"Dr. Lay Lift" W/ Fat Grafts, (SlimLipo to Face As Well As Body) - San Jose, CA

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Goals: I desired tightening my lower face. I had...

I desired tightening my lower face. I had a small “waddle” under my chin, lower facial laxity, deep nasal labial folds, and a square facial shape caused by fat/skin. This was genetic and has been that way since I my mid 20’s. I tried Venus Freeze over a year ago. It had such minor results I couldn’t quite be sure it did anything.
One surgeon that I spoke to about the issue examined my jowls and told me that he saw the “deformity” (actual word choice. Ow). He told me that it was enough to be noticeable but it wasn’t bad enough to merit a lower face lift. He said that chin lipo would leave me with loose skin and Ulthera would give minimal results. He finished by telling me there was nothing that I could do about it until it worsened in about 10 years. I went home feeling pretty crushed. And although maybe he was right…I thought that maybe there was another way.

I came back on Real Self researching “jowls” and looked through the questions section. I found a few responses from Chase Lay. I was particularly interested in his “Dr. Lay Lift” which is a laser-assisted-lipo chin/neck lift whereby any excessive fat is removed and a second laser tightens the skin.

Dr. Lay’s before and after photos are very impressive . He manages to change the shape of the face by using lipo-sculpture and it looked natural. He had numerous stellar reviews, mostly for eyelid surgery. I searched other sites and found more of the same. He’s board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and has won Top Doctor on RealSelf in numerous areas. We had a Skype consultation. He was very personable and interested in what I wanted. I had looked at some other doctors but I felt Dr. Lay was going to give me the best results with the least amount of damage.
There is a lot of rhetoric on RealSelf about whether or not SlimLipo can give satisfying results to people with my kind of goals. However he felt that I was a good candidate for his procedure. The fact that he has the ability to give me an actual facelift but still felt the “Lay Lift” would work gave me some confidence in his position. So I put my faith in him and went for it.

In addition to the facial contouring, I also requested fat grafts. I wanted a refreshed appearance and hoped the fat would assist in giving me over of the coveted "inverted triangle" or a heart-shaped face, where my face would narrow towards the bottom.
I opted for SlimLipo on my upper arms, armpit area and inner thighs. We also did the full abdominal area. And finally he injected some fat into a collapsed muscle on my thigh. He said fat tends not to fill dimples well but we didn’t do it for aesthetics, that collapsed muscle sometimes ached and he was attempting to break up some of the scar tissue in hopes it might offer some relief.

Surgery Experience:
I drank little water but ate normally. I was to be a little dehydrated to help absorb excess saline that would be used in the procedures. There was no waiting upon my arrival. The staff was cheerful and the doctor was relaxed and confident. He made his markings and we moved into the OR. As odd as it is, I would have to say that the operation was a pleasant experience. I was under local anesthetic and given a mixture of pain medication and Benedryl that was very comfortable for the procedure. I do have a lot of experience with painful, aggressive sorts of beauty treatments so I may have fared better than most.
So for a breakdown of the events, it went like so:
o Cleaning body parts.
o Small injections all over in all the body parts that would get work done.
o Bigger injections on areas that were getting Lipo done.
o Chin, slimlipo and then arms and legs. Belly first traditional lipo for fat harvesting and then slim lipo for aesthetic results.
o Fat grafts
Surgery lasted 5 hours and that proved to be longer than I thought. My body wore out and I began falling asleep at the end and that made me panic a bit. I was glad it was time to stop when it was. I was pretty out of it for the rest of the evening but all I had planned was resting for a few days.

My recovery has happened as Dr. Lay described. I tried to stay in bed for the first couple of days and followed the directions near perfectly. I should have iced my eyes sooner, that was my only real misstep. I ended up with a little fluid under one eye made the fat form into a lump. But massage worked that out.
My face became very fat as fluid collected in addition to the fat injections. I had little strength in any of the places where the skin tightening laser was used. My mouth didn't open wide enough to eat a normal bite of food. Speaking was a challenge (which was fine since I was to keep expressive talking to a minimum to protect the fat). Dr. Lay advised me on how to reduce the swelling and massage the lump under my eye and my responses were positive.

This is not an instant gratification type of procedure (But I knew that)!

I am now at 2 weeks and I feel like I look normal. I look younger and my jaw is shrinking from it's swollen state. I expect to see the main results by the end of the month and the facial tightening will show results at 3-6 months.
My body is looking so Hot! There is very little lumpiness and he took out just enough.
I would be happy with where I am at right now... so I am excited to see what might come!

Pre-Surgery Video

Taken Sept 30, 2013
In this video I show the problem areas of the face and discuss desired changes.

First Days of Recovery

These are the first few days of recovery. I felt hideous... thank heavens it got better from here.
I was swollen and my face looked very full.

Face starts to look better... slowly...

I had became a little anxious over the results and contacted the doctor. My jaw was huge and I felt like I was wearing a mask. He assured me that it would be fine and told me to leave the compression off more. The outcome was exactly as he said it would be.
The swelling in the jaw reduces each day. The swollen knot under my eye slowly releases and is much less noticeable. My face looks sometimes radically different as I make adjustments to the aftercare routine (massaging, arnica, compressing/removing compression).
My body looks great and I'm waiting to see how the compression resolves minor lumpiness.

Almost 3 weeks and I'm a happy girl!

More progress as before. Everything is going exactly as the doctor told me and I feel awesome!

Day 26

under chin and jaw is loosening up, swelling is almost gone

Day 31!

Still happy with my progress. The chin swelling is almost gone and my new jawline is giving me more confidence.
The strength in my mouth is returning slowly, in the timeline that I was informed that it would. I can't wait to have my smile back 100%.
The arms are still sensitive from the lipo, but it's very tolerable.

Photo update (for side by side comparison)

Noticed that using the elastic while I sleep isn't a strong enough compression. I may wear full strength chin compression during daytime breaks and use the elastic at night.
The other was making my face a little crease-y.
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lay is easy to talk to and confident in his skills. He's an artist and knows what he's doing. I was willing to travel from Austin TX and I'd do it again! Thank you Dr. Lay!

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