34 Years old momma with Tattoo Regret. San Luis Obispo , CA

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Got three tattoos that I liked initially , but...

Got three tattoos that I liked initially , but have become very uncomfortable with them. So three months later , here I am having them removed. I did a lot of research and decided picosure is the way to go . Luckily there's a Drs office that has it about 11 miles away from where I live . Had first treatment on all three tattoos ( shoulder , hip , foot ) it does hurt , but I don't care about the pain I just want these things gone so I can feel normal again . I know it's a long and slow process but my Dr seemed optimistic about my tattoo removal. The colors in my tattoos include black , grey , purple , white , and green . Was told picosure was great for the purple and green. Was nervous about the white because I was told it could turn black when lasered and could possibly not be removable, but to my surprise my white ink did not turn black !!:-) One treatment in and I'm seeing a difference, especially on my shoulder and hip . I know my foot tat is gonna linger awhile:-/ but I do see some difference in that one as well . Trying to be patient and positive.

I see my real skin on my hip !

I noticed this morning additional fading on the green leaves of my rose tattoo on my hip ! Nice to see my skin . This is after the first treatment, about 4 days later .

Redness going away

Foot tat fading progress 5 days post treatment 1

Small blister on foot tattoo 5 days post treatment

Small scabs that look like I got a scrape on my rose hip tattoo 5 days post treatment 1.

Where did the purple go ? :D so relieved the white in this tat didn't turn black !!

Hyper pigmentation concerns

Ok so I know I'm probably worrying too much but I noticed where the ink faded on my foot tattoo , my skin looks a little brownish . I sent pictures to my Dr and and they said give it more time to heal and if it remains hyper pigmented it will only be temporary. They said this happens sometimes, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation . I hope I haven't done anything wrong , I've kept it covered from the sun , or have put gentle sunscreen on it ( spf 50 ) am I just worrying too much ? None of the other tattoos I'm having removed are reacting like this

Updated shoulder and hip tat pics 10 days post 1 treatment

I have a feeling this will be my first tattoo to go , based on the fading already . Can't wait to wear all my tanks again! The purple on my hip pretty much gone and just a little green left , I also see some fading in the black

My foot tat before/after I treatment

Pics of my shoulder and hip tattoos when they were fresh

Was looking through my pics and found pics of my tattoos when they were brand new . As they healed some of the ink " fell out " and I never went back in to get a touch up , since I decided they were a huge mistake and wanted to remove them . They looked so dark !!

Sorry pic didn't upload to previous post

My fresh shoulder tattoo and coot tattoo

foot tattoo drama

Hi there my tattoo regret friends , so out of all 3 of the tattoos I'm having removed I feel like my foot is giving me the most drama . For one thing it's the one I can't stand the most . I know it wasn't by any means a bad tattoo it's just too big and bold and dark for me , and it also drives me nuts that some of my cute shoes I love cut the design off in a weird place , like across the birds face and just looks weird to me so I don't wanna wear some of my favorite shoes now . I feel like I'm limited to boots , sneakers , or sandals that have a lot of straps that cover the majority of the tattoo . Maybe I should just wear my shoes anyway and not care , but I don't because I think it looks weird . Anyway , I developed blisters on my foot that popped on their own and got scabby, the scabs that have flaked off have black ink in them ! I guess that's a good thing ..

Here's the post 15 days update on the foot

Sorry if I'm posting too many photos!

Zoomed in foot tattoo comparison pics

Second picosure treatment scheduled!

My second picosure treatment is scheduled October 7th at 2 pm . I'm hoping to see more fading! In the mean time I'm become good at covering my foot tattoo with makeup from the drug store! A thick layer of spf 50 then a thick layer of concealer, then a layer of powder, then a layer of med-full coverage foundation, then a layer of powder does the trick to wear any of the shoes I want !! :-) my shoulder tat I don't try and cover because I'm afraid my makeup will rub off on my clothes but I choose shirts that cover the majority of it , and my hip tat is always covered.

My foot tat covered in makeup

Here is my foot covered in sunscreen concealer powder and foundation. This allows me to wear all my cute shoes while I'm going through the tattoo removal process. It's not 100% perfect but nobody's gonna look that close at my foot , and the makeup pretty much lasts all day .

22 days till next pico treatment

22 more days til pico treatment 2 ... I wish I was doing it right now ! It'll be 8 weeks since the first treatment on October 7 when I get the 2 bs treatment , I'm hoping to complete 3 sessions on all three tattoos by the end of the year .

1 day post 2nd picosure treatment on all 3 tattoos

So , I had treatment 2 yesterday, I don't think it hurt as much as the first time . Don't know if it was just the anticipation and nervousness of the first time , or if the numbing cream worked better or what .. The dr raised the settings , I see significant fading on the shoulder tat even though it's still inflamed and red and ugly right now , there's way less ink , I see fading on the foot tat , the scariest looking one is the rose hip tat very red and bruised looking but I can see that more of the outline faded . Gonna see what I think when it all calms down a bit , I do have blisters on my foot .

Areas I see fading on my foot

Areas I see some fading from picosure treatment 2, post 1 day

Pink skin showing?

I hope this isn't just my imagination but I think I see pink skin showing through on this tattoo 3 days post treatment 2, that green is being stubborn

Foot 3 days post treatment 2 and scabby shoulder

Foot definitely faded a little more not as much as I'd like but as long as I'm seeing progress that's ok , gotta be patient, shoulder still pretty irritated and scabby

Rose tattoo ( hip) 6 days post picosure treatment 2

I'm wondering what will be under these brown scab things once they come off !

Shoulder tattoo , hip and foot 8 days post picosure treatment 2

Really not that much shoulder tattoo left ! I'm a little concerned about post inflammatory hyper pigmentation but the dr says that's temporary , I'm thinking I may ask about using hydroquinone to lighten it , hip ( rose) tattoo definitely getting lighter the green faded more , and my foot is faded more also , the blistered areas are healing .

Anyone else have hyper pigmentation ?

Was wondering if anyone else has experienced the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation , I've kept my shoulder out of the sun and spf 50 daily ... My foot is a little hyper pigmented also .im told its temporary and will go away once treatments stop , but could take 6 months .

Shoulder looking better !

Shoulder looking way better

Picosure treatment 3 today @ 2pm

So picosure treatment 3 is happening today at 2 pm , wish me luck !

4 days post pico 3

Here's how things look 4 days post picosure treatment 3... More blistering this time from higher setting .

Foot tat 4 days post pico 3

Here are some zoomed in pics , my foot is sore

10 days post picosure treatment 3

10 days post picosure treatment 3

Picosure treatment number 4

Hi sorry I haven't updated in awhile , I have new pics to show ... The first two are my shoulder and hip before pico 4 and the rest are 1 day after ... Ouch that's all I can say !!! Hope all the blistering means somethings really happening !

Photos 8 weeks after pico 3 , right before pico4

Picosure treatment 4

Trying to get pics to load after picosure treatment 4

I'm 2 days post treatment 4 having issues loading pics from my phone , don't know why . Lots of blistering and swelling this time .

Shoulder tat after pico 4

Ok let's try loading the photo again ...

Foot tattoo 1 day after picosure treatment 4

My hip tattoo one day post picosure treatment 4

Foot is extra swollen after 4th treatment

My foot is way more swollen after the 4th treatment ! I sent my dr a pic they said this can happen due to higher settings as they get more aggressive with each treatment .

Foot tat 6 days post picosure number 4

Hip tat 6 days post picosure treatment 4

Shoulder tat 6 days post picosure 4

Foot tat 8 days post pico 4

Hip tat 8 days post pico 4

Shoulder tat 8 days post pico 4

2 weeks til my 5th treatment ( photo updates )

My shoulder , wow I'm pretty sure pico number 5 will knock this tattoo out !

Hip tattoo

With every treatment I see more and more flesh tones showing through .

Foot tattoo

I get the most frustrated with this one . I'm a sandal girl or flats ( that show the top of my foot ) it is fading for sure but sometimes after its done healing I feel like it's still darker than I thought it would be . I'm still covering it with make up on a lot of days when I wear sandals etc

Picosure treatment 5 , foot

Just had pico 5 a couple hours ago. I was happy my dr lowered my price to 450.00 as there's less ink to treat with my shoulder tat being mostly gone .

Pico 5 shoulder

Pico 5 , hip

Blisters foot tat after pico 5 yesterday

Blisters hip tat after pico 5 yesterday

Foot tat

Look I think this one is getting a lot lighter !

Shoulder tat

Hip tat

I think this one is being stubborn , I do see progress but it's slow , it's hard to not be discouraged sometimes , having this on me makes me feel ugly :( it was pretty saturated with ink

My foot tattoo about 1 month post pico 5

My hip tattoo about 1 month post pico 5

My shoulder tattoo about 1 month post pico 5

Just had picosure treatment 6

I just had pico 6 today ... Ouch ouch ouch good news is Dr says laser is still loving my tattoos ! In other words it seems to be picking up lots of ink . Im laying in bed with ice packs though , ugh !

One day post pico 6 foot

Aww the swelling blistery phase ... Hope I don't have to do it that many more times

One day post pico 6 hip and shoulder

Just a few specs of ink treated on my shoulder this time .

Foot tat about 2 weeks post pico 6

Hip about 2 weeks post pico 6

Here is how my shoulder is looking now

My shoulder tat is gone ! I can barely see a spec or 2 of ink left

Hip and foot 8 days post picosure 7

Hi here are how my hip and foot tats are looking 8 days after picosure treatment 7. Still healing but have definitely faded more .

Hip tattoo and foot tattoo a couple weeks or so after pico 7

2 weeks before picosure treatment 8 , hip and foot tattoo progress

Thought I'd show a nearly healed picture of my foot tattoo and my hip tattoo .

Had pico # 8 yesterday on hip and foot

Usual swelling and blistering , and crazy itching on my foot

Foot and hip tattoos about 1.5 weeks after pico 8

So things are still healing obviously but these are getting pretty light !

Hip and foot 3 1/2 weeks after pico 8

Redness going away

My foot maybe 6 weeks after pico 8

Wanted to show how much healing I have , had a couple comments about scaring , no not really ..

My hip 6 weeks post pico 8

Just had picosure treatment #9

Just got home from my 9th picosure treatment . I had my foot and hip treated ( my shoulder tat is history !) I will say when the machine is set at the highest level the pain is at the highest level ! But I'm also happy to say the machine is still picking up whats left of the ink ! Yay ! I've got my bandages and ice packs on , ready to go through the healing phase again .

Couple of hours after picosure treatment #9

Almost 1 month post pico 9 pics hip /foot

Hope everyone has a great Christmas ! Wanted to show updated pics , it's getting there !

2 weeks post picosure treatment 10

My hip and foot tats 2 weeks post picosure treatment 10. Were getting down to the last little bits of ink.

1 week post picosure treatment 11

Working on those last few spots of ink

A couple more pics after pico 11 ( 1 week post )

Getting there slowly but surely

2 weeks post treatment 12

Laser is til picking up the pigment so that's good
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