29yo, 5'3.5, 130lbs, Athletic, 250cc MP silicone - San Jose, CA

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I have been dreaming of having breast augmentation...

I have been dreaming of having breast augmentation since I was in high school, when I realized that I would no longer develop larger than an A-cup. The biggest I ever was, was a small B-cup and that was because I packed on the dreaded "Freshman 15" in college. I lost all that weight and more and, of course, my breast fat was the first to go. Ever since then, I have been athletic (running, weight lifting, cycling, etc.). Through diet and exercise, I have been able to have somewhat control of how my body looks, except for my breasts. Believe me, if there was an exercise to make my breasts larger, I would be all over it!

I come from a strict family, with a loving mother who would never approve of me getting plastic surgery. Before I couldn't bear to think what others, especially my family, would think if I got breast implants. I thought I could live with small breasts and use push-up bras and avoid low-cut tops. But now, as an adult, I'm beginning to not care what others think. They don't know how it feels to be me. Until now, when I look in the mirror, I'm still as embarrassed to look at myself as I was in high school. I hate the way I can't fill into cute dresses, lingerie bras, tops, or swimsuits. Most of the time, padded bras look so obvious: the illusion of large breasts with no cleavage. It totally kills my self-esteem. I know that no one is judging me for having small breasts, but I hate how I'm not confident in my own skin.

Luckily, I have a fiancee who doesn't care about the size of my boobs and makes me feel beautiful regardless of my own insecurities. He is very supportive and tells me that I don't need plastic surgery.I am doing this totally for one person, myself. As far as my family is concerned. I decided that I'm not going to tell them because of the negativity that I don't need. I'm only telling a handful of people. People I know who will be supportive.

I've always known that I would eventually get BA. The only questions was when? Now that I'm older, have a stable income, and since I'm getting married next year, I have decided that now would be a good time. With the help of Real Self I have learned a lot about BA, options, and physicians. It would be amazing to look gorgeous and feel confident in a sweetheart-cut wedding dress with tasteful cleavage!

So far I have three consultations scheduled and hopefully, I'll be able to confidently choose an experienced plastic surgeon and have a date scheduled in the next few months!

Thanks for reading and cheers to breasts that make you feel 100% YOU!


Here are some pictures of what I would love to have. I definitely don't want anything too big for my frame. I'm hoping for a full C-cup. Maybe small Ds, but I shall refer to my surgeon for their opinion. From my research of girls with a similar physique as me, it looks like 300-400cc would put me in the C-D cup. Is that right?

As far as the types, I'm looking at silicone (not sure what type of profile yet), with an inframammary incision. Although, I'm kind of interested in the transaxillary incision. I'm just not sure how well of a scar that would leave and if it would be more difficult to recover from in regards to going to back to exercising and lifting weights. Does anyone have any experience with transaxillary incisions?

Otherwise, I'll leave it up to my future surgeon to help me decide!

More wish boobs

Maybe a tad smaller than these.

Surgery is scheduled!

I finally went to all my consultations!! I saw 3 plastic surgeons in my area who were all recommended by friends/family. All of them are board certified, have good reviews, and have years of experience.

I thought I wanted to be a full C-cup, but after all my consultations and getting measured it seems that I might not even hit a C-cup, if what they say about 150ml equals a cup size is accurate. 2 out of the 3 surgeons I met with said that my nipple to infra-mammary fold length was short. That, coupled with my little breast tissue and tight skin (since I haven't had any children yet) means that they are unable to fit a larger implant safely. 2 of the 3 surgeons said they wouldn't put anything larger than 285cc without increasing the risk of complications. The other surgeon said he could fit up to 350cc without a problem, but I didn't end up going with him.

I was thinking about what size I really want to be. I am athletic and really active. I like to go hiking, mountain biking, and practically live in a sports bra. I don't have much breast tissue right now, so it's pretty easy being active, but I don't want to look like a pre-teen anymore. After thinking about this thoroughly and discussing it with my fiance, we both thought it would be just fine to go under 300cc. I think I'd be more comfortable having a smaller size. Also, since my family doesn't know about me getting BA, it would make it easier to disguise. At this point, any size I get will be bigger than what I currently have, so I shouldn't really stress over the numbers. After doing so much research, I've been caught up with seeing numbers over 300cc. My plastic surgeon told me not to pay attention to that since everyone's dimensions and situations are different. I never realized how many factors there were in choosing an implant and also how many choices of implants there are.

I ended up choosing Dr. Jerome Liu who is based out of Campbell. He is a very down-to-earth guy and said he was giving me options that he would pick for his wife or daughter. That stood out to me. Due to my measurements and little breast tissue, he recommended a 245cc anatomical textured implant. I did some research and decided that I wanted more upper pole fullness and thought that a round implant would be best. He said he could do a round, 285cc implant, but it would have to be textured, not smooth. Does anyone have any idea why? If it has to do with decreased risk of capsular contracture, does that mean I have an increased risk? There's not much reviews about textured round implants. I guess I'll get all these questions answered at my pre-op appointment.

My surgery date is August 11! I have 2-weeks off from work, even though he said I only needed to take off 4-days, but my profession has lifting and pulling involved, so I thought more days off wouldn't hurt. I am super excited to try on wedding dresses with my new boobs!

I attached some photos from all my consultations with the different sizes.

Wish boobies

1-day post-op! Surgeon ended up giving me 250's!

I meant to update yesterday after my surgery, but I was too woozy. I am feeling more coherent today, so here goes!

Yesterday, I arrived at my PS office at 11:30am so he could do the markings. Previously, he said that he would bring in multiple sizes and see which one looks the best in the OR (250cc to 285cc). I thought that was a good range, because I didn't feel comfortable in 300cc, so anything less would be perfect. I had been flat my whole life and really didn't want anyone to know that I had breast augmentation, not even my parents. Only a handful of people know.

After that, we drove literally 1/4 mile to get to the surgery center. Everyone was super nice there! My surgery got pushed back 45 minutes due to a late surgery in the morning, but I didn't mind. I just caught up with my celebrity gossip in People Magazine.

Before they rolled me into the OR, the anesthesiologist gave me a little something via IV and I immediately felt super relaxed and I was told I was really chatty. Lol. In the OR, the anesthesiologist asked me to countdown from 10 and I remember counting down to 7 and then I was knocked out.

It literally felt like I went to sleep for 5 minutes, the I woke up with boobs. My fiance was there when I woke up and he said that I was really talkative, too. All of the recovery period was a blur. I barely remember getting into the car. I was home by 5:30pm. At that time my pain wasn't bad at all. The nurse gave me more Fentanyl IV before I had left.

I just had jell-O and some broth. I didn't experience any nausea or anything. I took my pain meds even though I wasn't in much pain at the time. I'm glad I did because overnight, I was in so much pain. I only took 1 tab of Oxycodone, but I recommend starting with 2 in the beginning. I am currently taking 2 tabs (10mg) of Oxycodone and Valium 2mg and it helps a lot. I really don't want to be constipated so I am, also, taking 3 caps of Docusate Sodium in the morning and Milk of Magnesia at bedtime. With all the pain, I do not want to be constipated whatsoever. Hopefully, I can start taking plain Tylenol soon. We'll see how that goes.

I, also, started walking for 15 minutes last night before I went to bed. It was a super slow pace and I held onto my fiance for support. My surgeon recommended that I do that 3x a day for 15 minutes without raising my heart-rate to prevent blood clots in the legs. In addition, I bought some compression stockings to wear in bed. (I'm a nurse and I've seen lots of complications post-op, so I guess you can say I'm paranoid, LOL).

I have my first post-op appointment today and they will be taking off the bandages and I can start icing and massaging. That's going to be interesting because I feel like a truck ran over my chest. So I'm probably going to have quite the experience massaging them, but I know that's really important. So excited to see them! I am praying for a good recovery, free from any complications.

Oh yeah, he ended up giving me Sientra 250cc, smooth, moderate profile, under the muscle, with an inframammary incision. And I think that's the perfect size for my active lifestyle!

Post-op pics of my petite implants! Love them so far!

250cc, sientra, silicone, smooth round, submuscular

1 month post-op

I am finally one month post-op and I am loving my boobs. I haven't worn a bra in one month becausey PS doesn't want me to wear one for 2 months. If my skin elasticity and measurements would have allowed me to, I would have probably gone a little bigger. I haven't been formally measured, but I think I'm a 34 full B-cup. My skin is still super tight, so I really don't think he could have stuffed more CCs in there unless he dropped my crease more. Other than the size, which I'm pretty limited to, I am absolutely pleased with my results and with Dr. Liu.
I feel completely natural with the size. No one can tell that I got a BA. And they look pretty good in a sports bra, which I practically live in.
As far as recovery, besides the first night, everything has been pretty smooth sailing. I only had pain for the first 2 days and after that I switched from Oxy to plain Tylenol. I did a lot of icing and took arnica pills, as well. One thing that is really important is the massaging. I am extremely paranoid with getting capsular contracute, so I have been religiously massaging them 3 times a day.
The only thing that I was frustrated with was that I wasn't able to work out. I did some light lower body weight movements and a lot of walking. I had my 1 month post-op appointment yesterday and he cleared me to fully workout. Yay!! Basically, he said "if it feels weird, don't do it".
I posted some pics and they are really petite implants and I have a gap between my breasts because of my natural anatomy, but my side boob is excellent! Can't wait to finally wear bras!
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