I'm 23 years old with two kids - Tummy tuck - San Jose, CA

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Hello everyone..i had my consultation 5/8/13 with...

hello everyone..i had my consultation 5/8/13 with Md. vincent lepore in san jose ca....very friendly man ...i would really appreciate if anyone has had any procedures with him to please let me know your experience....my consultation went pretty good i was very excited but i keep on thinking or should i say second guessing my self if i should do it or not....i really want this im 23 years old with two kids a 3 year old and a 6 month old..im done having kids and would like to have my tummy how it was before having kids...i feel like an old old lady with lose saggy skin and dont really feel my age because i cant even show a little bit of tummy because it looks so bad...im very small girl im 5ft and weight 108lbs and with cloths on i look fine but people dont know whats really under my shirt...i feel really insecure about my tummy..i see girls my age wearing bathing suits and showing there tummy and im like wow they have a nice body ... i wish i was like them...i just want to feel comfterable in my own skin i fell so insecure and everyone who sees me tell me im crazy for wanting this that theres nothing wrong with me but im like you havnt seen me naked...i would really appreciate if anyone whos gone threw this would give me advice on it please

looking around

so im still looking around i have two other consultations for a tummy tuck in the bay area...i have one on may 21 2013 and another in oakland june 5th i hope i can finally chose the right plastic surgeon for me...

so confused

so far i cant decide on which surgeon im going to...so difficult for me to trust someone with my life...if anyone out there has any recomendations please let me know...im so lost anywhere in the state of california would be nice...thank you

Finally choose a doctor

So I had my consultation in Oakland with dr togba and it went great he was very informative and answered all my questions so now I'm jus waiting for time to go by faster so I can finally get my mommy makeover I decided to get implants silicon gel I'm between 250cc or 275 cc I don't want them to big cuz I'm so small so I can't decide

My mommy makeover before pics

I did it !!!!!!

So I had my surgery 1/16/14 and right now I'm about 3 days post op and I feel great it was totally nothing what I was expecting ...I was expecting this horrible pain And is so not you jus feel numb and with all the pain meds they give you your asleep most of the time.... I'm so glad I did it totally worth it so far... Let me tell you how it went the morning of my surgery I took a Valium to ca me down but I was still an emotional mess and was so fearful of surgery because iv never had surgery in my life .. So I went in and they made me change into a gown started my iv and gave me a patch to prevent nausea and they also came and gave me a shot to calm me down doctor came in Drew on me and I was still shacking from my nerves so gave me another one and I don't know what happen next I don't even remember getting on surgery table ... The next thing I know I'm awake with the nurse by My side... I was so drugged u don't really remember what happen but let me tell u for me it was not painful at all and I'm so glad I did it so far the things that have been helping a lot is a toilet seat riser a whole bunch of pillows and the walker I think very important the walker because your back is the one that's going to hurt you the most than the actual procedure ... I hAvnt been draining much I think it's probably from arnica Montana really recommend that ....

3 days post op

Well it's been pretty good so far jus got a little swollen on my eye lids and a bit warm like a fever from anesthesia also i hAvnt been able to do number two so I'm kind of worried about that iv been taking dulcolax and Metamucil but nothing yet.. So far the most discomfort is my back from hunching over and the drains ... They don't hurt but it's uncomfortable to have them and there hard to hide under your cloths... I can't believe how fast time has been flying by and this coming Thursday my drains will be coming out can't wait... Oh and also I finally opened my girdle so I can see what my tummy looks like I'm in shock and disbelief that that's my tummy I'll post some pics

4 day post op

Feeling much better everyday that passes by I can move more and walk longer periods of time...I'm really not using my walker anymore and I can almost stand all the way straight ... I hAvnt been draining much at all the most is like 1 ml in both drains wich is good...as for eating be really carefull you don't eat food with to much flavor or seasoning cuz that will give you nausea try to eat light simple food... One thing that's been helping me not get so nauseas is every time you take a pill either pain killer or vitamins make sure you have something.what feels really good to me is yogurt and jello...also today in the middle of the morning I woke up with a huge headache but other than that I'm feeling much better... I hope this helps I'll keep posting and keep updating

1 week post op !!!!

Well I got my drains taken out yaaaaa... I feel so much better already I feel free... Those thing hurt when my ps pulled them out they felt like a burning sensation but so glad there out... Everything is good But I'm a bit sad because I got a rash around my belly button so that dosnt look to nice ps said should get better he said everything is looking good and this Monday coming up he is going to take my belly button stitches out kinda nervouse for that.. So I asked him how long was I under day of surgery he said about 3 in a half hours and he said I had some muscle seperation but not to bad I had more extra skin around belly button.. So just looking foward to healing and for that damm rash to go away .... I hope I have a quick recovery as for you ladies as well ;)

Pics.. I have a bit of a rash on my belly button :(

Walking all the way up now !!! :)

So now I'm walking completely straight up which I started to about 1 week and 2 days post op. And what a relief my back was killing me from being hunch all the time. Really recommend buying heating patches for your back those really helped me. Monday I got my belly button stitches out didn't feel a thing since I'm still completely numb.. Ps said I'm healing pretty good and I asked him about my steri strips when I can take them off and untill my 3 week post op I can so I hAvnt been able to see my scar... I can't wait to look at it...oh and my rash around my belly button is finally starting to clear up...iv been butting just plain Vaseline originally what I was putting was an triple antibacterial ointment that they have given me at the surgery center and told me to be applying this on my belly button and I had an allergic reaction to it so I would recommend just buying one before surgery like Neosporin or something you know your not allergic to ... That's about it I hope everyone is healing great and I'll keep you girls updated :)

2 weeks post op !!!!!

So I'm finally two weeks post op and wow does it still hurt to sneeze... I feel like my abs are on fire and with all the force of sneezing feels like your going to pop a stitch... Well I'm still taking my post op vitamin formula which I believe has really helped me heal I ordered them online on makemeheal.com it's the only post op formula they have there ...there a bit pricy but totally worth it...I'm still swollen so can't wait for it to completely go away to see my final results.. I ordered my 2nd stage girdle so we will see how that goes... So I got a peek on my incision site and my ps is amazing the scar is so thin he did a really good job I love my bb and love how my scar is low... I'm going to have my 3 week post op next Friday and finally I will be able to put scar treatments ...can't wait

No Zzzzzzzs :(

Today has been the toughest out of the whole procedure ..... These past couple of days I hAvnt been sleeping much... It caught up to me today I was so stressed and running on no sleep and having to take care of two little ones my son is one and daughter 4 and there a hand full... My hubby is working since he couldn't ask for no more time off since he had already had when I was schedule to do the surgery the first time and couldn't do it because I was so scared and now I screwed myself over because he only stayed with me about a week after my surgery and have been doing everything bymyself ... He works graveyard shift so I'm stuck with kids day and night since he sleeps all day... I don't know if it's part of the surgery not being able to sleep but I need sleep... Maybe I should call my ps and ask if this is normal.. Anyone going threw the same thing ?

3 weeks post op!!!! :)

Everything going good!!!!

Today was my 3 week post op appt... Ps said everything is good I'm healing fast...I still have that rash on my belly button he said to use lightening cream to help with that he said it might take a while for it to go away and if not he will just laser it off.. So now he gave me the ok to use scar treatments for my scar and to massage it.. Also I can go to gym but only for walking or bicycle not much that I can do but something is better than nothing... He also said I can sleep in my side if I want to which I'm excited for because I always sleep on my side and having to sleep flat on my back is not very comfy...so now I can sneeze without it hurting so much I can twist better ..I'm more energetic not 100% but close...i can laugh without it hurting so much still does but very little..I wake up a bit soar in mornings on my upper abdomen but not to bad and my swelling still there but not as bad.. Also where my drains were there kind of sunken in I hope they go away because it dosnt look so nice anyone had the same thing? Hope this helps happy healing to ever one :)


8 weeks post op

So I can't believe I'm 8 weeks the first 6 weeks were the thoughest because I couldn't carry my son and time seemed to drag on... But once I hit 6 week mark I was happy to finally carry him... I started to hit the gym and just start to go back to my routine... Now I can say my stomach isn't really soar any more I still feel a little tight still have numbness and my scar gets itchy at times...I'm still not comfortable doing abdominal work outs ... But I can do squats lounges jump run spinning class pretty much anything else except ab workouts... My scar is still really red iv been using silicon strips and bio oil..also my scar Dosnt feel so thick anymore it's starting to really soften up...I'm still a bit swollen and after workouts makes it a little bit worse but overall I'm loving my results love the new me no regrets :)
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