Tomorrow is Surgery Daye!! 36B with 350cc Teardrop Implants - San Jose, CA

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34 mother of 3 nursed every single one for 2...

34 mother of 3 nursed every single one for 2 years! Boobs are deflated looking for volume. Not looking for a lift, i dont want super perky breast and I am happy with my boob placement.

Surgery date is tomorrow and I am super nervous!!
I don't want to have them too large!!
I am getting the "gummy implant" tear drop.
I'll keep ya'll posted, on my surgery morning and evening of surgery depending on how I am feeling more pics to follow...

In and out of surgery

Out of surgery now and SO FAR it's been a breeze. I feel pressure and I'm trying to stay off the narcotics and just to ibuprofen...see how that goes.
Pressure is the only feeling right now, we'll my back is somewhat hurting from sitting and not laying down.

Day 3 post op

Difficult to sleep, I need help out of bed. Breast feel tight and sore. My nipples feel numb, im hoping I get sensation back soon. Difficult to get deep sleep. I feel I'm constantly waking up.

1 week post op

Feeling much better! 1st day driving bcz i had to!
Nipples still somewhat numb still and sensitive at the same time. Friday taking stitches out hopefully I don't have a huge scar.
Still sleeping somewhere propped up and... FYI I got the teardrop implants

16 days post op

2 weeks post op. Feel good, some very mild pain level 1 if that even is pain. More like soreness occasionally.
But I do have to say I feel crazy itching on one of my incisions, i dont scratch just rub over the surgical tape If I can't stand itching.
I still don't feel nipple sensation which I'm bummed but I'm hopping as I heal I get feeling there back.

5 weeks post op

And feeling great! Breast feeling more natural like they are a part of me now. Still somewhat discomfort here and there, nothing major.
Think I'm finally going to try bra shopping.
Oh yes, almost forgot. Still feeling numbness in nipples! Follow up in 2 weeks, see what Dr says!??!
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