Over One Year Later, Please Find A Good Surgeon And Go For It!

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I started to develop early like most women talk...

I started to develop early like most women talk about in their stories. First girl in my class to wear a bra, a D by high school, DD college, and then went to Nordstrom about 5 years ago and 20 pound weight gain to find out that I am a 34G not a 38DD, whoops. Tried everything from pain relievers, yoga, pilates, acupuncture, chiropractor, and nothing led to any permanent pain relief. I have the shoulder indents and rashes. I like to be active but sports bras feel like they are strangling me. My husband is supportive and I am ready. I'm 5'6" 143lbs and my surgeon says he can get me to a small D or maybe large C.

44 days to go and I am not feeling nervous about...

44 days to go and I am not feeling nervous about surgery but about the amount the surgery will cost. I have insurance with a 4K deductible and then I have to pay 20%, boo. Is it worth it when I have to pay so much? I am still waiting for the insurance to approve me and if they don't I am going to have to put it off again. Still confused why my PS says I will be a large C or small D when I want to be a small C. He said something about me having a large rib cage where my breasts attach. Anyone heard of that?

I just called my PS and I have been approved for...

I just called my PS and I have been approved for surgery! I have 42 days to prepare myself emotionally and physically. I already bought a button front pajama top and it is weird thinking that I will be able to wear anything button up that doesn't pull at the chest. Any input or advice is welcomed (e.g. must haves, what you wish you knew before surgery, etc.). My husband is a little freaked out but knows that when I decide on something there is no stopping me.

Five weeks until surgery I wish it was tomorrow! ...

Five weeks until surgery I wish it was tomorrow! I am ready to get this done. I ordered two Hanes front closure sports bras from Walmart and hoping they work out okay. I'm scared by psychologically ready. I've waited a long time for this and I am glad my insurance will at least pay part as my previous insurance said it was a cosmetic procedure?!! Biggest worries:
I won't heal well (non-healing wound, separation, infection)
I will pay a ton of money I don't have and my boobs will still be droopy
I am going to get depressed not being stuck in bed so long
Complications related to surgery (I've only had oral surgery and that didn't go well).
I am not concerned about pain as I expect it and will have pain killers. Even with all my worries, I still feel strongly that the positive far outweighs the negative. Reading all your reviews helps a lot!

After reading so many reviews and researching...

After reading so many reviews and researching online I am alarmed that my PS only wants to remove about 450-500mg for both breasts. I thought it would be that much per breast. I am a full 34G and I am concerned that I am going to end up with only slightly smaller breasts that will now have scars and be out at least 5K that I don't have. If I am going to go through with major surgery I want major results. Hoping y'all could share your good wisdom. Thanks!

I am finally calming down and trying to figure out...

I am finally calming down and trying to figure out how to advocate for myself which is something I have never excelled at but need to make sure of now. I went into my consultation gung ho about getting the surgery but not prepared with questions. I have a pre op appointment in a couple weeks and can explain more to my PS what I am hoping for with the surgery. Finding it hard to trust a surgeon because I had a bad oral surgery experience 5 months ago that should have healed in two weeks and is still healing. I've wanted this surgery for a long time but I have a lot of nervousness about complications and healing. I have 30 days to get in a good frame of mind about it as the women who have been really positive before surgery come out the other side the same way. Glad there is a community like this because only women with this problem can truly understand.

I think having so much time between consultation...

I think having so much time between consultation and surgery is making me crazy. Here I am up at the wee hours of the morning with a nervous stomach and I still have 27 days to go!! Breathe in, breathe out.

I am still not sure about my PS only removing 500 grams as my size is currently a 34G. I haven't read anyone on here having that little removed and even though I have insurance I will have to pay so much. I know he wants to keep me from looking flat but just bummed is all. I was hoping to be a C and have at least 3 pounds taken off around my neck. Damn my linebacker shoulders and wide breasts. I have no idea what the surgery is going to cost in the end. 4K deductible and then I pay 20%. I can only afford one shot at this so I am extremely freaked out and thinking is this really worth it? I hate my current breast situation but I just don't want to have surgery (I know, no one WANTS surgery) and still have big droopers with scars.

Trying to lose some weight before surgery eating 1350 calories a day and lots of walking/pilates. So far the scale isn't moving but it has been a good exercise regardless. Keeping a food and health journal making sure I stay in the best health possible.

Compiling pictures for my PS so I can show what I want and what I am concerned I might get. I see him in 13 days for my pre-op and will be prepared with a host of questions as I felt like the consult went too quick and he didn't say much just marked up my boobs and wrote down my symptoms on the paperwork for insurance. I haven't seen any of his work, new to the area and don't know much about his reputation, and not sure if I can ever trust someone I only saw once to make such a life changing decision with.

Had to go to the chiro because I was crooked again. She thinks the surgery will help lots. I've had lots of support from the people I have told. Funny that I have shared the info with my Pilates instructor and not my family but know who will be in your corner :)

Phew, good to get that all out.

Thinking about renting a hospital bed for recovery. Anyone do that?
Anything you wish you would have done or did knowing what you know post op?

Even with nerves, doubt, and money woes, I still want to go through with it just wish I felt more comfortable with the PS and with advocating for myself.

Okay, rambling panic over.

Less than 3 weeks to go and I am ready for surgery...

Less than 3 weeks to go and I am ready for surgery the only remaining issue is whether I want my current PS to be my surgeon :P

Decided to listen to the nagging voice in my head telling me to get a second opinion just in case. I just don't understand why he is saying he will only remove 450grams from BOTH girls when every other woman on this site with similar sized breasts had at least 800+ removed. Just want to make sure I am taking care of myself the best I can. It would stink if I had to change my surgery date but not nearly as much is if I chose the wrong surgeon.

My back went out a couple weeks ago and I am standing crooked. Hoping surgery will help with my posture. So excited can't wait for smaller boobies!!!

Hi Ladies! I have a 2nd opinion scheduled the...

Hi Ladies!

I have a 2nd opinion scheduled the day after my pre-op appointment. Hoping my surgeon and I can be on the same page and if not I have a back up plan. I feel ready for this, I wish it was tomorrow. I have been blabbing about it to anyone who will listen. Way too many people know about my boobs :) In good spirits and good health let's do this! I have an appointment with a masseuse who has been called a "miracle worker" by many. Poor back is all messed up because of these girls. Dreaming of small bras and jogging without giving myself two black eyes. 18 more days!

Just filled my script for painkillers and getting...

Just filled my script for painkillers and getting life organized before I have surgery.

I had a 2nd opinion with another surgeon last week (there are only two choices on my insurance) and I decided that the first PS is more experienced but completely lacking in any sort of bedside manner. I even confirmed with my friend who knows a nurse that knows all the PS's and she said he's an excellent surgeon but terrible people person. I had my pre-op last week and asking if he could show me some pictures of his work. He finally looked up from his paperwork and said, "Those are 2D so you don't really see what it will be like but you can ask the front desk person if you want." Seriously?! Ugh, I must really want this surgery bad.

Got a mammogram just in case since I'm 40 and don't want to go into surgery and find out there is a lump by my PS. I will get results on Monday but I'm not sweating it.

I am excited to be a new woman but still a little leery about my doctor. I have faith that it will all turn out fine. It helps to share everything here because only you ladies will understand. It will be fun to come back months from now and read all of this once the surgery and healing are behind me. I am already dreaming about cute bras and button up shirts.

3 days 10 hours and 41 minutes but who's counting...

3 days 10 hours and 41 minutes but who's counting ;)

I am ready to go. I made a big pot of lentil stew, got all my post-op goodies, and feel emotionally ready for this. I had a mammogram last week and almost passed out when they called me on Monday to say they found an opacity and I would need to come back in for more imaging. NOOO!!! Turned out okay but I guess there needed to be one last bit of drama before the big day.

Had my pre-admit appt. at the hospital where they explained to wear a loose fitting button up top, had a urinalysis, gave me Hibiclens solution and disposable sponges for the last 3 showers before surgery, and how much I owe them (the number is probably more painful than the surgery. ouch).

I'm going to sleep in my own bed with lots of pillows but we also have a manual recliner in the living room if needed. My husband is going to stay home with me for the first week and hoping he doesn't pass out when he sees my incisions and drains.

Finally feeling good about my doctor as many women have told me he is an excellent surgeon. He told me not to buy anything to help me heal but I bought Arnica, rose hip seed oil, Smooth Move tea, and fresh pineapple. Even if they work like a placebo I figure it can only help. I want to be an active participant in the healing process.

Goodbye \ O / \ O / and hello (o)(o)

13 hours to go!!!! I am sooo ready and a little...

13 hours to go!!!!

I am sooo ready and a little bit of nerves but mostly just excited. Spent the day with friends and house cleaning because those are the two things that will drive me crazy to go without while recovering. Got on the scale yesterday and I lost about 4 pounds, yay!

See you all on the other side and thank you to all who have helped me thus far!

I made it. My surgery was at 7am but I had to...

I made it. My surgery was at 7am but I had to stay at the hospital until 5:30pm because I woke up really nauseous and in a lot of pain. After a couple hours and a few dry heaves later, the nurse gave me some medicine in my IV to help with the nausea and it worked like a charm. I was able to eat some greek yogurt and a plain bagel when I got home. No more flu feeling.

I have four small drains that just drip into my sterile dressings and I will go back to my PS and have them removed tomorrow. No pics yet because you can only see lumpy bandages. I am scared to see them but I might get a peek tomorrow. Taking Percocet every 5 hours and my pain is down to a one. The bandages itch and I am still woozy but napping. So far doing great, let the healing begin!

Phew, drains out but itching like a mother. I...

Phew, drains out but itching like a mother. I took some Benadryl and it is helping. I saw my girls during the bandage change very briefly and I feel like I still look like me but smaller. He took about 500 grams from each side. He said I could take a shower tomorrow so hoping to get a better look then. So far recovery going better than I expected it. Getting lots of rest and a wonderful husband helps.

Today has been hard. I am trying to stop using...

today has been hard. I am trying to stop using the Percocet because it is giving me bad headaches, constipation, and nightmares. The pain has now increased so not sure about the trade off. I had to go to Sears and get another post-op bra because the one I bought dug into my incision lines. Wishing my PS would have just fitted me with a surgical bra right after surgery.

Very little BM even with fruit, water, Colace, and Smooth Move tea. Feeling a weird vibrating sensation and they told my husband at the Dr's office that it is just nerves regenerating. I thought maybe my PS left his cell phone inside my boob :) Whoops, there it goes again straight to voicemail.

Swelling has increased since removal of the drains and feeling like I have huge boobs again. I look droopy in my post op but optimistic that it is just swelling and part of the healing process. Still tired and needing lots of rest and knowing the healing is different for every woman. Still no regrets but maybe a little cabin fever setting in. I have my husband/caretaker for 4 more days, thank goodness!

Eating lots of fresh fruit, whole grains, yogurt,...

eating lots of fresh fruit, whole grains, yogurt, and drinking a ton of water. I am still not having a BM. Taking Colace again and a double dose of Senna tea. I have a history of IBS but it hasn't been this bad in a looong time. Pray for a poop 4 me ;)

I am taking Arnica and ate almost 2 whole fresh pineapples and not too bad with bruising but definitely some swelling. What can I say ladies? I am not happy with the size. I went back and forth with my PS and told him to make me small as possible but I still feel and look like I have huge boobs. I am glad to not have any serious complications (knock on wood) trying to count the blessings that I made it out of surgery and they are smaller but my PS didn't listen to what I wanted. I will eventually be happy because there is nothing I can do about it but make sure you and your PS are on the same page.

One week and I saw my PS today to have my stitches...

One week and I saw my PS today to have my stitches out. It kind of hurt so I am glad they are out and now I just have steri strips. I have one spot that is a little infected but my PS says I should just keep the area clean. I am using tea tree oil as I have found it amazing for small infections. I have minimal swelling and bruising and happy with my healing thus far. I really like my Hanes front zip sports bra and bought a 2nd one at Sears today for only $13.20. I put on a shirt I haven't worn in a year because the buttons stretch too much and now it fits perfectly.

I can't believe it has been two weeks. I had a...

I can't believe it has been two weeks. I had a small bad spot where there was a little bit of wound separation but I'm proud of my body and its amazing ability to heal. I just kept it clean and dry with a little tea tree oil after my shower and it has closed up. I haven't taken any painkillers in the last week and just Tylenol as needed which is mostly for my PMS right now. I still have the Steri Strips on and they are like a binky to me keeping everything together. My PS said I could take them off in another week if they don't come off on their own. I'm still getting used to the new me but no regrets about having the surgery. I still wish I was a little smaller as my shoulders and neck still ache a bit but I'm still happy. Had my first outing with friends yesterday and they all greeted me by looking at my chest. I am still getting tired if I do too much and a little hard to sleep still but amazed that is all I have after having a pretty big surgery.

I bought my first non-underwire, non-front closure...

I bought my first non-underwire, non-front closure bras today. I spent $57 and got 6 bras not $70 for just one. Mind is blown. I did too much today and my boobs have told me to lie down so I am. Phew. I still have all my underarm boobage so it is somewhat difficult to find good fitting bras. Warner and Olga are both great. Taking arnica again hoping to help with all my swelling. Incisions look good, still have steri strips on but I took one off yesterday and I think I will keep the rest on and just trim them down as they start peeling off because I peeled a little skin off (whoops). Otherwise sore, tired, but feeling good

Three weeks, no more tape. Wondering if I can...

Three weeks, no more tape. Wondering if I can start massage and scar treatment. What have you used?

The Neck Pain Persists

I hear all these amazing women who say that their neck and shoulder pain vanished once they woke up from surgery. Mine feels worse. I finally got some pain relief spray and that helps but I don't understand why it is still so bad after having about half of my breast tissue removed. Anyone else have this issue?

Four weeks, right is good left is catching up

Do y'all have a favorite post-op boob? My right is shaping out nicely and my left is still a little wonky but I'm not concerned. I laid down last and wasn't even thinking about it and I was on my side! I think I can be done with back sleeping with 7 pillows. Everything is a little sore, red, puffy, and itchy but I am taking all that as signs of healing. Slowly doing more but still getting tired. I am bloated again and that might be my IBS and have nothing to do with surgery. I somehow managed to interview and accept a job position since surgery and I start in 2 weeks. Perfect timing as the bills are starting to roll in. I see my PS on Wednesday and hoping he gives the okay to head back to the gym. Oh Pilates how I miss you. I obsessively did Pilates 8 months prior to surgery and it made life and my waistline a lot better post-op. I highly recommend it opposed to sit ups and it's fun (well I think it is). Love reading all of you stories ladies, keep up the good healing!

Excuse typo city above, I'm still not 100% :)

My English teachers would cringe.

1 month and 1 day post surgery

I saw my PS yesterday and he is amazed how well I am healing. I have made it my full time job to get well. He said I can resume most activities and then in 2 weeks I am free to skydive if I want. LOL, no thanks doc. I tried on some bras yesterday and was frustrated nothing fits. I am still really wide and have side boobage. I'm happy to have healed but wishing I had smaller boobies. I paid so much for this surgery that I am hoping a miracle happens and they shrink. I went back to Pilates today and got on the scale and it said 136 and I haven't been that slim since my 20's. Lots of good stuff just a little whining going on. :)

Almost 6 weeks

I made it to the threshold ladies. I took my first bath since surgery and it was lovely. I massaged my girls and everything feels soft inside so I think I am ready to get back to living with the new set. They're still not perky and flop into my arm pits when I lie back but a vast improvement. Hoping they stay where they are and don't drop anymore. The incision areas are still a little sore and my PS said to not waste my $ on scar creams. The scars are flat, thin and red so they should just lighten up but if they don't they look fine to me now. Got rid of all my old bras this past weekend. Hope to never see them again. Good healing to all of you!

2 Months, Hasta La Vista Big Boobs!

Well it is has been 2 months and not too much to say. My scars have puffed up and turned red and I am thinking about scar sheets even though my PS said they are a waste of money. What do you ladies think? Have you noticed that using them made a difference? I have just started putting some salve that I got from my new job called All Good Goop. It is like an all natural Neosporin and so far the girls are responding well to it. I went clothes shopping today and bought two summer dresses off the rack that I don't spill out of and a bikini top for $13. A bikini top??!! I'm 40 and can't believe I can get into one again. I have been bad about my diet and put on a couple pounds but getting back into a workout routine with a new job is tough. No one has noticed I had surgery but I was so good at hiding it. I know I am more confident now. Hope all you ladies are healing well and enjoy your new and improved bodies. I have no regrets!!!

3 Months Post-Op

I just went to see my PS for the 3 month post-op visit. He said my scars are better than average and will start to lighten up soon. I expressed concerns that he said small D even possible large C and I am probably a DD. He said there was nothing he could do to make me smaller. Still 100 times better than before, just wanted itty bitty titty committee membership. No real changes from two to three months in shape but the scars are starting to flatten out. I'm just using rose hip seed oil on the incisions, nothing fancy. Still having neck and shoulder pain but less than before surgery. With my 2K deductible and 20% coinsurance, surgery came out to about 3.5K. A small price to pay for a huge boost in confidence. Hope all you brave ladies are doing well!

Over One Year Later and New Surprises :)

So I decided to have breast reduction because my breasts were weighing me down. Although my doctor couldn't give my 40 year old frame 20 year old boobies, I was glad to go through surgery. No regrets. I had very wide breasts so there was only so much he could do.

My smaller breasts helped me get into shape and I lost 10 pounds while watching my food intake and doing a mix of belly dancing and P90X. I was looking so good my husband and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. Just as my 41st birthday rolled around, I found out I was pregnant with my first child!!! I didn't think I could get pregnant which is why I finally decided to have the surgery. I am still thankful for the surgery and glad that I don't have to carry large breasts and a growing baby in my belly. Just hoping i can breast feed and my midwife thinks I will be fine.

My scars are very dark right now due to hormones but I expecting my little baby girl in just 2 weeks. Let's hope she inherits my husband's side of the family to avoid my family curse and won't have to have surgery like I did.
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