11 Months Post-OP (365-400cc Mentor Implants) -CA, San Jose (New Pic)

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Tuesday, March 19th 2013 Kinda late on this...

Tuesday, March 19th 2013

Kinda late on this but I just came back from my second consultation with my surgeon. Im located in San Jose, Ca. 20 years old.

Currently -
105 Pounds
5 Feet

Im really having a hard time if I should go with High Profile or Mentor Plus implant. I have a small frame and as you can see my boobies kinda sag :/ and im only 20..

I want the fullness of a sideboob and I want nice volume but Im scared the Mentor plus will only turn out to be bigger saggy boobs..

Also I have gone with 350 mentor plus implant filling to about 375-400cc's
Everything is supposed to be final already but im so nervous. Did I make the right choice? Oh god I dont even want to think about it but the surgery date is coming so soon.. March 28th. Next week!!

I've been wanting this for around a year. I kinda didnt mind my size all throughout highschool but I just want something new. Fill out my shirts better, have some side boob. I want to be more of woman I still feel like a little girl with my size and all.

Just got back from walmart. Got my Front closure...

Just got back from walmart. Got my Front closure bra's ready. All wire free The grey zipper one is the most comfortable. Wasnt too sure on what size to get so I just made sure the band fitted and there was a large cup gap.

Im nervous. 7 more days til my op. Im praying everything will turn out okay.
Im still so unsure about the profile I picked. Moderate plus or High profile???
I want a more rounded natural look with side boob but I dont want them to be too wide for my frame. fklafaldjasdasdjaois I feel defeated.

5 days til the big day. Got a new bralette today...

5 days til the big day. Got a new bralette today planning to show pictures in them afterwards when i am capable of doing so.

I havent gotten my prescription yet.. and I still need to buy an extra pillow.
It scares me reading the reviews that say it wasnt worth it. Also I was only able to take 4 days off of work.. What do you ladies think? My op is this thursday and I have to go back to work the following Tuesday. My job doesnt demand much I basically just scan clients badges as they attend their meeting.
Other than that I am pretty much set. Except for one more load of laundry lol

2 days pre-op.im nervous as heck. especially...

2 days pre-op.im nervous as heck. especially worried about going back to work on the 5th day. starting to doubt the size?! ladies help!!

4 hours pre-op! im feeling crazy and hungry. i...

4 hours pre-op! im feeling crazy and hungry. i hope today goes smoothly.

Hi everyone1 Its been 7 hours since my surgery....

Hi everyone1 Its been 7 hours since my surgery.
Today I got up, showered brushed my teeth shaved my armpits etc. For my room I set up 6 water bottles that were already opened. Went to Target last night and got some snap/canned foods.

Anywho I ended up get 365cc on my Right boob that was a bit bigger and 400cc on my left. All I remember is going into the operating room, laid down and bam thats it. I dont even remember getting dressed or anything. Next thing I know im getting wheeled to my sisters car.
I was pretty out of it right after. I got home and drank some water!! I was sooo damn thirsty. I got home around 2pm and went to bed right away. I woke up every 2 hours or so just to make sure I was following my medication chart. As for pain im feeling pretty good. Of course my chest feels like its getting pushed on. My nipples are sooo sensitive. I didt the surgery through my armpits btw. And I went with MENTOR+. So ive been up out of bed by myself, used the restroom by myself, not so much restricted. Here are some pictures for you ladies.

Sorry for the typos just now. Kinda lame how you...

Sorry for the typos just now. Kinda lame how you cant reedit your previous posts..

Hi ladies its the first day after my operation and...

Hi ladies its the first day after my operation and Im feeling pretty good. Taking all the meds and I definitely need the vicodin. Last night was such a pain to sleep though but I got through it had to wake up every four hours anyways to take meds.

I just switched over to my pink Danskin Bra because the Grey felt a little snug even though they are both 36C. (Not even sure if I bought big enough) but this pink one has an open cleavage so maybe thats why it feels better? I can move my arms fine. They do just feel like I did a whole bunch of push ups. As for moving around im doing great on that. At this rate I feel like I will be able to go back to work Tuesday.
Also any ladies out there miss their first post op meeting? I have work next thursday so they moved my appointment to Friday 10am. But I also have work that Day too. Idk I have already missed a lot of work and need to get back or I might lose my job.. Anywho hope you ladies are having a great day!

Having a nervous breakdown.. My right boob was...

Having a nervous breakdown.. My right boob was filled to 400cc that seems fine since max would be 420. But for my left he only filled it to 365cc. When the max is still 420. He only filled that much since my left boob was a bit bigger then my right. But that leads me to worrying how i feel now. Doesnt that mean he underfilled? rippling?? I dont know what to think right now but I just took one of the anxiety pills they prescribed for me. Ladies please help me out.

Day 2 post op. Im feeling pretty good. Ive been...

Day 2 post op. Im feeling pretty good. Ive been alternating between my two Danskin bras. And I lied the grey one is much more comfortable. The pink kind of leaves an indent on my underboob.. but I have to alternate since the grey one was getting a bit dirty. Anyways I had a really hard time sleeping last night. Sitting up right is hard especially when youre also trying not to slouch.. I had to wake up every 4 hours to take Vicodin. But starting this morning ill be taking 2pills every 6 hours instead of 4 now. Those pills seriously help.. Any who im not really sure how tight im supposed to be wrapping the ace band. I don't feel nauseous or anxious anymore. Even though they said to take it easy I think im doing pretty good for 2 days post op. I can put my arms all the way above my head and it doesnt hurt. Moving around fine, on and off my bed, dont need any help whatsoever. I also finally got to shower today! Felt so good my hair was disgusting after 2 days. My Armpits are starting to annoy me though.. stubble and I cant do anything about it for 2 weeks -__-' Im really hoping with all my heart that these babies turn out okay. There are so many things that can go wrong.. it scares me.

And since I have been pm'ed about this before. To...

And since I have been pm'ed about this before. To clarify my stats
-Asian decent
-5 Feet Tall
-95-105 Pounds
-Pant/Dress size 2-4
-34A Pre Op (Not sure what I am now too early to tell)
-Got Mentor+ Implants 365cc in my Right and 400cc in my left

Hi ladies, I think I did too much yesterday...

Hi ladies, I think I did too much yesterday because my chest/back feel very sore.. Im letting the boobies breathe atm. You guys do that right? I mean it feels heavy but its kind of relaxing to not be wearing anything. Also my PS didnt instruct me to massage or anything but he didnt say to not do it either.. so every few hours or so I take my sports bra off and rub them around. They are definitely tender. I am loving them so far and I can feel those air pockets. Now I suppose it is just a waiting game. I will still continue to update this daily with pictures and what not because this site helped me so much and I hope my review/thoughts will help someone out there too.

Im going to be taking it real easy today by just staying in bed and netflixing.. I want to know did you ladies massage your boobies right after? Im feeling fine im not in a huge amount of pain its just pressure but that damn ace wrap is annoying. I feel so much better with it off.. and ive been thinking about this all night. I feel like i should of just got them both filled to 420cc!! well less in my right boob but you know what I mean. They feel kind of small X_X AH!

Also I tried to take 1 vicodin for 4 hours but it started to hurt too much so im going back to taking 2 every 6 hours. Is it bad to touch them too much? I am bruised quite a lot on both of my sides and rubbing just soothes it. I havent bothered to ice anything since I forgot to buy a bag of frozen peas.. Sleeping is still very uncomfortable I kinda of just lay at a 45 degree angle and sleep in 2-3 hour intervals. Anywho any comments would be greatly appreciated. Happy Easter ladies!

Hi Ladies, I didnt even sleep last night.. I got...

Hi Ladies, I didnt even sleep last night.. I got into bed around 2am and took my vicodin hoping to go to sleep. I propped my pillows and I literally laid there for 3 hours. I then took 1 valium tablet for anxiety. I just couldnt find the right position. Laying straight on my back at a 45 degree angle made my back sore. I could lean to my sides because i just felt air pockets moving around. I am so cranky right now. Its 7am and I havent had an ounce of sleep.. so in the early am i.. cleaned my eyebrows.. cut my bangs.. painted my nails.. ate so tequitos.. reddit.. planned my week out.. and now im just here. Im going to try to catch a few hours at least before noon.

Im starting to feel so weird sensation on my left boob. Sometimes when i get off my bed too fast theres a slight jolt? Im not exactly sure but I know I dont like the feeling so ive been holding my boobs when I get on and off my bed. Also am I supposed to be wearing the ace strap 24/7? Like honestly because its so darn uncomfortable. I can wear it hours at a time but I find that I have to take it off to let them breathe. Speaking of breathing ive been on forums all night and ive been trying to figure out if you ladies post op massaged right away? Or rubbed them nonetheless? My boobies are feeling alright but sometimes they feel a little tense so then I take my sports bra off and just press them around a bit. Anythoughts ladies? I feel like I am updating this way too much.. but honestly I just want this to turn out fine. But I kind of feel like im talking to myself.. Anyways its Monday. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Its a desk job.. I hope I will be okay. Starting tuesday-friday I will be working 7:30am-6pm. I hope my body will be able to take it.

Are my updates helping anyone out? I hope so..

Bruising has gone down! Managed to get 5 hours of...

Bruising has gone down! Managed to get 5 hours of sleep today! (7am-12pm) Have a few errands to run and then I have to go back to work tomorrow ]: Blah. Feels so good to just lounge around. Anywho when i woke up i was feeling very sore. Figured since the last time I took vicodin was nearly 9 Hours ago.
Took 2 vicodin pills right away and ate some chicken noodle soup along with 3 keflex pills. Call my PS and he said it was absolutely fine for me to take of the ace strap a few hours a day. He just advised to not leave it off the whole day. Yay! and I got the green light to lightly massage a little. As he said only if I was feeling up to it. My left nipple is really sensitive. Not so much my right. As of right now my boobies look even. As in alined! Thats exciting since they have always been a bit lopsided due to right the being bigger. Even though I know they are going to change over the next few months I hope they stay alined! Im getting a weird ache in my right armpit. Its bearable as long as I keep a pillow under it. I am not looking forward to work at all tomorrow -__-. Especially with my non existent sleeping schedule. I think that is all I have to say for today. Possibly will update with more pictures later. Have a great day ladies! its a pretty gloomy day over here in sj

Hi ladies, its 1:32am. I have work in about 6...

Hi ladies, its 1:32am. I have work in about 6 hours.. I went to bed around 9 hoping to sleep through night and get up around 5 to start my day. Of course that plan didnt fall through. Like I said in my last post I took it easy today, ran some errands and just cleaned the house while prepping for tomorrow.

I felt pretty good today. I only took vicodin twice! and it was nearly 8 hours apart too. Slowly trying to ween off it but I still find myself having to take two tablets instead of 1. I massaged my boobies quite a lot today and didnt wear the ace strap for about 3 hours. But of course it is back on at bed time. Not much else has changed other than I realize the bruises on my boobies do not hurt that much. But the one on my lower abdomen is starting to take a toll on me. I honestly dont even know how I got that one. Maybe its from using my stomach muscles so much? Blah Idk. Anywho ill probably be updating less throughout this week because of work but I will definitely still take pictures everyday and maybe compile it all by Saturday.
Have a good week ladies!

Holy crap ladies. I woke up at 5am.. Took my...

Holy crap ladies. I woke up at 5am.. Took my Vicodin at 5:30 with some chicken noodle soup and then started my shift at 7. I was sitting and doing registration for 4 hours but my boobs were killing me. I wanted to cry. I kept going to the restroom to rub/massage my boobs. At 11:30 I just couldn't take it anymore so I took off the ace strap and I feel much better. I'm wearing a Champion sports bra ATM. Took 2 more vicodin pills and now I'm feeling alright again but it sucks that i am feeling sleepy at work. About 5 more hours to go. just wanted to share you that mini crisis I had. Im planning to put the ace strap back on when I get home but no way am I wearing that here. Way too damn uncomfortable!!!

Hi ladies. I'm at work and since Im having a lot...

Hi ladies. I'm at work and since Im having a lot of down time I thought I'd update you all. (3:00pm ATM)

Day 6 Post Op-
I knocked out around 10pm last night. I was exhausted from work. Anywho so this morning I woke up at 5:30am. Right when I sat up all the ways my chest was in the most pain it has ever been in. It was like a giant jolt ran through everything and then I instantly fell back down on my pillows. Is that why morning boob is? What the fudgesicles it was terrifying. I suppose it's from laying at a 45 degree angle all night and as I sat up gravity happened.. Moving on. Took 2 Vicodin pills at 6. Heading to work at 7 and I was feeling pretty good today. I of course was rubbing them throughout the day. And at 12:30 I decided to take
1 Vicodin pill. During my lunch I spent ten minutes in the restroom massaging my boobies. And then it started to ache again.. I took another pill at 2 and now I'm here. I'm sorry my update is kind of pointless.. Honestly right now scared of the pain. I only have 12 more Vicodin pills and I know I can take extra strength tylonol after but how long will I have to do this?? Liver damage alert?!

What I really want to know is how much pain meds did you ladies take? And how long afterwards?
It's day 6 for me and I've been taking about 6 Vicodin pills everyday sincey surgery. Of course my PS prescribed them for a reason. I'm just worried about liver damage. I don't know what else to do about the pain..massaging helps in the moment but I can't do that through my sleep or all the time at work.. Someone inform me? Share your experience please?
(will be updating with pics tonight my phone wont let me upload it on here ATM) k toodles for now..

Ladies. Its 3:30am. Why the hell am I awake? i...

Ladies. Its 3:30am. Why the hell am I awake? i took my vicodin and i took valium. I really needed the rest for work. Im so upset right now. And my suture on my right armpit is bugging the hell out of me.

Anyways when i woke up I massaged my underboobs a bit for I sat up all the way and I didnt have that "jolt" that I have been getting the past few days. (Solution found!)

My boobs are feeling softer. But they are still somewhat uncomfortable when i sit in a upright position too long. I wish I could bring a pillow to work..
I wore my Grey Danskin bra for my 12 hour shift. Every few hours I would unzip the bra and let them breath. And I only wore the strap for 4 hours at work.

Also I just found out I had messages in my inbox. Why the hell doesnt it show that I have messages? They should update that somehow. Maybe add an envelope on top of "inbox" if I get messages or something. That was annoying.. Anywho going to try to get an hour of sleep before work -__-.

Have a good day ladies.

Just updating with a set of pictures today. 12...

Just updating with a set of pictures today. 12 hours shift kiilled me but I managed to pull through. I wore the Pink Danskin bra today and it was uncomfortable most of the time. I switch over to a regular champion sports bra after 5 or so hours. Are these updates helping anyone?
Anywho, I literally massaged my boobs all day. I did not go 30 minutes without having to put a bit of pressure on them. But today was bearable.
Not going to lie I didnt wear the ace strap all day. But I keep it on when I sleep. Speaking of sleep i will only get 6 hours of it tonight.

I had so much downtime that I looked into capsular contracture. I regret it though I know it is smart to of done so. Ive read so many different reviews. Some say dont massage, some say you shouldnt wear compresion bras, some say texture implants help prevent it more and so much more.. Idk but ive been massaging my breast a lot. I have to even after taking medicine..
My suture on my right arm is coming off but its still stuck.. I looked at in the mirrow and there is a small hole.. and its dirty with lint.. ugh so gross.
anywho im going to bed now sorry for any typos im so tired but i promised pictures. Oh yeah.. Ive been rotating between 3 front closure bras and I have about 5 sports bra's. I havent washed any of them.. gross I know and im starting to get bacne.. I HATE IT. but i will survive. i usually dont get them but lo and behold.. anyways have a good weekend. Will update when I can!

Hi ladies! Happy Weekend. But not for me really.....

Hi ladies! Happy Weekend. But not for me really.. I ran out of my prescription yesterday morning and have been using ES Tylenol since and all I have been feeling is lethargic. I have been groggy all day and I hate it! I just hope I feel better soon. I hope I didnt catch a bug. My back has been aching all day..

Also I had my first post op meeting yesterday at 3pm. He did was show me how to massage and he took of he sterile strips that were on my armpits. (It was like a pinch I was so nervous lol..) they tried to sell me vitamin cream and scar guard and told me it would be about 100. I told them id think about it. I already have mederma. And I just bought some nice organic lotion that has vitamin e and c..I dont think it was necessaryy to buy their product in particular. Did you ladies?? Im supposed to start putting the scar cream on Monday and they told me to start massaging with the vitamin lotion day of my post op meeting. Also im supposed to do the exercises 4 times a day 1 minute at a time. It isnt too bad.. actually feels really nice when I put the lotion on and massage it at the same time(=

I went dress shopping today and I love that I now have that hourglass figure without a bra! Thats all for now. I get a refill of my prescriptions tomorrow and I hope that will put me back to myself.

Day 12 Post Op Hi ladies its Tuesday, 1:37am for...

Day 12 Post Op
Hi ladies its Tuesday, 1:37am for me. I just wanted to update y'all on everything. Im feeling great! For the past 2 days and a half I was taking ES tylenol and I was doing fine Id take about 2 tablets 8-9 hours apart. Not bad eh? I thought I was becoming a druggie relying on vicodin HAH! but I did get my refills today. Anywho I dont have to see my PS for another 6 weeks. But I still want to update my review with pics just because it might help that 1 person out there.
Anywho I just wanted to say I am loving my boobies. I am not in much pain anymore. Seriously thoughout the day id say its about a 2 on a scale of 10. Im back to doing everything. Well not anything physically demanding but like house chores, driving, walking around for a long period of time. But I do have to sit down and rest every 5 hours or so. I keep forgetting to do my exercises. I feel like they are dropping nicely though. And I do still massage throughout the day but not the exercises im supposed to be doing.. for example pushing the implants up, down, side to side etc.
What sucks is that im still sleeping at a 45 degree angle.. but yesterday I was leaning to my right a bit and it felt a lot better. Takes me awhile to find the right position to go to bed. Oh also if anyone has questions on my PS pm me. I took it down just for personal reasons. Just want to keep my surgery anonymous to people I actually know hence why my pics never include my face or anything that can identify me. Not that im ashamed but I only have a handful of people who know and want to keep it that way. Thats all for now. And I did have a question about the vitamin lotion I was supposed to use afterwards but no one answered me so im just using Saint Ive's Vitamin E/Oatmeal lotion and it feels amazazing. It soaks right in and I swear it is helping them look more natural or maybe im crazy 8}

Hi Ladies! Its 2 weeks post op for moi. I have...

Hi Ladies! Its 2 weeks post op for moi. I have been off all pain meds just to see how my body would feel and I have to say i still need at least 1 vicodin pill or 1 es tylenol. Guess my body just isnt ready yet.
Also I noticed my left boob is slightly larger. Honestly im not fretting about it. Before my surgery my right boob was bigger. Its just normal ladies for 1 boob to be a bit bigger then the other. I would start worrying if one was down to my stomach though. But really I think Im healing up just fine.

Still living in my sport bras at least 3/4 of the day. I go braless every now and then for 30 minutes or so and it helps to be free. (Posting my Bra colletction) haha :]

Also let go of about 10 old bra's today): pretty depressing since I spend so much money on them.. but I thrifted them and got a bit of cash back! I kept a handful of my absolute favorite old ones just because? Idk memories? Wasnt ready to let go of my favs..

Hope all you ladies are healing fine, and those who are pre-op I hope all goes well for you! I will be updating probably just weekly now starting today. And really if you have any questions, about anything, my surgeon, my decision, my anything PM me! I want to help anyone I can.

Hello Ladies! This past week has been long for me....

Hello Ladies! This past week has been long for me. I have been having very weird mood swings and its not from a period. Ive been feeling really sad as of late and I dont really know why. I think its mostly stress from the fear of getting CC. Or bottoming out. Im just trying to be realistic. Ive been reading some "Breast explant" reviews and there are many ladies on there who would never thought something wrong would happen to them. Its crazy I know. Also you really do need a good support group when you go through something like this. For me I have my boyfriend of 5 years which is plenty because I can openly confide in him. Its hard because sometimes I think I maybe shouldnt of done this.. Or waited it out til I was older? Im not sure. Has anyone felt this way after their BA? I felt like I already waited long enough. HS was rough on my self esteem. Im starting to blab.. but anywho

As for my healing goes my nipple are very sensitive. Even when just a few strands of hair brushes it they just feel so tender. I havent had much of those sharp pains Ive been reading about (yet?). I love how they are turning out. I also have stopped wearing the ace strap since my said thats to fasten then dropping process but he told me if I like how they look right now to not wear it anymore and just do my daily massages. They are getting pretty squishy which is a positive turn out for this week though.

Which btw is this if anyone was wondering. He advised me to do this laying flat down. But its to push the implant down, up, and side to side and hold it for a minute each 4 times a day. He said to apply pressure and when he demonstrated it I could feel my muscles stretching. He described it as squirting the implant around. Other than that I have added one 3 week post op picture and might add more throughout the week. Happy almost Friday Ladies. Wishing everyone who is getting their BA soon the best and those who already have, have a rapid recovery. Thanks for reading

I forgot to update on my scars, As you guys know I...

I forgot to update on my scars, As you guys know I had them done through my armpits. My Left armpit is flawless there is just a light pink line. As for my right my scar is a bit raised and more purple. As of right now im just using maderma. But I think im going to purchase scar guard? Forgot what it was called but its to help scars that are raised. Im not worried about my left arm at all its just my right. And also what is annoying is that im really trying to prevent ingrown hairs since of course it was an open wound and is now healing a few hairs were caught under. Ive gotten rid of a few. Other than that its no biggie to me. Im not worried about it at all because it is 100 percent fixable.

I just wanted to say thank you to you ladies whom have left such positive comments. I was really in a rut today but my outlook has already changed. Tomorrow is a new day so im hoping my week runs smoothly. I will be 1 month post op next thursday. How time flies.

Hi ladies just wanted to update you all on how I...

Hi ladies just wanted to update you all on how I have been. My boobies are feeling great. I can lay on my stomach without it hurting my chest already. And as of late I have been semi sleeping on my side. I think one boob is dropping faster than the other but im not too sure nor am I too worried about it.

Ive been feeling a lot better. Off all pain meds, just been going back to my daily allergy medicine. I do still int he morning need to massage before I get up or they will feel really sore.

No one has noticed or asked if I got breast implants. They are so easy to hide but right when I put on a fitted T BAZINGA! So I really do love the fact that I am able to hide them for work and what not.

Still living in sports bra's which I have accumulated about 12 since my surgery.. SPLURGING BAH!! Also the Danskin Front clip ones are a bit uncomfortable for me to wear now. Not really sure why?

In about a week or 2 I have my second follow up meeting.

So my main question is how many of you ladies bought warranties for your implants? Mine says I have 5 years of up to 1200 dollars worth of financial assistance for operating room. But Anesthesia are not covered. But I already have a lifetime product replacement meaning if a rubture or deflation occurs I will be free of charge for another implant.

What I am asking is if any of you ladies paid the extra mine says $125 dollars for 10 YEARS of $1200 dollars financial assistance that also covers anesthesia and $1000 Towards surgeon's fee. I have about 13 days to decide if I want to go and get "The Mentor Enhanced Advantage" package. Help please?

2 Months Post Op. Feeling Great (San Jose, CA)

Hi Ladies sorry I haven't been updating it as much I should be.. I've replied to every message i've gotten but have been just so busy as of late I even forgot to take weekly pictures.. But as of right now or yesterday I am officially 2 months post op.

I just actually came back from another visit with Dr. Lepore just now and everything is in order. He told me if I want it softer to keep massaging but if I like where they are right now to just keep the massaging to a minimum. I can wear any bra I want now but I am still most comfortable in a sports bra.

I still sleep with it on half the night. Without one and laying flat my boobs kind of feel a bit heavy.

And did I say I am LOVING my results? I hope this review helps people out there. Please feel free to pm me if anything. I dont know what else to say other than he gave me the okay to work out as well but I dont think my boobs are ready yet. Ive been working in 20 minute cardio workouts but what I really want to get back to is running. I havent ran for 2 months.. and I tried a really slow job yesterday and its still too soon. Boobs were thumping up and down way too hard to my liking. Even with a very tight and firm sports bra. I will just wait it out a few more weeks and stick to light cardio.

As for pain there isnt really any except when I stretch my arms all the way up in the air like I am "reaching for the sky" i feel sharp pains through my armpits. My PS told me thats normal and my nerves are still healing and waking up. Im not too worried about that. Thats all for now. Hope everyone's doing swell. And goodluck to everyone who is about to undergo surgery/has just gone through surgery.

11 Months Post-OP (365-400cc Mentor Implants) Loving them!

Hello ladies! Ive received a few messages since my last update and I apologize for not following up as of late. I know how helpful it was to be able to reach out to someone especially when you find someone with your exact stats. Anywho! I would like to say it has almost been a year for me less than 2 months and I can say ive had them for a year.

Ill try to make this short. Kind of bullet point it.
-I love them. Do I regret it? Not at all. Would I of gone with a different size/implant? Possibly. Im definitely still okay with them being saline. They are squishy as ever and sometimes I do feel air pockets but I just massage it out and its fine. I love my side boob and how full they look. Sometimes I do wonder if High profile would of been better with my frame but Ill let you guys decide. I love how I look just saying I probably would of loved the HP implant as well. Like I said im really loving my side cleavage.

-Exercise. I HAVE TO wear a sports bra. Nearly impossibly to run without with it is very uncomfortable. Not to the point of pain but hey they actually flap around now.

-Massaging. I do it every now and then maybe like 2 times a week I will sit down and watch Netflix and spend a good 30 minutes moving them around. It just feels good to do so and I do believe it tenses up when you dont.

-Back pain? I dont know if its from the implants but sometimes I do feel like they are heavy. I didnt get anything dramatic I went from a small b cup to a full d cup. So yes gravity I understand but do I regret it? No. Ive invested in some really comfortable bra's and not the dinky cheap marshalls ones. Ladies your bra changes everything. I am a big fan of Victoria Secrets no wire bra's. Good support, doesnt dig, cute colors, and most importantly doesnt add more volume to my breast.

I get this question a lot and Id like to make it very clear that it is very easy to conceal these babies. The only time you can actually notice my bust size is when I wear a top that accentuates my bust line. Not that that is a bad thing. For example at work I wear a lot of loose flowy tops and I look like how I did just before. You can hardly tell. And when I want to I can wear a more fitted top and walah.

-All in all I love my results. Pm me if you have questions or leave a comment. I would love to help anyone I can.
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

I only checked out one other one before this. And the previous one the lady was really pushy. As for this location he listened to what I wanted. I showed pictures and he gave me a general idea of what I should go for. 4/17/13 Forgot to mention during my first post op meeting I felt very rushed. I know he is a busy PS because he is great! but I wish he did spend a bit more time with me during my post op. It was literally 10 minutes. Mainly just to show me my massages. But then I had a question about sports bra's and totally forgot to ask and when I was leaving he was already in another consult with another patient so that is why I gave 3 stars on time spent. Maybe my 6 weeks post op follow up will be different?

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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