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Ladies, I've read lots of reviews/stories...I've...

Ladies, I've read lots of reviews/stories...I've been wanting to get ba for over 5 years. Here are my stats: 32, 5"4 103lbs, 2 children, barely fits 32a bras. I've always been thin and back to my normal self after babies. I asked for days of work for sept. to get the procedure done. I've went to 1 consult so far, docs says max i can get is 375cc . I wanted silicone or the new "gummy bear" gel. I looked at so many boobies and really wanted 425 or 450cc. My goal is to achieve full c or a d cup. Any suggestions what size will give me full c or a d cup? I also wanted to get ready for the big day, any suggestions what to get ready as to what size sport bras I need and such...
My 2nd and 3rd consult is next week, let's see then.

Consultation updates!!

Here's the 3d photo, doc says max for my frame is 300cc, I'm not too exited about that. I really wanted to have 400cc to 425cc. I still have 3 more docs to consult, I guess we'll see.

325cc mod+ and not really happy :(

Hi ladies,
I had the surgery on 9/4 with 325cc mod plus, doc said that the max he can put in because I don't have enough skin to stretch, it hasn't drop much that I can see. I'm not too happy about the size it turned out, I really hopped for 375-400cc. Husband said they are huge, I don't feel they R at all, also right noticeably smaller than left is, that makes me feel down too. I don't look "different" under clothes compare to my pre padded bras. Girls, do you think it is worth it for me to consider going bigger, perhaps 400cc maybe by 6 months mark? Since skin probably stretches enough by then? Not even sure the fee for revision. I already spent 7k and don't want to spent another 7k for revision, I'm not sure it will be worth it at the end or not. I'm not even sure what to look forward to. Sigh, maybe time will tell.

Still riding high!

I'm 21 days post op. lefty is definitely larger and higher. Can't wait to see it round out so I can make my decision on revision or not. Otherwise feeling almost back to normal, about 95% now.

Still unsure about the size :(

Right breast looks way smaller than lefty, no upper pole fullness that I was looking for. Hmm I hope when they drop, it'll look ok or even out the size. I really do want to go bigger. Revision is stil in my head. Urrg

4 weeks post op

I went and saw my ps, he says the asymmetry is very normal during the first few months, although I still think it will not even out once all drop and fluff. He says just to massage right more than left. Otherwise feeling back to normal but still think the size are small. Can't really tell under clothes.

4 weeks post op

Ladies, when does swelling goes away? My ps thinks I still have swelling on my left that's why it's larger than left. But to me, all swelling seems subside. Left one was larger to begin with...other than that they are fine, incisions look better.

Not what I expected! Hmmm

Ok, here's how 325 mod plus looks like at 4 weeks po. I'm disappointed, I know , at least they looked better than before BA. What can I say...geez. My husband heard enough saying ( or shall I say 'complaint') last weeks. I'm researching for different options available. I look quite 'flat' in my night t shirt.

6 weeks post BA

Hi gals,
It's 6 weeks post, I got measured at Victoria secret today, it's 32c, I bought a black Demi. Still wearingmynsport bras day/night. I'll save the Demi for going out with my hubby. Still not as happy with the volume..hmmm

2 months post ops

Hi ladies, saw my ps today. He thinks they (boobies) look good, of course he would say that. He did acknowledge righty is smaller than lefty, he didn't think I need a revision but he did said that if I ended up with revision that he would not charge his fees but I would have to pay for OR fee, anesthesiologist fee and implants fee, add up about 4 grands . Oh geez, I'll also have to wait few more months and see. He listened and was really nice about me telling him that I'm not happy with the outcome, and explained what can be done to 'fix' and it's all about me being happy. We shall see. Here are update pics.
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