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I have all ways have large breasts. I went from a...

I have all ways have large breasts. I went from a little undershirt to a C cup bra when I was 11 years old. All the boys made fun of me growing up. I hated my "blessing". I think I grained weight so I would like "bigger" all over. Back in 1990 I had stomach bypass surgery and I lost 100 pounds. I weigh 145 lbs and I'm 5'3". I needed a surgery to repair a hernia so at the same time my surgeon did a tummy tack about a year later. My boobs got smaller but I'm still 36 DDD. I never had boobs that stood away from my body they are more like "tea Bags".
I didn't think that I should do anything about my large hanging breasts. In talking with my brother and his wife they asked did I ever think about getting a reduction done? I told them no because I thought others would think I was vain. They told me others in extended family have had it done and was so happy they did it and that the insurance paid for it.

Wow I have lived so long in fear people would talk bad about me I never really thought about it. After that talk I went to my family doctor and asked what did I have to do to start the process. He sent me to a Back doctor and got x-rays and my insurance approved me to go to see a plastic surgeon. I went he took pictures and did all sorts of measurements and handed me a booklet on breast reduction and told me to look over it and call if I wanted to start the approval from insurance. I told him yes let's do it. That was Sept 21,. I waited and waited for the call but nothing. I called them and they told me it takes sometimes months to get approval. I call again Nov 10 and they told me no word yet. I called my insurance only to be told they never recieved the packet from the PS. I called the doctor back and they told me they sent it. So the insurance company went to their office in person to pick up my packet. I got the approval on Nov 28th. I called the PS to tell them about the approval and they told they heard nothing yet. Come Monday Dec 3 I got a call from PS it was approved and they have me in surgery Jan 22, at 0700. and to come to their office for pre-op Jan 11th. I asked if that is when I could find out about what size and how much he will take out, how long the recovery will be, what I should I do to prepare for the surgery. Thats when they told me "oh all that was talked about in your interview a few months ago." I asked if I could see the doctor to ask these questions and she told me "No" the appointment is only for pre-op only. I told her I wasn't comfortable about working with doctor and his staff. She told me that because I was getting the reduction done only for medical reasons they don't talk about what I want to look like. WOW!! I was shocked!!! I told her could I please talk to the doctor or have him call me? She said no he was way to busy for him to call me. She could have the medical Assist call me.

The medical Assist called me and told me that the doctor had written down what he was going to do so he must of told me what he was going to do. I asked about what size would I become? She told me he was going to take at least 500 grams from each breast. (like would know how much that is). I told her that the MD never asked me what I wanted to look like. She told me "well if you were going to have this done for appearance the MD would of asked me BUT because I was having it done for medical reasons that is not up to me it was up to the insurance company and that I have to just trust the doctor" WTF? I goggled the MD and found out the MD is a great DR but the office staff rude and awful. I called my insurance again to ask could I have a second opinon. They told of course. When I talked to my GP office I asked about the PS and they told me that the MD is good but that they did hear about the office staff and if I wanted to change MDs I could. My GP was going to talk to the PS office to see if they could change the way they were treating me.
I'm scared that if I change the PS I will have to start all over again with pictures and get approval again. I did talk to other PS office and they told me they could get me in to interview and take pictures and measurements and get approval and still have surgery around the same date in Jan. It would be in a different surgery center about an hour away from me. So I waiting to hear back from my GP office to find out if she got any better results out of the PS.

I wanted this all my life but afraid to ask for it and now I have the chance to change my body but so afraid that the PS office staff will take it out on me. The PS called my insurance company and told them I was going to tell on them. The insurance company's Medical Director called and wanted to make sure I knew that the PS office "did everything by the book" But sure they think that way after I told them my side of the story.

So here I sit waiting and really thinking is this what I really want? What should I do go with this PS or do I start all over again and maybe the new PS is not as good as the first one?

I found this site while searching for more info on breast reduction and about the stories of other woman going thru this same thing as me.

I thank you for your sharing and support. I have told one person my room mate about this surgery and my approval date. I have a 38 year son that lives 1 hour away and is very busy with his life (he is getting married June 1st). He is not the type to have to know everything I do. He is a police officer so he is just into the "facts and only the facts". I know that I want to get this done and I know I will be very happy once it's over.

I dream about going to buy "pretty bras" not just the industrial strong ones. I can find a swim suit that I'm not falling out of or paying 4 times the price of normal suits. That men look at my eyes and my smile instead the girls. I hate being told "WOW do you have some breast there". Trust me I look much better with my clothes on than without. The tea bags are not sexy. When you lay down on your back the they hang over each side not sexy. I'm not trying to look sexy just look like every other "normal woman".
I have never had "perky" "stand up" "firm" breasts in my life.

since I found this site I have found out that I should be a Mamo which I just called in for. That I should buy sports bras that close in the front. Buy button front PJs. To bring pillows for the ride home. And the pictures are very informative. Thanks for all you wonder women have shared. I too want to share my journey with you and others going down this scary but exciting road.

I made a appointment with another PS for Next week...

I made a appointment with another PS for Next week. His office told me that they can get my surgery approved and I should be able to have the surgery around the same time that the other PS had me scheduled mid Jan 2013. I feel more at ease that this new PS will make the time and answer any and all my questions. His staff that I called were very helpful and pleasant.
I went to Walmart last night and bought 2 open in front sports bras, and to Ross for button down PJs. While at Costco picked up a few books to read.
I've been starting to clean the house like cleaning out cabinets and washing base boards. I just bought a new top of the line Serta mattress so I think I will be very comfy for my healing stage.
I'm more excited then scared now. I;m more at peace since I will be going to see this new doctor.
Thanks for all your support.
Good luck to all those beautiful women that are having their surgery this month.

I just a call from my "OLD" PS to tell me the...

I just a call from my "OLD" PS to tell me the doctor canceled my surgery. I called my insurance company and told them about it and they told me to see the "new" one and they will approve my surgery again. No Problem.
What a way to spend the weekend I can;t get a hold of the new PS their phones are down. Well I guess I just need to take a breath and think good thoughts all will go smooth.

My new PS office called today. I will see him in...

My new PS office called today. I will see him in the morning hopefully have surgery Dec 28th. That is so soon. Will update more after visit.

Went to new PS and will be having my surgery on...

Went to new PS and will be having my surgery on Dec 27th. WOW way too soon. I very happy to get this done.
The new PS told me he will do the under breast and around the nipple incision. No T or lolipop scar. But I can't find anything about just that incision. I see him again next Tues for my pre-op. I hope that he will explain what and how it will work and what I will llok like. I see everyone's photos but I see the T or lolipop and they look great.

The time is flying by. There is so much to do to...

The time is flying by. There is so much to do to get able to come home after surgery without too much worry.
Tomorrow is my Mamo and my pre-op.
I'm getting very excited but a little nervous.
I read that a lady had a "bra burning party". That got me thinking oh wow, I have so many bras to burn.
I would buy bras and then take them home to try them on to see if they fit.
Or course I have many brand new ones with tags on them. I didn't get back to the store to return them.
I will put them on the recycle site for some one else to wear them.
I will have to buy new bras.. Maybe I will be able to have pretty ones.
Take care.

Today was my Pre-Op visit with PS. I signed so...

Today was my Pre-Op visit with PS. I signed so many papers. Got my blood work done along with an EKG.
My PS told me that he will use a different procedure. I will have one scar under my breasts and one around the nipple. I will not have any drains. So I don't have those to deal with.
I told him I was excited but a little nervous he told me that is very common. I really like him and that he is very understanding.
The surgery Center called me and got my medical history and so I ready for them.
I got my "last" Mamo with my big boobs today also.
I have been reading everyone's story and journey. That has been very helpful. You have all giving me support and very handy tips to make my surgery more comfortable and I feel more calm.
Thanks everyone, Best Wishes to everyone. XOs :-)

The surgery center just called and confirmed my...

The surgery center just called and confirmed my surgery for the 27th. The PS has gotten my lab report and my EKG, plus my new Mamogram. I have my meds and I did find the Arnica and took 4 today. My books and some bottled water are on the nightstand.
I cooked some meals and vac sealed them so all I have to do is drop in boiling water or microwave after surgery. I don't have a husband or honey to help me. I do have a room mate but I don't want to make her my slave.
I think I'm ready for the new me. I even took all my bras and put them in a bag to go to the thrift store some still have the tags on. NO more "HUGE" cups!!!

It is Christmas eve day and I'm cleaning...

It is Christmas eve day and I'm cleaning everywhere. Cleaning out drawers and under sinks. Crazy. I need to keep my mind busy for a few more days.
I have been fixing stuff around the house that I have been putting off. Like the seal under my shower door,Cabinet door handles on, even a door stop to the door out to the garage. fireplace clean out and the blinds.
I read here that most of you have done lots of cleaning just before their surgery.
Merry Christmas to everyone.

Still cleaning and finding more stuff to do. Must...

Still cleaning and finding more stuff to do.
Must keep busy!
As I cleaned yesterday in my PJs my boobs were a flapping and a swinging. I did want to tie them up in a knot like the song goes.
Boy will I miss that!!!!
Merry Christmas to my new found friends!!!
I wish all the ladies that are post op a speedy recovery.
I wish all the pre op ladies think positive it will be our turn very soon.
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

I took my Christmas tree down and boxed, boxed up...

I took my Christmas tree down and boxed, boxed up the outdoor decoration and put up into the attic.
Washed the rest of the laundry. Bathed the dog and picked up his meds.
have my stuff that I'm taking to surgery center next to front door. 2 pillows for the ride home.
I hope I'm not missing something.
I took an Ativan to calm my nerves. it is 11:30 pm so I should go to bed and try to get some sleep.
Thanks everyone for their support for the last few weeks and for sharing their stories.
i even have a couple of boobie partners that are having surgery tomorrow.

At it is 715 and its an hour away. I hope they...

At it is 715 and its an hour away. I hope they will wait.
I had it all planed but now rush rush.
Plus my phone is got low battery.
Wish me luck

Hello Ladies, Well I'm more awake now and still...

Hello Ladies,
Well I'm more awake now and still very sore, under my arms the most.
I had no drains and I was in the surgery center from 8:30 am til about 1:30 pm. An hour ride home and I slept and woke up to pee and take pain pill then slept again.
The surgery center called to make sure I was doing fine. The PS office called to set up my post op visit which is on Monday @8:15.
I can shower but make sure someone is there to catch me if need be.
I peeked under my bra and the scars are all taped up, there was a little dried blood on gauze.
I feel so tiny. I think he took too much off or out. I'm thinking maybe this was not a good idea. What did I do???
I hope they will look more like me in the next few days.
Thank you all for all the love and support that your sharing gave me.
I will update more later.

I took my bra off and took a peek. Not sure I like...

I took my bra off and took a peek. Not sure I like them. I feel flat chested. I now notice the under arm and how much flab there is. I keep reading everyone's post and I will keep an open mind and hope they get better. Smaller boobs makes my stomach stick out more.
Off to bed for more "beauty sleep" LOL
Good Night Ladies, May you have a speedy recovery!

Day 2 and I just took my first shower. It went...

Day 2 and I just took my first shower. It went well no problems. I'm getting used to the new girls.
Not sure I love them yet. I go to the doctors on Monday so I will see the scars then. Right now he covered them with tape.
I hope everyone here a speedy recovery.

Went to see PS today. He took the strips off and...

Went to see PS today. He took the strips off and looked at incisions. Told me they were great. Cleaned them and put strips back on.
I go back in Two weeks. He told me I should wear a support or sports bra without underwire. My stitches are self dissolving so I don't have the pain to get them out. Plus I don't have the vertical incisions. He was very happy with my healing.
So far no problems. I went out in public today and felt great. Showed the new girls off and everyone said that I looked good. But they are friends. LOL. First day I got showered and Dressed in real outside clothes. I have been living in PJs since I got home from surgery. I had showered but went back into jammies.
He told me that when the strips start coming off just take them off and I will be fine.
The only problem that I have is that all my shirts that looked good with my old boobs look so Big on me. I had to put on one top that the old girls used to hang out of and it looked so much better. So I need to go through my closet and toss a ton of clothes out.
Hope everyone is healing as well as me with no major problems. Speedy recovery to all.

Happy New Year everyone. Today was a good day....

Happy New Year everyone.
Today was a good day. Showered and even went out to the movies with a friend. Saw Guilt Trip! I laughed till I cried.
Each day the girls are getting better and better. No real pain just some tingling.
Hope everyone is doing great.
2013 is going to be a great year with my new self.

I went to Santa Barbara today to try on a few "new...

I went to Santa Barbara today to try on a few "new bras at Soma's. Well I asked to be measured. It turns out that the new girls don't fill up a C cup, Almost fills the B cup, I don't have any boobs at all. I was very sad that I could find a bra that would fit me right.
DDD bras looked better. It was so different putting on a bra without having to bend over and once you hooked the back you take a hand and adjust the boobs to fill out. There is nothing to adjust. LOL.. I was trying on wireless bras today. I'm hoping that wire ones will work better. My clothes just look SO big on me. And I'm still a little swollen what are they going to look like when the swelling goes down? I don't have the weight and neck and back pain but not real happy the way it is coming out.
Maybe VS may have bras that will fit.
Itching so still there but not too bad.
Hope everyone is healing well

Well I took off the tape and had a look at my...

Well I took off the tape and had a look at my incisions. Wow I think they look great. No openings, No infection, The nipples look good. I do have a little gathering of skin under the breast but think it will go away.
I'm feeling great, I have been driving as of the 3rd day. Only on pain pills for 2 days. I really have had a very easy recovery.
I have showered without fainting or being sick.
I'm still not to sure I like the shape or size but I wil wait for a few more weeks or even months. I keep reading it takes about 6 months for them to really take shape.
I did buy a new bra, it is a 36 B. I was hoping for a C cup but again my back and neck feel better.
I few of my friends has now seen the new girls in my clothes and they tell me I look great. But are friends for to tell you, you look good.
I'm going to try to go back to work the end of next week. I work in a State Prison as a nurse so I just want to make sure the girls don't get hit by the inmates I wear a stab-proof vest in Ad Seg. I'm also a first responder so I will need to be able to lift Medical equipment and to do CPR (that is the hard part) Not sure I can do that right now. So I may have to ask for light duty for a little while.
I hope everyone post Op are healing without any problems and the Pre Op are staying calm while they are waiting for the new girls.

I went to PS today. He told me that I looked great...

I went to PS today. He told me that I looked great. No problems, He was impressed on how well my incisions look. Still a little swollen under the breast. He told me no underwire bras yet but soon. I can go back to work and he will see me in 2 months.
I went to Victoria's and had them fit me. I'm a 36 C and I found one wireless bra and one underwire (it has gel around the wire. WOW does that bra fit great! I wasn't too happy about my small boobs but with VS they look GREAT!! So happy.
I will go back to Prison (that's where I work) tomorrow for my first shift with my new girls. I wonder what will be said by the inmates. They notice everything about the staff. I wear scrubs and a stab proof vest so hoping people won't see or say too much.
I will post pictures of the pretty bright blue bra, I bought it because it was on sale. I also bought a nude one.
Hope everyone is healing well.

I went to work today for the first time. The...

I went to work today for the first time.
The first shift went well so well that I took another shift. I do not recommend working a double shift 16 hours your first day back. I'm plum worn out. So much walking and standing. The weight of the stab proof vest was a killer. My girls are really barking tonight. I didn't think I would be so sore.
Thanks for all your great comments!
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