IPL on Hispanic or Latin Skin Tones

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About 2 weeks ago I went to get a IPL treatment to...

About 2 weeks ago I went to get a IPL treatment to treat what was pointed out to me Rosacea from a Dr who has in the past done facial fillers for me. During that visit he noticed I had slight rosacea on my cheeks and around the the nose area and forhead area. He suggested the IPl and said I would benefit from it. So I went ahead and scheduled the Appt.

Day of I went in he discussed what he was going to do. conservative approach which meant low setting on the machine I think he said 16 or 17 beacause the procedure works better on fair skin than olve skin tones that should have been a sign. Well 2 weeks later the area treated is scarred with post inflamatory hyperpigmentation.

If you have olive skin DO NOT do this. It is not made for our skin type even if its on low setting which will not do a thing and will be a waste of money.

Overall im dissappointed with the result now i have to fix a problem i didnt have before from the procedure. Dr has been some what helpful with my out come and gave me Triluma to fix the problem. Wish i had not done this.

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