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I have known since I was ~14 years old and a 32C...

I have known since I was ~14 years old and a 32C that I would someday need a breast reduction, and here we are! At 5'8" and 125 lbs I am carrying a full size 34DD/34DDD set of breasts, and ready for some relief! My shoulders ache daily from my bra straps, my neck/back worry me that I will be a hunchback old lady from having my center of gravity shifting my posture inward/over. I try to maintain regular workouts but know my limitations (no running) because of the weight of my breasts. Not to mention the psychological impact that having large breasts have had over the last decade of my life! I am ready to make this happen, I have really done my research in the last year and done a handful of virtual consultations and in person consultations to find the right plastic surgeon. I've been working with a plastic surgeon that I thought would be great since last June, 2014. They were helping me seek insurance coverage from Cigna, but it has been denied and the appeal also denied. Frustrated with the doctor's office's lack of response/follow up/follow through (I mean, we have been working on this for 9 months! Certainly not because Cigna takes THAT long!) I decided to seek another plastic surgeon's opinion. The doctor thinks I fall into this category that insurance will not recognize, because I am not "overweight" enough for the schnur scale. The doctor said that if I were shorter, coverage would be a no brainer. But because of my frame size, they think I am just in need of a lift and not suffering from the weight of things. Let's mention that the Schnur scale was invented in the 1980's, and is still in full play with ALL MAJOR INSURANCES today. So a decision tree invented 25+ years ago is what is determining my breast reduction coverage in 2015. Mind blowing, huh? In addition to this, we got the last doctors notes and discovered what was submitted to the insurance company was not comprehensive enough and so we are trying one last time, with an appeal to Cigna's external review board. I will let you know how that goes!!! I have done a lot of research before having this procedure. It is so important to do your research on something so big!! This site has helped me a lot. Something that I really can't get over is how the insurance companies have structured their determination of coverage. It is incredibly dated. Anthem BC BS, Cigna, etc are all following the same set of standards (hoops really) for covering the procedure. The #1 thing that I think is complete and utter crap from them is that they will not consider any mental/emotional turmoil in determining if you need this procedure. For me those are just as difficult things to deal with as the physical problems my large breasts present. How can they demean all that us women have been through by stating they won't even consider looking at that information - so don't even present it or mention it to your plastic surgeon? I can't understand why mental health is not important. As far as I can tell the insurance companies just go by the Schnur Sliding Scale and mark off that you have complaints of some back pain and then make a determination. For anyone who's body is unique and can't be well represented on a scale, well, tough cookies! You get to pay for your procedure out of pocket! I would love for a lawyer to take on these insurance giants and fight for new governing of breast reduction coverage to bring this decision tree up to 2015 and out of the dark ages!!!

Photos! 34DD waiting for insurance to approve Breast Reduction

This site has been so helpful for me, I don't want to hold back in sharing because I know how much we get out of hearing each others stories, so I am posting my "before" photos. Excuse the tan lines, wow they are bad! I'm 5'8" and in the pictures about 125lbs (Today I'm about 5 lbs heavier, how did that happen...). My right breast has always been slightly smaller, a 34DD, and my left breast is a 34DDD -- they get squished into a 34DD! I always have a little oozing over the top of my bra on the left side :) My initial plastic surgeon I thought I'd be going to said that they would also do a little lipo right at the breast/underarm area, where if my arms are down you can see a little fat on each side. I guess that is also in part breast tissue.

I really want to be a small breasted person, with little boobs! So done with big boobs! The worst part for me is always the shoulder/neck pain. At the end of the day my shoulders can't take the weight of my bra straps trying to hold all this up! Oh, anddddd....under boob sweat. It is incredibly embarrassing! I'm in the habit of powdering the area after a shower to keep it dry!!!

I have had "boob envy" for so long over friends who are small! However, it is so hard to imagine what it will look like on yourself, so I find myself searching on here to see if I can find someone of the same height/weight/desired bra size and get a visual of what it looks like! I told my PS I would like to be a medium sized B cup, which he said is possible!! Now could all the 5'8" 130lb 34 B cup ladies please stand up?? J/k :) If anyone has suggestions on how to decide what size is right for you, let me know! I really feel it is a B cup, but I haven't known what it felt like to have B's since my very early teens!

Insurance Approved! 34DD/DDD Breast Reduction

I received great news that Cigna is FINALLY approving my breast reduction! I had been denied coverage, and denied again after I'd appealed. I was working with a new PS on an appeal to Cigna's external review board when I got a surprise call from my employers benefits department.

Weeks ago my PS suggested that I contact my HR/Benefits coordinator and see if they have an advocate who works closely with our company's insurance provider that would persuade Cigna to cover my BR. I was shocked that they called me back, told me they had all my records from Cigna's denial and would review my request ASAP! Within a few days, my benefits director had agreed to overturn the denial & had contacted Cigna asking them to approve the BR in their system and reverse the denial! I am thrilled that my doctor suggested this path to me!!! This is the best news!!

Scheduled my breast reduction surgery!!

I am totally excited - surgery is July 9th :) I really want to be a B-cup!! I am working on getting pictures to bring my surgeon, wish pics! I have about 8 weeks until surgery so I want to focus on eating healthy & losing some extra bits (I picked up some job is very stressful, I swear it is like a bread crumb trail straight to caffeine & sugar!). If I can lose around a week I will be there! So grateful this surgery is available to me, I'm ready to have my life changed by it!!

Bikini pain with heavy breasts

After spending an hour at the pool, my poor neck can't take it anymore! Check out the picture of how badly my neck gets dug into from wearing a bathing suit! I had a headache for hours after. One if the things I won't miss once I have my surgery!!

More "before" photos, 34DD/34DDD

Posting a few more before pictures. I can't wait to get these heavy things off me!! Focusing on eating healthy to build up my immunity for post surgery to go smoothly. I picked up a pair of button down pajamas for my recovery, and am looking for the right pillow to help me sleep on my back as comfortably as possible (I hear that's a requirement for a little while after surgery!). 5 weeks to go!!!

Professional Bra Fitting: Shocked!!

Okay, I have been meaning to get a professional bra fitting ever since it was suggested to me by ssporthorses (fellow member on Real Self!). After reminding me I finally went last night, to a real professional, not in the mall or at Victoria Secret! As promised, I am shocked! I wear bras that are either a 34DD or DDD, no they aren't comfortable but I never ever ever would have thought I had the size wrong. I remember when Oprah had a episode on her show urging women to go get a professional bra fitting, years ago, and I went to a Victoria Secret and measured a 34D. (As you know, the Oprah show hasn't been on in years, and I haven't been a D in years either!)

I was astounded to hear I measured a 32E cup!!! In total disbelief I tried on bra after bra, in a 32E, full well knowing I wasn't going to buy one (one month until BR surgery!), but I had to know if it was true! They all fit!!! So comfortably too, I mean, I considered 'shoot why not get one for the next few weeks?' If only I had done a professional fitting years ago and been that much more comfortable in my bra. It wouldn't change that I am ready for a breast reduction, but it would have made some difference in my daily comfort! I even tried a strapless bra, and it stayed on! I have not ever been able to wear those before! Thank you so much for suggesting seeing a real professional for measurements, I truly was shocked! :-)

Now I'm concerned my dreams of being a B cup will be out of the question :/ but my surgeon said it would be possible when we first met, and it's not like I changed breast size, just bra size!

You Tube video announcing breast reduction - Reactions we can all relate to!!!

I don't know if this will work, but here is a link to a YouTube video clip from the TV show "New Girl" where Cici talks about getting a breast reduction now that she has insurance! Try copying/pasting it in your web browser for a laugh :-)

Surgery went well yesterday!

I'm a little loopy still on these meds, but surgery was yesterday and I am just curious to see how things look when swelling subsides!
I don't remember anything from the time I layed on the surgical table to when I got home! I had a quick follow up today and he said the procedure went wonderfully!! He said he did not make me a pancake, so I have some nice cleavage that he left, but he got me down to a size B cup! I'm on the "I'll believe that when I see it" attitude, lol! I'm bruised and swollen and with the lollipop incision things look so funky at first I can't visualize how it will look in a few days. I don't even want to take a pic of how they look today, I just hope they look more normal tomorrow! My pain is okay as long as I keep on schedule with the pain medication. I've been icing a lot, that feels good!
Overall, he said they removed like 260 or 270 grams (or is it cc's)? from each breast. That a lot less than we discussed so I feel a little nervous to see if it's small enough?
Having a tough time getting out of bed, my arm is so sore I have avoided pushing off with it - it's bruised underneath- so my abs are doing all the work, and they are starting to get sore! Anyway, I am so glad I did this and so eager to see my awesome results and heal more!

3 days post op!

Today I am more with it, lowered my medicine strength and finally got to poop!!!! Not nearly enough but I have been so backed up!! I take colace 3x daily and fiber powder 2x daily. You would think Id have no problem-ha!
I have brushing and swelling. Arms sore but a little better than yesterday. I am so fretting over the shape!!! Haven't shown a soul. I hope the shape gets better - eek!! I feel like frankenboob! I also hope I lose a touch more in size-maybe when swelling subsides? I'm BRAVELY sharing pictures!!! So bloated from not pooping, and I am so unsure of these boobs and the shape..?

6 days post op

I feeling kind of let down :(
I really have, for years, wanted to be a b cup. Yearned for it, loved the look of people who have B's. And I thought I was going to get them! But this is by no means what I wanted, I don't know the size but I know it's more than I want. I am still healing, and my breast shape hasn't even changed - tissue is supported to "drop" into position.
So I know this will change some, but I'm not hopeful it will be what I was looking for :( I know,what a negative post. On the bright side, I have lost a lot of fullness! I haven't tried any clothes to see if they look different-the dr left a lot of "good cleavage" which I am thinking means I won't have a huge change in how clothes fit?
I have a post op visit in two days, and I need to tell my doctor how I feel. Without offending him! I bet this sounds crazy, but I want him to tell me he will go back in and remove more!!

Day 6 Post Op

More photos! Oh and great news I finally have been able to poop!! No more heavy meds, feeling more like myself now that I am not so groggy :)

Almost 2 weeks post-op!

Well, I have had good intentions of updating this more often, but it didn't happen! The last post I was feeling pretty low-spirits, but since I have been slowly climbing higher and happier :)

I saw my doctor for 7-day post op, and he said all looks good and removed the tape. I didn't feel a thing, the area was just so numb still, so that was good! All my stitches are dissolve able, although I can feel one that is driving me nuts and I wonder if he migh have to pull it next time I see him. I told him I was still feeling pretty big in size, and he assured me of all the reasons he made me the size I was and after understanding that I felt a smidge better. Or at least I felt like I had to start reasoning with myself that this needs to be my size, and I should be grateful. And after gaining back some ability to move my arms without pain, I have tried on a few things that made me see the size difference and do a happy dance!!! I am still watching as they do change size/shape every couple days, and it is exciting!
My wounds on one side look great, but I have a lot of tape glue on still, haven't been brave enough to scrub it off.

The only thing that is a real pain for me is sleeping on my back! I tried to sleep on my side for like a half hour today, no way Jose! I had gone to this store, "Relax the Back" and they let me loan out any pillows I wanted for up to 2 weeks. I got their full body wedge pillow and the one for under your knees. It worked amazing!! I had to return it yesterday. I was going to see how I did without it, before dropping $120.00 for the wedge pillow. And I figured I could go back to side sleeping soon too...nope!

Hmm what else...I have been able to drive okay, no pain except I find myself holding the seatbelt so it doesn't touch me! I have felt so much hypersensitivity the last two days it even makes my bra hurt. It seems a little better today.

Thank you for all then encouragement & kind words!!!

3 weeks post op

In the last week I have felt a lot of hypersensitivity in my nipples which is no fun! There were two days that were the worst, and I hope it is behind me now, but I continue to feel a lot of sensation. I can only describe it as a burning feeling, like a rug burn along my incisions. It sucks (But I still am loving my smaller boobs!) Last night as I went to bed I had it so strong that I couldn't sleep and so I put ice on just to numb the area so it would "chill out" :) I'd love to know if anyone else has felt this? I know people get "zingers" but I don't know if that and this are one and the same? It feels so much like a rug burn. I guess I haven't seen anyone describe it that way so I sort of wonder if I'm having some other problem...but everything seems A-okay!!

My incisions look great, they are healing up and only a few places left where the scab still covers the wound! Woohoo!

I'm watching my left breast take shape, as it appears to be a little heavier and my PS mentioned it may need a small revision to round it out.

I notice that my posture is still on autopilot and I have to actively correct it-my one shoulder still is held higher to compensate for the extra weight I had with my lopsided boobs! I'm looking forward to being active again -comfortably-I swear sometimes even walking feels like it puts too much pressure on my incisions and they start to burn!

32E, had a breast reduction, 1-mo Post-Op a 32DD?!

To start, my boobs feel wayyy better this week as far as pain goes, and my incisions look 98% closed! :-)
Well today I felt up for trying on some bras to see what fits, even though I know it's too soon to buy because of the swelling I will have in the first 6 months post op. So I started at Victoria Secret, and got measured. I measured a 32D. I started out a 32E. I have been feeling that I am still a large breasted woman, but that the surgery took off the excessively large breasted woman part! Unfortunately I have always wanted small boobs. To match my small frame. I was a little pissed off that the 32D cups fit. That is not small! It takes a lot of effort to go through reduction surgery so it would have been nice if my surgeon had listened to me and my wishes the first time...but it's looking like I will be facing a 2nd surgery to get what I wanted. Total bummer.
I don't expect to be swollen two cup sizes and magically become a b or even a c in 5 months.
Anyway, I went to another lingerie store to get a second fitting because Victoria's Secret has a bad rap for not knowing how to use a measuring tape or size their bras correctly...and it was worse! This was a surprise. I was fitted with a 32DD! What the heck :(
My follow up is not for another week. If anyone has suggestions on how to discuss this with my plastic surgeon, please suggest away!!! I don't know how to start :/
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