Miguel. Over 8,000 expats live in this well known artist colony, international language schools, think of Santa Fe, NM. Yes, I'm singing its praises because I know what it would be like in Houston, TX. Surgery in morning, sent home by 5:00pm in 100 degree heat and expected to return for follow up. I have the greatest husband & friends but no way I'd ask them to shuttle me around! Staying in a B&B with an experienced concierge to handle all the details is making this entire experience a holiday!

7 Days until Husband flies down-Not sure about his reaction!

As a liberated, professional woman, my first thought - my health trumps nice boobs. Intellectually he shares that position; however, he's human and the first viewing will be a shock. The plan was to remove the implants & capsule, perform a lift & insert gummy bear implants, under the muscle. Because he used an epidural and IV anesthesia, he could bring me out to tell me it was my decision to proceed, but he did not recommend it. Chose my recovery and health over nice boobs. Have no regrets.


I was so looking forward to a lavender salts bath after walking to the cathedral and back. Absolutely wonderful UNTIL I was getting out---using my left hand to help push myself up. WRONG MOVE! Luckily no hematoma, but any move that flexes the pectoral & I can feel it.


My husband arrived yesterday to spend a couple days in this beautiful place -- he's pretty low maintenance but I became acutely aware of all the things which require pushing, pulling and lifting! I've taken walks, starting with short flat and built up to 3 mile hikes up cobblestone streets but avoided anything that would jostle my healing breasts!
Feeling absolutely fantastic and happy this journey has gone so well. Now, I'm wondering how many at my firm will even notice that I left a 34DD and returning a 34B? Fewer than I imagine and those that do will certainly not be so politically incorrect to ask!


With all the metal hooks on these post-op bras, I thought the metal detectors would go beserk but sailed right through! Great fun putting on the support hose, but I've gotten this far, not taking any chances. Hubby has been great about making sure I don't grab and try to lift anything (new dynamic for us)-we both go and blow at high speed! Dr Koellicker actually chastised me and demanded I SLOW down and let others take care of things. Okay. Actually worked!

DD to B - No One Noticed - Thought I Lost Weight

I have had not one thought "Am I still beautiful?" with small breasts (1 a little deformed)! That said, I bought the tightest Spanx to make sure my posture is perfect so my midriff does not exceed my bust. That freaks me out when I see that profile!
Physically, I'm quickly healing but found myself weeping on the drive home - more tired than I realized and must be experiencing a little post-surgery depression. The Eagles singing "Lying Eyes" has never evoked that kind of emotion.
Icing my breasts & keep remembering to be patient- it takes time.


I decided posting before and after photos would do no one any good! Suffice it to say, if you have implants, you're not feeling well and they look a bit wicked.....time to calendar & budget them out.
I'm due to see my MDVIP Internist & GYN this month for my annual physical. They are both so proactive and aggressive to find the way to keep me at my healthiest. Photos of the left capsule, as well as hearing the silicone had leaked, put them in major shock. Mammograms nor palpating exams gave them any reason to think I was in danger. (note: the calcification was on the INSIDE of the capsule). I always received advice to have them removed but the risk of general anesthesia was higher than leaving them. Received the same advice from ex boyfriend, notable East Coast OB-GYN oncology surgeon.
I'm not emotional over situation--knew in my gut, found out best place and did it.
Being proactive in our own health issues is critical - not from doctors neglect but from a long history of being followers. Same message from American Heart Association. Good luck to every woman!

Houston Doctors Indicated Excellent Work

Surgery, elective or otherwise, is dangerous with no guarantees. Having my implants removed was considered "elective" until my Internist, Radiologist and GYN saw the photographs. We all agreed, there is no way of knowing until they open you up. Instead of a mammogram, the Radiologist performed an ultrasound. I was relieved to hear their opinions, that all went well.

Dr Koelliker - Complicated Explant

So many comments on Dr Koelliker's facelift technique, but would like to note that he performed a 2-1/2 hr removal of a calcified, ruptured silicone implant with no post-op complications. The Houston Radiologist was impressed at the clean, precise job he did. I am very happy with my face results but even happier that I am healthy, silicone free, and had an uneventful recovery.

Explant - Just Fine at a "B"

My Houston Internist is such a crackup! Her MDVIP physical is done in 2 parts - 1st day tests, week later, discuss results and she performs hands on. Looked at my breast incisions and remarked, "Excellent" but then gave me a compliment, "You have the breasts of a 50 yr old." I burst out laughing--she pointed out, better than 60!! My clothes fit better - jackets that would not close, now do!! And I'm not bursting out of my sleeveless tops!!!
Dr. Koellicker

Dr Guillermo Koellicker - What are the most attributes of a great surgeon? Skill, professionalism, respect from and to staff, thorough, empathetic, and one who will place your health above all else. Before Dr K schedules a surgery date, a full blood panel, medical history, and EKG is required. Your hemoglobin must be 13 if having multiple procedures. Mine was low & he was clear that if it was not at 13, only 1 procedure. In my case breast implant & capsule removal. FaceLiftMexico arranged for a driver to pick me up at the airport and take directly to the hospital. The driver stayed with me to complete the admissions process and walked me to my room. His degree is in hotel management - Impeccable English & the demeanor of a Ritz Carleton concierge. Within 15 minutes, Dr Koellicker came to my room to discuss the procedures and outline the necessary pre-op tests. Blood was drawn; EKG run, then I was offered lunch. The Internist, Dr Gomez reviewed my test results with me and Dr Koellicker came by to give me the schedule. No food/water after 10:00pm, nurses would wake me up at 6:30am to wash my entire body with Betadyne, especially my hair; 7:00am IV insertion; 7:30am Markings on face & breast; surgery at 8:00am. The nurses and I used Google Translate which was comical, yet effective! What makes Dr Koellicker stand out - when he realized after 2 hours of removing and cleaning silicone out, he would not perform the lift and insert implant. He brought me out to tell me I needed to wait 6 months. He was firm that it was not the best for my health nor for a good result. On Friday, an equally accomplished driver transferred me to Casa Marino (B&B Spa) where Fabiola met me at the front door. She handled getting my prescriptions; settling in my room (really a suite) and going over the "rules"...NO SMOKING EVER and no Alcohol or caffeine until Dr Koellicker gave the okay. 4 days later, Dr Koellicker came to me for follow up and removed stitches. I'm a "bruiser"--pushing up against a hard object will leave a bruise so I took every preventative and still bruised WHEN I SLEPT on my ride side the day after surgery. Did not try that again! At the post op visit he prescribed an additional anti-bruising Med which has helped tremendously. He came back the next day to check on me and Nancy, who had surgery the day before mine. Of note, Dr Koellicker operates on one patient per day. Not all his patients are coordinated through FaceLiftMexico. There are 2 suites at Casa Marino which limits the max number of patients to 4, if you come with a friend. The financial integrity I've experienced with Pat Marino is exemplary. She caught my error of overpaying by $1,000 and because I did not have the secondary portion of my breast surgery, the fees were refunded and I never broached the subject. A refund check was left in my room by the 3rd day. The package stays at Casa Marino are designed to ensure a safe, quick recovery. If anything goes awry it will be within the first 5 days and Dr Koellicker wants to be able to address immediately. Frankly, I could have flown back to Houston but opted to stay not just 13 days, but 16. Pat immediately indicated she would adjust the rate if I chose to leave early. I still have 5 more days of this cool, mountain air to enjoy before going back to Houston. I could add more to the list of helpful benefits but then I would be entering into that scope of "flowery" language. In a nutshell..using FaceLiftMexico was the perfect option for me. Working in a very contentious environment, with children who would freak out if they saw their Mom laid out, a husband who owns his own business who would wonder why did I not line up care. (Well, dear it does not exist in Houston for less than $400/day.) Emotionally and physically a bargain. And, I have my face from 15 years ago!!

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