Fat Graftings for Under Eye Hollows. San Jose, CA

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This is only day 6 from my fat grafting for under...

This is only day 6 from my fat grafting for under eye hollows. I am taking all of the photos myself in the same lighting. Normal diffused lighting, no flash.

My skin color is light there, this is 100% from fat loss. I wanted fat transfer for 2 main reasons:

- the final result is permanent (as much as any fat is). Ultimately less downtime and saves money and time in the long run.
- for injections with fill they can only go to the tear trough area. To me that still leaves a hollow look to the eyes themselves. In contrast, a skilled doctor (I chose a plastic surgeon for this), they can go higher with fat grafting.

BTW, I also have a dent in my cheek, the lower right part of the photo, so the doctor did fat grafting to fill that also. Harder to see in the before pic in this lighting.

I am definitely swollen today on day 6, but because we did my cheek also, I'm sure my downtime is longer.

The doctors says it will be 3 weeks till I look truly normal, ie the swelling is down such that I look like nothing was done. I've also read that it can take 3 months until you see the final result in terms of how much of the fat survives.

You can still see the injection site, and some bruising, but my skin no longer looks red. The bruising can be covered with makeup.

My hope is that soon I look both refreshed and like myself again.

If things go well, I will post my doctor's name. FYI, he has been amazing so far, in terms of focused attention, listening to what I want and post-procedure support.

Day 9 update - feeling great about this!

My doctor says to not count surgery day as day 1, so using his method.

First, I realized my photos were rotated, so fixed them so eyelashes were on top. Added today's pic.

Today is the first day I could go in public and look normal to folks that didn't know me. ie I know I'm still bigger than I will be, but it looks 'normal'.

In fact, it looks so good under my eyes that I wish it would stay that way. The extra fat has the added benefit of making the loose skin under my eye tighter.

However, after reading about unpredictability of fat transfers being uneven, and that unevenness being especially visible under the eyes, and some folks ending up with bags, I'm happy my doctor was conservative with less fat transfer volume and small injections. I.e. eyes are so important to your look, that I'm okay if I need 2 rounds as he predicted.

As for my cheek, right now it's flat vs dented. However, said he can only get so much in the area, and we need this to have a healthy stable layer to 'round' it like a normal cheek. (I tried fillers for the dent and they barely had impact, so I'm happy with flat!)

I know that the lack of bruising and my accelerating the swelling reduction is a huge factor here.

My recommendations:
Pre Surgery
Be meticulous to not do the blood thinners for 2 weeks before, as they recommend (no Vit E, Omega 3, ibuprofen, aspirin, alcohol).

Post surgery
And yes, at least 1 week after (some doctors say 2 weeks). I took ibuprofen a day earlier (6 days) to help with swelling reduction and while yes it helped a lot, I also woke up the next morning with bruising on my neck, where the blood had suddenly drained down. So no more for me.

take curcumin/turmeric for swelling reduction, (500 mg, 3x/day)
take bromelain for swelling and bruising reduction
take sublinqual arnica pellets for bruising reduction
I also take MSM and Vitamin C for swelling
Sleep 'sitting up' or head elevated as long as possible. I'm still sleeping that way

BTW, although my bruising was minimal, I did have HUGE swelling. So much that my skin got all peely from being so stretched out. I didn't noticed improvement from the cool water (can't do super cold or it will freeze the fat)

Right now I'm HAPPY, but I need to see how it looks after the full 3 weeks, to see how much is fat vs residual swelling.

Day 9 - reposting the photo

I messed up the first posting.

BTW, I forgot to add: Please be sure that the fat extraction is done from an area where you don't easily lose weight, as it 'remembers' it's origin. So it will gain/loose weight, it will behave where it is originally from.

Finally, I did bruise where I had the fat extracted. Also used topical arnica cream there. Still bruised though.

Day 19 - Happy, and Skin texture is better also

It's almost 3 weeks now. I'm marking this as "worth it", since 3 weeks is pretty much the final result post swelling.

He left 'contour' under my eye to look natural. But NO more SHADOW, hurrah!

And my skin texture is better, just as he hoped - from the stem cells. This isn't clinically proven, but lots of anecdotal evidence to support that.

4 week update - some fat loss

I saw my doctor today - my. He was kind as always, but at this point he seems confident we will need another round, darn.

Although at 3 weeks you have a strong idea, it takes 3 months to see what fat survives. We can already see the loss just since last week (or reduction in swelling).

I'm still better than 'before' but can start to see a bit of shadowing again, darn.

He had put in 1cc under each eye (2 cc's total) and says that is what he would do again. He says he just doesn't like putting in more than that at one time - probably for the risk of potential lumpiness or over fill.

I already knew I'd need another round for my cheek dent. It got pretty flat again, but needs to be a bit rounded to look natural.

11 month update - the fat didn't survive

Sorry to say, none of the fat survived. I can't blame the doctor, he was good; I think it was all the scar tissue there. Just keeping my review real. No time for photos.
Dr. Laurence Berkowitz

Dr. Berkowitz made the time to answer all my questions, both before and after. His follow-up was good too. Most importantly though, he is meticulous about his treatment.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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