Bulges, Be Gone!

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Sooooo, I had coolsculpting done two days ago. and...

Sooooo, I had coolsculpting done two days ago. and I'm going to try to keep an ongoing update here for everybody to check out. The area's I had treated were the chin, back of the arms, lower abdomen and inner thighs. I'll update with pictures and progress soon. I am still sore and have some swelling.

3 Days Post-procedure: The Itch

Hi all. Still sore -- mostly my belly. But now I'm having some shooting numbness in the areas treated (no biggie). The thing that's driving me a little nuts is the itching feeling. My skin is still numb, but there's an itchy sensation that feels like it's inside the deeper layers, like, in the fat itself. Since my skin is pretty numb, it doesn't do a thing to scratch the itch from the outside, so I've been lightly massaging the spots that feel itchy. This seems to help get at the "inside" of the itchy feeling -- if that makes any sense. It's just a weird sensation to describe. Pretty annoying, but not the end of the world. Pics soon!

Day 4 Pics

Here is what I look like 4 days post. The areas I had treated (chin, inner thighs, lower belly, back of arms) have all gone back to normal size except for my chin which is still a tiny bit swollen. Still feeling numbness, weird itchy sensation, and tenderness (though much less than the first three days). Occasional shooting pains here and there, but they are pretty dull.

Day 11

Her are my updated results. My belly is actually looking more full than in the previous pics (due to period and bloating)... But you can see the chin and inner thighs already showing some improvement. I don't notice much difference on the back of the arms yet, but it's really too soon for anything drastic. More pics to come as the fat keeps melting away!

More details

Hi all,

Just wanted to give some more info about the aftereffects. First, in regard to the initial pain, yes there was pain during the massage after the treatment... it only lasts a few minutes and you will live. Yes, there are weird sucking and cooling feelings, obviously. It wasn't my favorite sensation, but again, you will live. The pain I felt afterward was minimal enough that I slept just fine, moved around just fine. It was not debilitating in any way. Some people report much worse pain, but this was not my experience at all. Today I am over two weeks post procedure and my treated areas are as follows:

chin: no pain, no swelling, no discoloration, almost no numbness at all.
back of arms: the tiniest bit of pain and numbness, no swelling etc.
lower belly: no pain, tiny bit numb, strangely... the inside of my belly button has been itchy and painful. No, I don't have a weird infection or anything -- this is definitely from the coolsculpting. I expect it will subside in time.
Inner thighs: no pain, very tiny bit numb.

As for the fat: It's hard to tell this early, but it does seem like the treated areas are already responding... I'll post more pics in a couple days. Hope this is helpful :)

Already seeing some results

Hi all,

I'm 20 days post coolsculpting and just want to post some pics for an update. You can already see how my chin and inner thighs have gone down. My upper arms are a little different too... I had to look at the angle of the fat coming into my armpits, but if you look close, you can see it's already reducing as well. The tummy pics -- not so much. My nurse said this would be the last area to start showing results, so I'm not worried. So far, so good!!

Fat keeps melting...

I'm about 4 weeks out from my procedure. No pain, still a tiny bit of numbness on the backs of my arms, the itch in the center of my belly is diminishing, chin and inner thighs feel completely normal. Here are my updated pics.

5 weeks post

more pics

Slightly bloated from pms...

6 weeks post

profile shots of lower belly finally starting to show some noticeable difference.

More results and NEW AREAS!

Hi all,

I'm about 9 1/2 weeks out from the procedure, and my results were looking so good that I actually went back to my Coolsculpting goddess, Serena, to have more areas done. The new areas are the inner knees and the outer thigh/ banana roll. The inner knee is an off label positioning, and the banana roll positioning was actually partially under my butt cheek and partially on my outer thigh instead of squarely under the butt cheek. Serena does off label positions (like the back of the arm, which I did the first time) and she does TONS of coolsculpting so I trust her to be able to capture the best spots for placement of the applicators. If you decide to go with an off-label placement, I suggest you really do your homework and make sure your facilitator has lots of experience with this...

That said, here are the updates on my first and second rounds:

First round: (9 1/2 weeks post)

-Chin: really improved
-Arms: it's almost impossible to see the results from the pics that I post... for some reason (I think it's because I always relax my muscles in the pics and my triceps just hang there) this position doesn't show how different they are. But I assure you, my jackets and shirts fit better and my arms are showing more definition. When they're down by my sides they look thinner for sure.
-Inner thigh: still improving. I have a thigh gap that I never had before and my jeans fit better.
-Lower belly: definite improvement! the only thing I'll say is that the fat seems to have reduced unevenly here... the right side is noticeably flatter than the left when I look down from above. However, this is not enough for me to say I wouldn't do it again. My results are still underway, so the final result will tell whether I need another round to even things out. BUT, there is definite reduction of fat all over the lower belly!!

Second round: (2 1/2 weeks post)

Inner knee: First, the inner knee was sightly uncomfortable during the procedure, but nothing I couldn't handle. Afterward, I had some numbness which is almost totally gone. I don't see any noticeable result here yet, but it hasn't been that long.

Outer thigh/ banana roll: My eyes could be playing tricks on me, but I think my results in this area are actually starting to show already. Plus, my legs feel a bit different in my jeans.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the result of the procedures. The different areas show the fat loss in different ways at different times, so I'd say be patient and just take good pics so you can see the progress. I'll keep posting updates!

***One of my pics won't upload (weird). If you'd like to see the other photos, you can message me and I'll try to get it out to you.
Joshua Korman

The nurse practitioner was great! She answered all questions, listened to what I wanted, had tons of experience doing the procedure, and had had it done on herself many times as well. She was super informative and helpful. Also, a Berkeley grad, so I was confident that she was researching all the most current info on the process.

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