5 months post op! 425 HP Silicone - San Jose, CA

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So to give you a little background. I am 5'8" and...

So to give you a little background. I am 5'8" and about 130lb. I am a mother of 2 and breastfed both my children. Pre pregnancy I was a perky sold 36B (not huge but like them). After 2 kids 14mo apart they are now barely a 36B more on the A side, but I refuse to buy an A cup. Ever since having kids and after breastfeeding them I realized I wasn't happy with my breasts. Kind of lost my sexy feel. As this is something that has been bothering me, my husband gave me the awesome news of "lets do this". I was beyond excited. So next came all the research. I can say I am pretty much researched out.

I went to my 1st consultation last Wednesday. My husband went with me and I went in knowing I wanted a small D/full C, armpit incision, and saline implants. With all the research we did, I actually left my consultation in love with my PS and thinking my original decisions wouldn't be for me. I tried on the sizer and left looking at a 425cc or 450cc.

After more research and a million picture reviews, I am going back for a 2nd consultation on Monday afternoon and pretty much have my decision down to 425cc-450cc silicon, crease incision, mod +. I am hoping I can get all my last minute questions answered on Monday and schedule my surgery. I'm beyond excited.

So, I have my date set for this friday, I can't...

So, I have my date set for this friday, I can't believe it is only a few days away. I am going with crease incision, 425-450cc silicone.

I had so much anxiety and nervous/excited about my decision. But now that everything is set and paid for, I couldn't feel more confident and happy that I made the choice I did. I'm so busy prepping and getting everything ready for my big day, I don't even have time to start freaking out...yet at least. I hope everyone is doing great and healing and recovering fast. I can't thank all you gals enough for all the questions you helped me with and all the support.

Just got a call from my PS office and they called...

Just got a call from my PS office and they called the lab and they can't find my blood work. Really? Not good timing. Keep your fingers crossed everything works out.

29 hrs to go till surgery. Ever since I made the...

29 hrs to go till surgery. Ever since I made the decision and set the date I have only had a few moments of freaking out. For the most part I have been so busy (and I'm trying to stay that way) that I haven't had too much time to do nothing. It is a lot of prepping to get everything together. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. Did laundry, shopping for meals for my husband and kids (easy things for him to just make for them).

I go for my drawings today at 11:45. The drawing have to stay on till surgery tomorrow. They will draw all the way up to my collar bone. And that wouldn't be so bad but I have a dinner to go to tonight so finding something that will not show the drawings was a challenge.

Update on the blood work. It was found and everything is still set. Thank goodness, minor freak out moment yesterday when I found out they couldn't find it.

Sleep is ok, I have been trying to go to bed early (same time as my kids) as to get as much rest as possible. But end up waking up a few times during the night and earlier than I would like to in the morning. But I feel rested so that is good. Very excited and can't believe it is all right around the corner. Hope everyone is doing great.

Went for my markings this morning. While driving...

Went for my markings this morning. While driving there I had my first emotional crying break down freak out moment. Pre surgery jitters! Called up my husband (aka my support system), got exactly what I needed. While I was at my markings my PS made me feel more at ease too. I'm back to over excited. While waiting for my drawings I got a call from the surgery center and got my confirmation. This is really happening! Feel like such a lucky girl!!! Hope everyone is doing great.

So today is the day. Of course I woke up in the...

So today is the day. Of course I woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep anymore. Minot nurvous, which I'm surprised seeing how I have never gone thru surgery before. Last night my anesthesiologist called and talked to me about everything that's going on today. He was awesome, very comforting. So I'm feeling really good about this and going into today with no regrets.

I leave for the surgery center in 5 hrs. Surgery is 2 hrs after that. I can't wait to wake up and feel like a woman again :)

Hope everyone is doing great! You ladies are awesome.

Well got a little more sleep and got up with the...

Well got a little more sleep and got up with the kids. Can't wait to leave in a little bit for the surgery center.

So I'm waiting and waiting. The surgery before me...

So I'm waiting and waiting. The surgery before me is delayed. MAN IM REALLY GETTING HUNGRY NOW!

Gonna be quick cause I'm all loopy. Home! Doing...

Gonna be quick cause I'm all loopy. Home! Doing good. Pressure near my arm pits, this normal?

Ok so not as loopy. Getting some color back. I...

Ok so not as loopy. Getting some color back. I have to say everything tastes NASTY. All like metal. Drinking water was out of the question. I got a bit of rest after I got home. We have an ergo bed, super handy right now. Makes getting up a bit easier. I better have rock hard abs after this is done :)

About the surgery: got to the surgery center at 945. Got checked in and before 10 they brought me back to get prepped and everything and sign more papers. My surgery wasn't scheduled till 1145. Then I was told they would probably have me in early at 1115. Well at 1145 I got notice that the previous surgery took longer and was gonna be another 45m. By this time I'm sleepy but can't fall asleep there and just tired of waiting. My poor husband was so uncomfortable but insisted on not leaving my side (did I mention how awesome he is). I ended up going in at about maybe 115/130. I'm not too sure. It all happened quickly around that time. I went to the bathroom again cause the whole time I was waiting I was hooked to an IV. They walked me into the OR, (by this time I had already met everyone), told me where I was lying down got me set up, things hiked on me and I was OUT! I wasn't in there more than 5m before I was out. Then I woke up and I was done. I didn't wanna wake up, I was so tired. My throat didn't hurt. Just felt really tight in the chest and arm pit area. Had some gingerale and some pain meds and was on my way home.

Once home I rested a bit and took the rest of my meds. My husband brought the kids up to say hi and my son told me "sister was worried about you mommy". They were so good while we were gone AND didn't have a nap. So it worked out early bed night for us all.

Sleeping on an incline is so nice. But going from incline to standing up sure does suck right now. Trying not to use my arms that much but I am able to move them which I didn't expect to be able to do. All in all, I expected worse, but tomorrow is another day. :) I'm not gonna play hero and skip my pain meds, I don't wanna mess with that now.

Thanks for all the support girls. This really is a great community of girls and super helpful!!!

Oh forgot to mention, sorry. He used 425's in each...

Oh forgot to mention, sorry. He used 425's in each side mentor smooth round HP. I go back for my post op on Monday morning and I have to leave the wrapping on till then so I have no idea what they look like but from the size (minus the wrappings) I'm pleased with where I'm at. But so hard to tell.

1st night post op: went pretty good. Minus...

1st night post op: went pretty good. Minus realizing I couldn't open pill bottles and waking up a lot to take meds, the night went great. I'm still tired but needed to get some food in me, started to feel a little queezy. Have a lot of pressure in my chest right now. I don't think it's pain but pressure. Not sure.

Wow, hiccups hurt.

Wow, hiccups hurt.

Started having major pressure and pain on my left...

Started having major pressure and pain on my left side breast. It has swollen up quite a bit. And it is painful. Called my dr cause he wanted to know about extra swelling. My husband an I had to take off the wrapping and take pics to send to my dr. The pain from being not wrapped up was horrible. I had to sit down so I didn't pass out. Now I need to ice for 15m every hour. I hope it goes down tomorrow. I can tell you I'm not taking this wrapping off again even if I'm told to. That freaking hurt like hell. Wow! So now I'm trying to recover from the pain and swelling. I'm hoping tomorrow is better. Has this happened to anyone else?

Looks like the massive pain and pressure in my...

Looks like the massive pain and pressure in my left side was from my wrapping got too loose and the swelling started on that side only. So the other side started catching up with the swelling and at least I feel even now. I had to bump my pain pills up to 2 cause when my husband and I were rewrapping me I had so much pain I almost passed out. So thank goodness for the wrap and the pain meds. But otherwise doing pretty good. Thanks ladies for all your help :) always nice to know you are not alone.

Update: slept pretty good last night. Only time I...

Update: slept pretty good last night. Only time I woke up was to take my meds. Will be nice to get more sleep once I don't need as many meds for pain. My husband had the ice packs ready at my 1230a med wake up, was so nice! Ice packs are great for helping with the swelling. Just hate that the meds make me so droggy. But can't complain. Doing pretty good.

Post op day 2: I'm feeling really good today. Had...

Post op day 2: I'm feeling really good today. Had to retighten my wrapping again but got to see the girls for really the first time and I'm so happy with the size. They look amazing. The 1st time my husband had to rewrap I was in too much pain to really look. I swear ice packs are amazing!!!!!!! They have helped with the swelling so much. Couldn't be happier right now. 425cc's was my number. Hope everyone is doing great, happy healing and happy planning! Thanks again for the support.

I had my post op appt this morning. Dr said...

I had my post op appt this morning. Dr said everything looks good and I am progressing well. I'm scheduled for another visit next week. But I got the wonderful BAND, and I feel like my boobs are going to explode out the bottom but it only comes and goes. I'm going to be trying to cut back on my pain meds today cause I'm tired of feeling sleepy. But I am super happy with the 425cc size and the HP. My dr told me not to war a bra or sports bra and only to wear a tank w a shelf bra. Looks like I need to go shopping for some new tanks :)
Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing and happy planning.

Almost post op day 4: doing pretty good. I cut...

Almost post op day 4: doing pretty good. I cut back on the pain meds and everything. Took 1 pain med yesterday just cause it was he introduction to the lovely strap. I'm supposed to wear it 24/7, yes even to bed. No bras for me, just tank tops w shelf bras in them and the strap. Still loving my ice packs. I think I need to go but more. I fell asleep with the ice packs on last night.

The strap seems to be doing its job and they are looking pretty nice. I got to take a shower yesterday (oh so nice) but still had to wrap up my incisions so they didn't get wet so I made it a quick one cause I was worried they would get wet even with the plastic wrap and tape job by husband did to protect them. But it was still to be able to get clean and not sponge bathe.

Does anyone have numbing on the side of their boob? It's mostly on my right ride. Just a really weird feeling.

Feeling pretty drained of energy today. I stopped...

Feeling pretty drained of energy today. I stopped my pain meds and just doing Tylenol and my antibiotic. I do plan on taking my muscle relaxer tonight before bed to help relax my boob muscles. I think I might have over done it today cause I started feeling pretty good.
How do people feel coming off the pain meds? Do you feel a little emotional?

I am 6 days post op today and feeling great!...

I am 6 days post op today and feeling great!

My PS told me to me to just wear a tank w a shelf bra in it starting Monday. I did and found it super painful as the band of the shelf bra was rubbing and digging right into my incision crease area and its also pretty bruised there. I called my PS yesterday and I can wear nothing, a tank or a tube top like thing. I tried on something that one of the ladies in my PS office told me to get and I started feeling great. No irritation at the crease incision area. I have to say I absolutely love the Beyond Bare Barely There Bandini bras at target. I just wear it w out the strap and it is perfectly comfortable and doesn't interfere w the band strap I wear for dropping.

Last night I slept perfect. Woke up a few times to readjust my position but got great sleep. Woke up and had a bit of discomfort getting out of bed but that was it. I'm feeling GREAT! I can't believe I'm almost 1 week out.

Hope everyone is healing well.

I can't believe I am already 1 week post op....

I can't believe I am already 1 week post op. Feeling great. Had a hard time sleeping last night but that's cause my kids decided to play with the pillow arrangement on my bed and I couldn't figure out how I had them before. So I kept sliding down to a more flat position and that was not comfortable at all. At about 5am I finally got comfortable. But didn't have much of discomfort when I woke up this morning. Just that initial getting up point and I'm only on rapid release Tylenol now when needed. I have been taking one Valium at about 7pm at night to help me get some good rest and not be uncomfortable at night. I know a lot of people use wedge pillows but I just went to walmart and got 3 cheap full pillows that were about 3 bucks each and then searched the house for all the extra pillows and that has been super helpful at night to make a pillow barrier around me. Last night was probably my 1st uncomfortable night so far and I'm used to sleeping on my stomach.

Not much has changed for me besides feeling more like myself. I was able to put a crock pot dinner together for tonight. I made an easy quick simple no stress dinner last night but feeling more like myself but much happier. My husband has even commented how I seem to have a smile on my face more lately. This whole process was totally worth it and I am so glad that I made the decision to do this. I just can't wait till I can get to the point where I can start working out and really get back in shape.

The only thing I am hating right now is the bruising on the underside of my left breast. But I am an easy bruiser. Oh starting yesterday I have had cleavage pressure. Is this normal? Has anyone had that before? I know I'm not used to having cleavage so not sure.

Hope everyone is doing great.

Man, 9 days po. Happy Mother's Day to everyone out...

Man, 9 days po. Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there. Had a great night sleep last night. And only had to take extra strength Tylenol once so far today. However we went to IKEA and that might have been a little much. I'm pretty tired. This is the 1st day I didn't religiously wear my band cause I wanted to enjoy some family time out and it's a hot day.

Hopefully it will be an early night for the kids and I.

Happy healing to everyone

Hey girls, so I need help finding tanks with shelf...

Hey girls, so I need help finding tanks with shelf bras in them. I usually get mine from Aeropostale and they fit great when I was flatter. But the shelf bra part doesn't seem to be long enough to fit the girls now. I feel like I'm falling out of them and with 2 kids I like to feel a bit more comfortable. Also mine are not new and I have had them for a while so I was thinking of checking out Aeropostale again but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks ladies!!!

Today I noticed the drop and fluff but only on one...

Today I noticed the drop and fluff but only on one side. I have to say it kind of freaked me out at 1st and I am pretty sad. I have been lucky that they haven't really been that high just some swelling the 1st day that made them feel really high. The right has started to drop and is getting soft. Now my left needs to do some catch up. I go in for my 2nd post op appt tomorrow so I know I will feel better after knowing this is normal and everything is ok. But till then, I'm a little on edge and freaked out. Hope everyone is doing well!

I just got back from my 2nd post op appt and I...

I just got back from my 2nd post op appt and I couldn't be happier. The girls in the office all said I looked like I was 3 weeks out but really I'm not even at my 2 week mark yet. My left side is a bit swollen and this is the side I had most of my swelling on 1 day post op. I can take motrin to help with the swelling and it should relax. I can start light work out but no walking with pushing the stroller till next week. So that is super awesome to hear. I only have to wear my band for another week. However I forgot to put it on last night before bed (1st for me) and it felt weird, I couldn't fall asleep and got up to put it on. No bras still, but I can wear the bandini's that I got from Target but with the straps. I'll try to post some pics later today.
Hope everyone is doing well and healing great!
Oh, the best part is that I got my tape/bandage on my incision taken off so it's just the glue now. SWEET!!!


Hi Ladies, so today I am 2 weeks out. So happy to have come this far but starting yesterday and a little the day before I started getting super super sensitive. To the point where any touch or clothes irritate the breast and make it feel tight. Is this normal? I plan on calling my PS office once they open. But till then I'm a little freaked out. It's so uncomfortable. Any help would be great! Thanks ladies.

sensitivity with some shooting pains

Hi ladies. So my sensitivity is still there. Talked to my PS office yesterday and everyone is different. I had an easy 2 weeks, and now my fun has began. Yay for me! I took a valium last night so I could get some sleep, it helped! This morning I am a little less sensitive but started with some shooting pains. And that sure is fun :/ but I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself I'm lucky to have feeling when some people don't. It felt comfortable to start wearing my band again today. Hope everyone is doing great.

Genie bra?!!

Has anyone tried the genie bra? Saw on another site people liked it. I'm just trying to find something comfortable to wear right now.


I forgot to say, yesterday the glue on my incision started to peel off on the outside of my left side. It's a little itchy. But I'm not sure I'm ready for the glue to come off yet. Eeks! My PS said it would start flaking off and by time I see him next I can start putting scar cream on.

3 weeks

Today I am 3 weeks out. Time is flying. I'm feeling pretty good. Right now I feel the most comfortable in my target champion sports bras. They get heavy if they don't have any or enough support. I think this is cause I'm starting to d&f. My right is progressing fast and has from the beginning but I can see the left side is catching up. They are looking pretty close to even. I not longer have to wear my dropping strap. I'm still doing my massages through out the day.

I haven't tackled the excising besides basic lunges but hope to do that soon. I have been pretty wiped out at the end of the day but that is from just normal everyday stuff.

I don't go back for another post op appointment for another week and half.

Everyday they are less tender and today the sensitivity is hardly there. They seem to get tight once in a while and that's pretty much it. I think they get tight when I over do it a little.

I have to say I'm very happy with the progress I'm seeing and love them. Glad I made this decision :) hope everyone is doing great!


This week...

Lots of progress has happened this week. I am feeling more and more like myself again. I actually worked out on the elliptical for 20mins yesterday and did abs and lunges. It felt good. My chest was a little sore last night but felt fine this morning. (I didn't use my arms on the elliptical and wore a good sports bra.)

Over the holiday weekend I felt my incision area was getting puffy, pink and very itchy. Turns out my skin was so over the glue on the incision and over a few days the glue is almost gone. This means I can now start using the scar cream once it is all off. However I am more and more pleased with my surgeon every time. Over the holiday weekend my incisions being puffy and pink scared me and my PS responded to me right away. Very impressed!!! He is amazing and cares about his patients!

Today I woke up and they felt so much softer than they have before. I was shocked. Guess the massaging and stuff is paying off. They still get sore every once in a while but it is getting so much better now. Yesterday I accidentally flexed my chest muscles and freaked myself out. I don't know why I did it but it made me realize I have full control over them and it didn't hurt. Guess I didn't expect that.

I don't have another post op appointment for another week. But still no lifting over 10lbs. Hope everyone is doing great!

Already a month!

Hi ladies, so I am officially 1 month out. I can't believe it. I'm feeling pretty good.

So what's new, well I have a post op appt this week. I have been applying scar cream to my scars 2 times a day since Wednesday night. I am pretty pleased with how well they are doing. My breasts feel great. Very little discomfort. Not too many issues with moving certain ways and getting shocking pains, thank goodness that is going away.

I'm still not supposed to lift anything over 10lb for about another 2 weeks. However my son took a good fall at the park and I didn't have many options and my 1st instinct was to scoop him up. No pains or anything bad after but I'm gonna wait to do anymore lifting. That just wasn't expected! But he is ok, tough little guy!

Sleeping actually was getting pretty bad and uncomfortable, I kept wanting to sleep on my side and its not the most comfortable, I ended up putting a sock in my cleavage so if I rolled to my side I didn't have one falling on top of the other. I know sounds crazy but it was the middle of the night and it actually worked. Last night I think was the 1st night in a while where I got some decent sleep and being somewhat comfortable.

I'm still trying to figure out how to dress the girls so I feel comfortable in my everyday activities and able to do my mom job with out feeling like I'm falling out of a shirt. Still new but they don't seem foreign anymore. They feel like they are mine and I have had them for a while now. Dropping I wanna say is almost complete, I don't think I would want them to drop anymore than they are now. Softness is pretty good but probably has a bit more to go. I have to remind myself to massage cause they hurt less and less everyday so I tend to forget. Massaging always made the discomfort go away.

I haven't worked out since last week, life has been crazy busy, but I plan on getting back into things this week. Hope everyone is doing great and recovering well!!!

Just had my 1 month post op appt

Hi ladies, so I just had my 1 month post appt. It went great! Have I told you guys how awesome my dr is? He is great!!!!

So everything looks great. He was still amazed at my progress and couldn't believe I'm only 4 weeks out. Yay! They honestly are the perfect size for me, any smaller or bigger wouldn't have been the same. I am clear for everything, bra wearing, excersizing, lifting, sleeping anyway i want. The only thing he said was to limit the sports bras to only excersizing time. Which is totally fine w me cause I wanna rip it off after excersizing, feels too smooshed in those things. I keep doing the scar cream for 3 months, 2 times a day. And massaging at least once a day. The nurse there (which she is sweet and awesome too) commented on how nice they looked and how nice they fit my body. He did mention that over the next 6 weeks I will see more settling in. Where I will form more of the year drop and the base will fill in. So not so full at the top. He said this is when girls think, oh I should of gone bigger, but he said to remember the bigger ones will settle into the bottom of the pocket too. I'm super excited to settle more and I will miss the top fullness but there is no comparison to what I had before. Love them! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

I go back in 4 weeks for my 2 month check up.

Went bra sizing today...

So I went and got sized at Mocy's today. I did a lot of looking online last night on how to measure yourself for bras and I had an idea of what I was gonna be but thought, that's impossible. So the lady at Macy's said I was a 30DDD. Yep 3 ds. Nice! And funny thing is that is what I measured myself at. So they actually didn't have any that size and I have to go to Nordstrom's to get any. Said I could get away with a 32DD, but it wouldn't be the best fit for me. I'm so happy, can't wait to go try them on.

Bra fitting

So I went to Nordstoms today and tried on the 30 DDD. The band fit but on the last notch felt tight. So we decided to try a 32DD. Well the girl accidentally gave me a triple. I didn't know till after I tried it on. But what do you know, a perfect fit. Tried the double D just to make sure and the cup was restricting. However, here is my problem, the bra was $89. Yikes. I tried the cheaper $50 ones and they were horrible. They smooshed my boobs together and I couldn't wear it. Besides VS do you ladies know where a good place to get bras at? I know I can order stuff but I really wanna try it on before I buy something. 32DDD is hard to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :)

More bra fitting, also is your woman cycle affected by surgery?

So they just redid the VS near me and they carry a bunch of 32DDD. I tried on some and they fit nice but the system they have I don't like. You don't try on the ones you are gonna buy. So I purchased one got home and wore it for a while and it is the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE thing ever. I wore it for about 30 mins and had to take it off. It fit nothing like the $89 one at Nordstrom's. Now I'm realizing why it was $89 bucks. But that a lot for a bra.

Oh, anyone who has had a BA already, has your menstral cycle been affected by your surgery?

6 weeks PO already!

Hi ladies, so I'm 6 weeks PO today. Feeling great! Been working out more and more this week. I need to find a better sports bra for the cardio jumping around part of my work outs. The girls are feeling a bit sore today from this mornings work out.

I'm so excited, I got my Simone Perele bra in the mail. It is sooooo nice. Can't wait to wear it.

Not much of anything new to report. Hope everyone is doing great!

Sports Bras???

Hi Ladies, so I have been working out more this week but I think the girls are taking a toll from my work out by time Friday came. They are a little sore from the jumping and everything.

On someone else's post a girl recommended the Panache Sports Bras and after looking them up the Shock Absorber was listed as a similar competitor to the Panache. As nice as the Panache and Shock Absorber look and sound, I am not loving the prices. It's not like I'm wearing it all day but I know I need more support than I'm getting. Does anyone have any suggestions on a sports bra that stands up to an high impact workout that isn't $70 or more bucks? $40 for a sports bra is a little too much for me right now. I have heard of people doubling up on their bras and I did try that and it worked great for the elliptical but for the running and jumping part it wasn't comfortable. And I would hate to have to use my new Simone Perele 3D comfort bra I just got for working out with a sports bra. That poor thing would get so sweaty fast!

As some of you may know, I haven't told anyone about my BA except my husband and a few close friends. So my mom wants to start working out with me (and she hasn't noticed the new addition yet) and I can't keep holding the girls down while jumping and running, it's ok when I'm by myself (not ideal but works). Thanks for the help ladies, I hope everyone is doing great!!!

11 weeks along and doing great!

Hi girls, sorry it has been a while. I am now 11 weeks along. Doing great! Back to normal 100%. I should of updated weeks ago, at the beginning of the month I had my 2 month check up and everything looks great, my dr thought I was 3 months along and not 2 by the way I healed and everything.

Sleeping has been a lot better now. I find myself rolling and partly sleeping on my stomach, it doesn't hurt but freaks me out more than anything. Lol! I have been back to normal for a long time now.

Looks and feel: I have to say this is the best thing I have ever done (besides marrying my husband and having my 2 awesome kids). They are awesome, 425hp silicone is the best size for me. And I think the combination of what I had while pregnant and nursing helped with my speedy recovery cause I was already stretched out. They are pretty even, they weren't perfect before (a little lopsided) but I think they are almost perfect now. They are super soft and my husband absolutely loves them, which is a bonus cause these were for me. He was never a boob man before. My self esteem has gone up so much since doing this procedure. And my body is better proportioned now, yes of course there are certain areas I still wanna work on but I'm feeling just GREAT!

Hope everyone is doing great

It's been forever since I have posted, sorry! (425HP silicone)

Hi ladies, I am so sorry I have been MIA from posting. I have been keeping up with everyone's stories. So thank you everyone for updating. So I am now over 5 months PO. I feel great. They feel like part of me and I can't even remember what it was like before. Just feels like so long ago. There are a few things that have happened since I have posted.

First one being, someone (a friend, not a close friend) had confronted me after not seeing me all summer and flat out asked me, "did you get a boob job over the summer". I wish my reaction was recorded cause I swear it felt like my jaw was on the floor. First of all I hate the phrase "boob job", it sounds so tacky to me. But she is the type of person who doesn't know how to keep things to herself and tells the world. I'm not saying that nobody knows. There is probably a handful of people that I am close to that know and was with me during this journey. This was the 1st time someone has confronted me or said anything to me about it so it was a bit of a shock to me. Plus her and I aren't that close where we talk about those kind of personal things. So I told her "ha, I wish, thank goodness for padding and push up". She seemed to buy it but I still feel nervous around her and I see her every week in this even my husband and I go to. It's been a few weeks since this incident and nothing more has been mentioned but I find myself covering up (wearing a zip up or something) around her cause I don't want the whole world to know. I did this for me. So maybe someone can help me get over this so I don't feel nervous around her anymore.

Another thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is that even tho I am wearing a bra or bandini thing and a tank with a shelf bra and then a shirt, I still seem to THO (poke) thru all that. I had to go get a bandini at target that has padding in it cause as the cold season approaches I know it is only going to get worse. Back a while ago I got a great deal on a Simone Perele bra which I love but I also find myself going thru phases of hating one type of bra and loving another. Right now its all about the barely there bandinis with straps from Target.

Back a while ago I was in look for a nice sports bra as I went thru my sensitive phase while I worked out. Well I never got a sports bra, my PS recommended wearing the ace bandage that he sent me home in with a sports bra over it (as long as I wouldn't be in it for a ton of hours in the day), I did that and it got me thru that phase. Now I can wear my XOXO sports bra and a work out top with a light sports bra in it and there is not too much bouncing. Which also means that everything is pretty much dropped.

A lot of people have been talking about feeling like they aren't big enough. I have to say I am going thru the opposite phase as that. I'm thinking it's because the seasons are changing and I'm not used to wearing certain shirts or something cause I actually feel bigger than I did before. I got so used to my tanks and all my summer tops that now when I wear long sleeves or shirts with a higher collar I feel like they are HUGE! I am sure it is all in my head tho.

Well that's pretty much all I have to say and with all that said (sorry it's so long) I am SOOOO GLAD I decided to do this. No regrets. Sleep is great, if I roll to my stomach all is good, no awkward feeling. Super happy!!! Hope all you girls are doing great.

6 months

I can't believe it has been 6 months to the day. I have no complains and so glad I made this choice. I feel like myself again after having kids. There are other things to improve but I love the confidence it has brought me.

Every once in awhile they get sore if it's been a long day and I've been in a bra all day. Working out is no longer a battle and hasn't been for awhile but I still don't feel comfortable doing push-ups. Always hated those things anyways. Haha. Guess I have a good excuse not to do them now. Lol.
I go back for my 6 month check up on Wednesday. I will update more after that.
I have found a love hate relationship with bras. Been really loving the genie bra right now. It's got the removable padding, which I like the padding to cover the THO. But can't always wear it with everything cause of the strap line.

Hope everyone is doing well

Almost a year, in 4 days.

I realized I haven't been on here since my 5 month mark. Sorry about that ladies.

I have to say, I still haven't chanced my mind or regretted my decision to do a BA. I am very pleased with the work that Dr Jerome has done. He is a great PS.

There are some times when I think they might be too big in a shirt but that doesn't happen very often. I always felt uncomfortable in dresses when I had to dress up and I had to wear a dress recently and it was so nice to be able to fill it out and feel confident in what I was wearing. And the awesome thing was I didn't have to wear a bra, I just had to wear silicon nipple sticker things.

Probably my only complaint about implants is that I constantly have a THO. That drives me nuts so all my bras have to have an insert of some kind so I don't poke thru. It really is annoying but like I said, my only complaint.

I find that the most comfortable bra that I have gotten is the Barely There Bandinis from Target. I do have to add a lining to them so that I don't have the poke thru issue but those seem to be the most comfortable.

Hope everyone is doing great and recovering well!

Awesome! Dr Jerome is great. Very informative, easy to talk to, helpful with anything you need. The staff at his office is great, they dealt with my million questions so nicely and never seemed annoyed. Thank you! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Its also nice knowing your doctor is there for you every step in your recovery and every question you have. Honestly couldn't say one negative thing about Dr Jerome or his staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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