Chin Implant - Round Face w/ Recessed Chin and Butt Chin

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Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 76 reviews
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I'm 25 years old and I always felt some type of...

I'm 25 years old and I always felt some type of way with my butt chin. I never hated it but I didn't mind spending money to make it disappear either. People always compliment me about them but I'm just like.. Thanks :) I started doing research and came across chin implant! I never knew such a thing existed. Especially the fact that they can help a recessed chin. If there was one thing I didn't like about myself, it would have to be my recessed chin. I always felt a little subconscious when I see a picture of my profile from the side. I always wanted that nice jawline and more shape to my round face.

La la la..

I honestly didn't want to write this review and thought it's a little embarrassing. I remembered it being a little difficult to find information so I wanted to be helpful to those that are looking into getting a chin implant. So here I am :) Anyways, I got my chin implant on July 23rd, 2015. It's been officially two weeks and 5 days since the surgery. No bruising, no swelling. No regrets!

I'm still going to write about my journey before my implant since I didn't get a chance to. I promise I will post pictures!

So I started stalking real self to find a doctor. I came across Dr. Chase Lay (from San Jose) on real self . He's very involved with real self! He answers a lot of questions about chin implants and he posted a video under someone's question. I decided to watch the video and I really like that he has and works with a lot of Asian patients so I felt like he understood how I felt (I'm cambodian, btw).

I contacted him through real self and waited for a reply ever so patiently. Two weeks later and no response.. but I didn't want to give up hope! I was on Instagram and searched #chinimplant and found Dr. Chase Lay's instagram! I said fuck it and decided to just DM him. He apologized and answered my questions then gave me his office's information if I do decide to schedule.

Breaking Down News to Boyf.

I have a butt chin. You can't really tell from the front but you can definitely tell from the side. A recessed chin AND a butt chin? Ugh, how annoying! Unfortunately, I don't have any before pictures of myself from the side that shows my butt chin :( Just one that I took in my room when I DM'd Dr. Lay but the lighting was bad so It didn't show..

Anyways, I told my boyfriend how I wanted to get a chin implant because it kinda will correct my butt chin (and the other reasons too). He was kinda mad at me and didn't support it at all because he said he loooooooves my butt chin and I'm beautiful and he loves me just the way I am.

That's cute. Still gonna get it tho! I kept talking about the surgery and how I really wanted it and when I should set up an appointment since I'm a full time student and a mommy. He saw that I really wanted it and said that he doesn't want me to do it but if that's what I really want then he will support it.

Before Surgery Pictures!

So the first picture is the one that I DM'd to Dr. Lay. You can see my recessed chin and weak jaw line. Can't see my butt chin too much from bad lighting.

Second picture is of me smiling with no teeth.

Third picture is of me not smiling at all (bitch resting face or what?)

And the last picture is of me smiling.
Y'all notice my round head though? Yeah, that gotta go! Definitely want a more oval, heart shaped face.

San Diego to San Jose.

My consultation date was in June 2015. Me and my boyf. got a rental and drove all the way from San Diego to San Jose. It was an 8 hour drive.

Dr. Lay is super cool and funny too! He has old school Cambodian music on his playlist haha interesring huh!? He explained to me the risks and all that stuff. He suggested a size small implant for a natural look since I got a small head. He suggested local anesthesia to get the implant in from a incision made under my chin. He told me that my butt chin will still be there but not as noticeable.

He said no alcohol two weeks before surgery date and no alcohol two weeks after surgery. He also said no shellfish two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Start taking antibiotics a day before surgery date and up until the bottle is empty. And take arnica tablets to reduce swelling and bruising (they work like magic). Oh yeah, pineapples and kiwi helps reduce swelling.

I drank a week before surgery date though because I was in Las Vegas for my girl's bachelorette party haha! Oh well, it is what it is!

More Smiling Pictures! (Before Surgery)

That no make up selfie in the middle tho.

Yay, more smiling selfies. I don't look bad at all from the front. But I look so ugly from the side! Need. Chin. Implant!

One More Thing.

I forgot to add that the procedure was actually $3,700 but since I am traveling, he gave me a $500 discount and only charged me $3,200. Sweet!

Skip to Surgery Date.

So my surgery date was on July 23rd. I ate three donuts before going in hehe. Took my antibiotics the night before. Took one the morning of. He gave me a pill so I can relax during surgery. The surgery was fast. It took 30 min - an hour. I looked so funny after the procedure! My face was so swollen and my chin was poking out. My best friend said I look like the crimson chin from The Fairy God Parents and my boyfriend said I look like Quagmire from Family Guy. Assholes! Haha. I couldn't even laugh. Or talk. Or eat. Sigh. I ate mash potatoes and overcooked ramen noodles fort the next few days. It hurts to put my mouth around the straw too :(

My boyfriend would always say GIGGIDY GIGGIDY when he entered the room and it started to make me sad because I felt ugly. And it started to make me regret everything and how I messed up my face. I started to Google because I was worried but a lot of doctors said swelling will last a week - three weeks and the final results of my face takes 2-3 months. So I had to be patient and just wait.

Hives ALL Over

Omg, I started to get an allergic reaction two days post op. I had hives ALL over. My face was extra swollen. I was so ugly.. I knew it was the antibiotics (amoxicillin) was the cause for the allergic reaction. Good thing I asked for a week off from work tho. I looked like shit.

Not to mention, I had finals the week after surgery week. It felt like the worst recovery ever. I hated my life so much! Doing homework and itching all over. Not cool. I stopped taking the antibiotics and took Zyrtek and contacted Dr. Lay. He sent different medications to CVS.

The two pictures above does not do justice. It was so red and only continued to get more red before it started getting better.

5 Days Post Op

I did not want to drive all the way to San Jose from San Diego just to have my suture removed. 8 hour drive to sit in the Dr's office for 5 minutes? Hell no! I called Dr. Lays office and told him that I'll find a doctor in San Diego to do it for me.

I went on Yelp and looked for cosmetic surgeons and spas that are five stars because I want nothing but the best! I called the first office I saw with 5 stars and told them I havea suture that needed to be taken out and I asked how much and the Dr. told me that she'll do it for me for free! How sweet is that!? Especially with all the stress from looking like quagmire, the hives, and finals! That was the first place I called too. So that was cool :)

The place is called FACEPLUS and it's located in La Jolla, Ca. Such a nice office with a wonderful staff! I still need to give them a 5 star review on Yelp.

The Dr. Told me that my chin is coming out nice and that I shouldn't worry about it. It all take time. Just be patient! And plus, it's only been 5 days. I know right. Sometimes I think too much.

7 Days Post Op

I still had hives all over my body but just less. Had hives around my cheek bones. I had to wear makeup though because I felt so hideous walking around like a red tomatoe. I was wearing shorts though Cus I live in San Diego! It's summer and it's hot. Shooo.

One Week Post op and it's still a little difficult to talk. I still had a big chin. I barely could smile with my teeth. I didn't even want to try because I looked so funny. My lips were crooked and it looked like I had an overbite. Not cute.

I started going to the gym one week post op because Dr. Lay told me to wait a week. I just did stairs for 20 minutes and a bunch of ab workouts. My hives made me so red from being all hot and sweaty but idgaf haha it's sexy time.

Up to Date! 19 Days Post Op

Yay! I'm up to date with my journey. It is 19 days post op! Today marks two weeks and five days. Almost three weeks! My hives are completely gone. That was so scary and it kinda traumatized me from future surgeries. I don't think I'm going to get anymore surgeries though. Just Lasik! And maybe when I'm old, wrinkly, and saggy.. But I'm Asian haha I will age gracefully *crosses fingers*

I can smile with my teeth now =D There are times where it feels weird but not too much. The weird feeling goes on and off. Oh yeah, my bottom lip was never numb. Just on my surgery date when they numbed me.

My face gets oily so fast now. I hope it's temporary and goes away once the healing is over! Here are some pictures 19 Days Post Op :) It's turning out so nice! I love it. Check out that jawline tho. I didn't have that before. And I don't have a round head anymore! And my butt chin is 98% gone! Same smile too ???? Laaaaahv it.

Almost 2 months update.

Hey loves! Just wanted to post an update. Here's some updated pictures of myself. I'm watching the chargers vs. lions game in bed right now. Let's go CHARGERS let's go!! Don't hate.

It's so hot ugh can't stand the weather in San Diego right now. Anyways, I'm just loving my chin. I catch myself staring at myself in the mirror a little longer haha! Conceited gang =P I don't feel the implant when I wiggle my jaw. It's like I never even got the implant! But there are times where there's very little discomfort. But I understand that I'm still healing and the tissues are still growing around the implant. I'm the type of person that likes to rest my chin on my arms but I'm too scared to do it now haha.

Pimple face

I'm so annoyed. I have like, 5 little pimples on my chin right now. When one goes away, another one pops up! How annoying. I wonder if it's from the chin implant.

Snapchat Selfie

Just posting a picture cu s I'm bored. No recessed chin! Woo hoo :)

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