Chipmunk Cheeks and Dead Hollowed Eyes from Botox on Crows Feet - San Jose, CA

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I was concerned about the hollowing under my eyes,...

I was concerned about the hollowing under my eyes, and wanted to see what could be done. Ends up, I thought I'd try something unrelated but was told would give me a refreshed look, "non-invasive" Botox, which now I realize is ANYTHING BUT non-invasive. I could feel it stinging under my face for 20 days! I am 4 1/2 weeks out and i hate it. If I smile, my cheeks having ptosis are constricted, my eyes look hollowed and my eyebrows do this strange Spock thing, making me look sinister.

Yes, the procedure is elective, but I trusted the expert doctor with lots of credentials knew what he was doing. Why didn't he tell me that the injections on the crows feet (which i hardly had!!) would cause the cheek to drop and be constricted, or that the eyebrow arch was highly likely to make me look sinister, with insane looking hollowed out eyes to compliment the villainous look. Give patients the WHOLE story and then let them decide.

There was no follow up call or even a quote given or sent for what I initially went in for. He simply told me all the benefits and no cons, shot me up in the face, and charged me. He did not even tell me not to rub the area of the shots, which ignorantly I did in the days after, and I believe this caused it to migrate down my cheeks to my upper lip area. That area was a bit paralyzed til 20 days after.

I went in to see about fat transfer for my thinning face (temples and undereyes) and now I learn that this Botox stuff can atrophy the muscle and cause further fat loss. If I told him these initial concerns, why would he not tell me that this could potentially make it worse? Happens that he injected me on the sides of my eyes, which is right smack in the middle of the temples and undereyes. My temples are noticeably more hollowed.

This expert doctor did not even take before photos or mark my face as to where to inject. I read this is what is typically done. I guess he is too much of an expert to take precautions and planning on MY FACE.

I'm just so sick of plastic surgeons. After trying Retinol which stung and hurt my skin, Latisse which inflamed my eyes and made me look tired and aged and now Botox, I am now DONE with all this. I tried these things because they are said to be non-invasive, since they are creams and serums, but now I almost think just getting surgery is less risky. At least then you don't have these potions burning inside your skin or causing inflammation and peeling.

I've been doing facial exercises, daily sauna, and eating cleansing foods, and lots of water. I noticed the paralysis in my cheeks (not at the injection site) released on day 20, which was a couple days after a deep cranial tissue/ muscle massage. Also, my menstrual cycle was 14 or so days late. Worried, I began reading that many women's cycles ceased altogether or for a long duration after receiving Botox. So I began drinking fenugreek tea for a few days (fenugreek seeds boiled in water) because it mimics estrogen. Its bitter, but can be toned down some juice from a lemon (which is cleansing). After about three days, my cycle came. I was relieved.

People have spoken of liver cleansing. One method I have used even before this awful Botox experience, is an epsom cleanse. I also did it a few weeks after the Botox injections. I dissolve 3 or 4 tablespoons of epsom into warm water ( 2 cups), squeeze in one lemon's juice, and some honey (though its such an awful taste, not sure it really helps). Then I chug that ON AN EMPTY STOMACH (preferably in the morning). After I drank 32 ounces of water, or a bit more even. The purpose of this water is to assist the epsom to flush through. Then I just stayed at home, because in an hour or so, I needed the toilet. I drank Pedialyte after for a few days to make sure to restore electrolytes. The magnesium sulfate helps to cleanse the liver, as well as cleansing the colon. Information can be found on Livestrong and other internet sites.
In the mornings and some evenings, I have been drinking a 32 ounce blend of pineapple, strawberries, blueberries mango and cilantro, and then every other morning I have a couple activated charcoal supplements.

Someone mentioned a lymphatic drainage massage. I am going to try that as well.

I've been going to the sauna almost every other day. I would like to try getting there every day. Also, I exercise about 5 times a week. I do some cardio but am afraid to do too much as it is harder for me to keep weight on.

I don't know if I will ever get the warmth back into my hollowed eyes when my cheeks are able to expand again. It makes me sad. But I will get really healthy in my attempts to heal the damage Botox has caused.

I'm grateful for everyone who has shared their stories and what they have done to heal. I can't believe I allowed this to happen, but I trusted the "expert" ... again. :-(

2 months before and 2 1/2 months after I got beat with uglifying Botox

Will my pretty normal cheeks ever come back? Now they are parched with etched nasal labio lines.
I posted a question to the doctors, and some doctor patronized me saying perhaps it's psychosomatic. NO, I know what drifting toxin under my skin feels like! I have enough photos to see the difference. Botox has drifted into my cheeks, upper lip and EVEN slightly into the left side of my chin!
Do all these doctors read from the same script? Any intelligent person with common sense would realize that a toxin could easily drift. I put MY common sense aside and trusted the doctor who administered this.

Someone (legit) please tell me if your face ever bounced back.

I actually weight more now. I'm hoping if I gain enough weight my youthful fat on my face will plump back up.

I try to see myself looking better then look at these pictures and the obvious difference, as well the stinging in my cheeks is a constant reminder. Makes me want to cry.

Super Buffer Vitamin C

I kept getting a daily burning sensation along my cheeks where the Botox had drifted.
It is a disturbing feeling, especially when visually my cheeks have dropped. It made me feel like the poison was continuing to eat up my volume.
I read last week that someone mentioned VitaminC in high doses. I happened to have some Super Buffer Vitamin C by Solaray in my cabinet. I began 4 days ago to take high doses of 4 a day. Along with the Coenzymated B complex.
I am thinking of getting IV injections but for now I am trying this.
After the first day of starting the C , the burning sensation has ceased. Even after doing facial exercises, which before seemed to stimulate it to occur. I will have to see if this works after being in the sauna because that definitely is a trigger.
Looking forward to building y zygomaticus back up. The increase of nasolabial lines in such a short time has been depressing.

This Botox treatment was supposed to help me look refreshed. Biggest lie ever!

Try the Buffer Vitamin C. The buffer keeps it from upsetting the stomach.

14 weeks post - woke up to find temple more hollowed than ever

Perhaps it was because I was exercising my cranium during a 4 hour drive home. I was trying to strengthen my muscles, but it may be that the temple muscles are just too paralyzed still. I feel they will never come back. I always had more hollowed temples, but the botox has exacerbated this. I am posting my temples before and after. The before was sometime in the summer of 2015, while the after was done just a few minutes ago. This is discouraging to see that instead of improving with time, the area has become further hollowed.
Also the muscles on my mid brow are thickened. I got injections for the elevens then he gave me shots at almost the top of the brow. I try not to overly use the eyebrow muscles in fear that they will grow out of proportion. People do not notice or at least do not comment.
I'm looking into getting fat transfer to the temples because I hate looking at this everyday.
Its so sad that I told him that I was concerned with hollowness under my eyes, temples and cheeks, but then he gave me a treatment that worsened the condition. How ignorant and because he is a top doctor, simply cruel. I do not have the money to chase this with fillers, nor would I want to ever get an injection of synthetic crap or toxin again.
Ive gained about 10 pounds in hopes to pop my face back out.
The cheeks are regaining their tone. It was about the 10 week mark that the botox stopped burning under my skin. Now the tissues are just stiff.
I do a lot of exercise on the lower part of my face. I guess i will tone down the cranial exercises. Perhaps they caused the depression in my temple this morning, since that area is still paralyzed.
This painful long episode with botox has taught me a lot about the mentality of our western society in general. What does it mean that we are comfortable with and embrace feeling captive within our own faces? That we would allow our precious muscles to atrophy for the sake of a death-like smoothness. I simply wanted my grief lines to be gone, the frown marks the lines that formed from crying over the death of my loved ones. But this experience has made me welcome those marks. Rather than helping me to forget them, it has made me more aware and have further grief over the loss of my ability to show expression. Yes, it is temporary, somewhat. But it is obvious that some of these alterations will be permanent. Botox is like a prison that it halts the ability to express freely. Its been around for almost 20 years, so I'm surprised that it still receives so much hype.

cheek no longer so creased and pained looking

getting better

Looking back at post pictures, my face still looks more hollowed in the temples, eyes, and I noticed now there is still less fullness in the medial area of the cheeks. BUT on Monday January 4, still feeling paralysis throughout my cheeks and upper lip area (between nose and mouth) I began taking Hyland's Bioplasma tissue cell salts. I had been researching the weekend prior and found that many of the facial characteristics a person has may be due to mineral deficiency. There are many facial analysis videos on youtube. So I thought that most likely I would be deficient, as well my body is trying to repair these tissues but may have inadequate means. So I began the tissue salts that Monday. Tuesday I thought to myself, "I hope my face does not have this paralyzed feeling for the rest of my life." I continued taking the salts, at times every 30 minutes. (its homeopatic, so quantity taken is unlimited). By Wednesday, I almost could not detect the paralysis about mid day. By Thursday, the normal feeling was felt even longer. By Friday, I realized that the paralysis feeling was vanishing steadily, but definitely going away. Only 4 days prior, I was worried about lifetime feeling of paralysis! Many things I have been doing to recover can be called coincidence. But its been about 16 weeks, and I am getting my face back.

There are some differences from before the Botox. Immediately before I looked tired and my face untoned, I'm thinking from lack of happy expression due to depression and being underweight. Those two things can really devastate a person's looks. When I was younger I bounced back more easily, but now I realize at 44, its going to take a greater toll.
Not only have I been healing from the toxin of Botox, but it was a wake up call to take care of myself. I have become a conscious eater. I make myself eat. I make sure foods are healthy and healing. I have gone from 112/113 lbs to 122/123 lbs. I'd like to gain a few more and stay at that weight. I don't look fatter, I look healthier. Its also helping me to cope better with the situation.

I stopped drinking daily coffee. :-) Now I typically start the day with a smoothie of organic fruits: bananas, pineapple, mango, berries, lots of blueberries, cranberries, organic sprouted tofu, red palm oil or coconut oil, cilantro, mandarins, apples ... healthy foods! I feel so much more balanced.

So yes, the botox was bad, horrible and I would never recommend it or do it again, ITS POISON, but it has been a huge wake up call to take care of myself.
I have a greater appreciation for my wrinkles, though now much wiser, I will use facial exercises to continue to tone my face. The hollowness of my temples, eyes, and loss of volume in my cheeks bothers me. Its slight but noticeable to me. I will probably eventually get fat transfer to those areas. But I will research well who I choose to do this procedure.
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