I Was Young and Dumb and Certainly Paid for It ...Mentaly,physically,& Financialy

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I had Saline Breast Aug and Lift done 18 years ago...

I had Saline Breast Aug and Lift done 18 years ago in CA. Id always wanted a Ba since having my first child at 14.Maybe a Bcup went to D . Anyway i didnt research my dr at the time,truthfully never even heard of bad breast jobs EVER back then unless it was the silicone implants from 70s. Had another child at 16 wich didnt help my cow utter effect (I always said that) i wasnt the brightest but not the dumbest (or i thought) I got a flyer in my junk mailbox from a place called ASTHETIC CARE.Hope im spelling that right,In san juan capistrano ca.Anywayfast forward never new to get another consult or anything for that matter. Jumped head first for prociedure.Dr said he wouldnt do it if i didnt (pay) have a lift done at time cuz they wouldnt look right.Later i found out i didnt need it after all. Well sugery went great and for my first 7 days i was the happiest bitch you ever saw.I was massively swollen but didnt care.On day 7 the dr had me come in to remove my STAPLES. Yes all 47 staples.Well i left and all i can tell you is by day15 BOTH breasts incisions from bottom lift area all the way UP to my nipples had split open LITERALLY to the size measured 2 by 4 inches.By 15th day i had a almost keyhole look with open road rash appearence.I lost an 8th of a inch on one nipple.It died and turned black and fell out . Now yes i called him and went back panicked on day 8,9,11,and 15th.All he said at the time was your body is tryn to push a forine object out and once it stretched enough it would stop.It took 5days after my stapples were removed to completely be 2by4. Started at bottom of left breast lift site and noticed the night stapples removed that a white like spot almost like a cancor-sore in your mouth looks and roughly same size was getting larger and larger as if opening upwards.He said i was to worried just calm down.I had open road rash 2by4 open wounds that took 8 1/2 months to completely FINNALY close. 6times a day using micropore- vassaline gauze tape and standing in shower holdn my breasts so water could help me change the pads slowly falling off in my hands cuz keeping it clean was impearative. there was so much puss and it was like acid to my wound.Cryd more then i could desscribe.The most painful thing iv ever gone thru.AND IV HAD 3 children 2 vaginal 1 C-section. Anyhow at one of my visits day11 i told him night before something was poking out the wound. I never heard or new what it was,i assumed cat gutt stitches or disolving ones where used.Anyway it felt like a piece of strong fishing line. it stuck out about 8th of a inch and so he told me over the phone to grab it and try to pull it out. I tryed and let me tell you PAIN PAIN PAIN...Well i went in next morning and he simply sniped it and said stop whyning now.(Sorry folks my spellings s*** I know) So much to right from soooo long ago. Well eventually i healed and that first year was awful. id get muscle spasms in one breast kinda like a charlie horse and it hurt like son of a b****. My breast would stand right up hard like rock or missel LITERALY for 45mins sometimes more. Sure massaging might help but if your split open on both sides that much and that far massaging will only tare or resplit the skin. Well honestly theres alot in between and other stuff that went with that dr. ......Never had them redone or fixed.After all that happend a couple years pass and another child well my husband then hung my babys and then himself leaving me alone screwed up and thats why i never had them fixed back then.One thing after another and thats all i can say there...Fast forward today happily married with beautiful stepchildren and my babygirl now becoming a momma herself . And im 36years old. I can flex my pectoral muscles and it looks like some freeky wings or something. I want them redone and one size larger. I no my nipples look funnky but im cool with them but i dont think i need a lift.Any oppinions please..Im not rich by far and i cant afford the $10,000 jobs.... Any help on advice on who is a good dr would really help me.By the way come to find out i had my breasts done by a cosmetic surgon....Not a plastic surgon & i was his 3rd patient to practice on......Dumb i know now.I live in porter texas area or houston.....the pictures are from today.Thank you for listening to my drama


going in for another consultation tomorrow...nervous and hoping they wont crush me with cost like the last one did...praying! :-(

i keep tryn to update it to NOT SURE but it just keeps sayn error...

sorry ill keep tryn tho:-(

Well i had those consultations.....

im sorry i didnt post again but honestly i got so depressed i just sunk into a hole.Yes the consults went fine but still more $ then i was financed and ontop of that my husband threw a curve at me that if i wanted this done i needed to get a job and help pay for it.(Totaly understandable) except if youve red my story well youd know since i lost my family i didnt and hadnt worked since that time.Being 36yrs old tryn to compete with 18-25yr olds is a bitch.Seems all im qualified is for taco bell or burger king witch means ill be 90before im able to fix these things i call my nightmare. I even saw online theres actually a site you basically pimp yourself off on a webcam doing (YOU KNOW) and men donate a dollar or two to your account FOR BOOBS! That tripped me out ...lol Im not against it let me state that now,Im just married and older now so seeing that was a trip thats all.Well my husband wasnt going for that HA! HA!...So iv been a little depressed here lately. Seems soooo hopeless .Anyway i apologize for not reporting back after the consults.Iv just been a bit blue...Still hopefull tho that ill find a surgon . Just dont want another chop job...to dam painful and expensive.


Feeling defeated a bit ...but pushin through. Surviving basically ...its all iv ever known how to do anyhow lol....As i always say SHIT HAPPENS!....Hell never know i could win the lotto !!! :-D


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