Left with a Ghost of a Tattoo -San Jose, CA

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Several years ago I made the mistake of getting a...

Several years ago I made the mistake of getting a tattoo at a convention. Although I was pretty certain of what I wanted, I had not taken the time to size and place it properly and the end result was a tattoo that was not only too large for my small frame, but it was placed too far out on my shoulder and had mistakes that made it look ugly. After a few years I decided to get it removed. I was under the impression that it would be gone, and after a few treatments it seemed promising. However, after the later treatments made minimal change each time and I ended up giving up after between 25 and 30 treatments. (They had reduced the price with each treatment, so my later sessions only cost me $65 each. However, I still spent close to $3K for all of them.) I am now left with a ghost of my former tattoo, and every summer I dread wearing tank tops or going to the pool and fielding questions about what that strange scar on my back is. Granted, most people cannot tell that it was a tattoo, but others can see it and can tell me exactly what it was without my prompting them. I am now on a mission to get rid of it, some way. I was told by a tattoo removal doctor to try Fraxel, which costs about $1500. But, when I went to the Fraxel doctor, he said to try Excimer, which costs even more and requires 25-50 treatments. So, next on the list is Derma Needle Roller and Red LED light therapy. If these don't work, I'll get a cover up.

Week one with derma roller

I've been using the derma roller for one week, in hopes that it will help minimize the scarring or at least help blend the pigment so that the outline is not so noticeable. So far, there's no change (which I certainly didn't expect in this short amount of time.)
I wanted to add this photo, since it's a of my full shoulder, so you can see more of the problem. Although nearly all the pigment is gone, you can still clearly see what was there.
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon

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