Team No Kids: 24, 5'2, 115 Lbs Getting 650cc HP Silicone Unders - San Jose, CA

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Feedback is MUCH appreciated! I am getting my BA...

Feedback is MUCH appreciated!

I am getting my BA this Friday and I am in dire need of advice.

I opted to be placed on standby. Reason being is that I called my PS to have him rush order 650cc silicone HP's as opposed to my 'original' choice of 700's. I say 'original' because at my first consult a year ago, I chose 450's. A year later, I chose 650 and was happy with that for the longest, up until last Friday when I chose 700's 0__0

All the pictures I see of ladies with 700's at my stats (5-5'5, 110-130 lbs) all look GREAT. Even 650's look phenomenal. I do want to be top heavy BUT I still want to look proportional. I am worried that by getting 700's, my bottom will disappear. To be fair, my bottom is not huge but it compliments my upper-half nicely. What I don't see are ladies at my stats with 700's showing a full body pic, or even a full body clothed. I want to see how their bottoms compare to their tops :(

I also find that Revis and Pousti have the best galleries.

A little forecasting.. this is my first BA. If I get 700's this Friday, my 2nd BA (hopefully 10-15 years later or longer) will most likely be me downsizing. If I get 650's, my 2nd BA has the possibility of me going bigger (since the pocket has been prepped), or smaller. I do foresee a 3rd BA, but essentially it could be a 2nd instead of a 3rd--I predict I want them removed later on in life after I've enjoyed the ride.

Also, is this normal? I was so emotional this weekend staring at my 30 C's, saying goodbye is hard!
Again, ANY feedback is much appreciated.

Decided on 650's!

Tony worked his magic and got me 650's pretty much on the day OF surgery. It's tomorrow, and I'm so anxious and nervous. I forgot to mention I have *slight* back issues (enough to merit a handicap pass), so 700's may be too heavy. Only 50cc's of difference, not much, but 650's look huge already!


I'm Alive! + 4 days post-op.

I will make this as quick and to-the-point as I can, work and schoolwork are piling up! Ok...

**NO PAIN, just lots of pressure in the armpits and of course, my chest. Need to ice the cleavage area and both sideboobs. Difficult to move your arms or sit up straight. Neck needed a good kneading (by my mom with Mobilat, nonetheless!)**

- Post-op went great, they put me to sleep with my arms like Jesus on the cross and I woke up a saint! "We're going to put you to sleep".... And then I woke up. Easier than getting all 4 wisdom teeth out!
- Got driven home and laid in bed BUT made the mistake of laying DOWN and not elevated... Because...
- It legit took me almost 2 hours to get up from bed when I needed to!
- Yes, you need someone to tend to you 24/7. To rotate the ice packs, to bring you water, to scratch an itch, to open your meds...
- BA was on Friday, PS said shower on Sunday, met with him on Monday to take off the bandages and shorten my stitches so they don't poke through clothing. I did not take off my "nursing bra" until shower day.. I was nervous! After that, sans bra altogether.
- Before the BA, I asked my PS for that band they give patients who get their implants through the armpit. He said it wasn't needed since I'm periareolar, but he'd give it to me anyway to calm my nerves :) mind you, I want saggy tots! Yes, tots (I'm ok with this autocorrect), didn't really use this unless to keep my icepacks on my sideboobs!
- Tuesday, back to work, driving myself
- Bio-oil'ing, with a layer of Palmers stretch mark lotion, and Palmers stretch mark creme on top. Bio-oil twice a day, Palmers multiple times a day
- Maybe tmi, but I didn't really get constipated how a lot of patients do, after. A little backed up and some bloating, but I didn't take anything to ease my stool (lol). I am also vegetarian SO this might've helped!
- For vitamins, taking Quercetin Bromelain tablets, and Arnicare tablets, both from Whole Foods.
- Neck still needs a massage!

- Keep everything arm level, these bad boys are still in my armpit and even 4 days post-op I'm still having trouble reaching, but it's getting better!
- Have your bottles of meds opened for you, the childproof-ness is a bit difficult to overcome at this time
- Drink lots of water, I have very minimal bruising, water helps you heal faster and pass bruises through your lymphatic system
- Pre-BA, got rx'd the antibiotics (done in 2 days, no worries) and Percocet. I have a back issue (which is why I "downsized" from 700 to 650) and have been rx'd Vicodin, Flexeril, and 800mg IBF... Percs are nice, but it's a whole-body numb. And in and out of consciousness, almost like a Xanax but with the uncomfortableness. I told my PS, and in return he rx'd me Baclofen (muscle relaxer similar to Flexeril but less drowsy). I find these more helpful than the Percs.

The Advanced Surgery Center was also really great! Wendy, Dr. Ferrari, Stevie, and Jessica were so awesome. Jessica even called to follow up. PS called every day after, until Monday, to follow up as well. This whole experience was great and I recommend it. Not sure how I can edit the selection up top ^ where it says "Not Sure".... Well, I started this review before my BA! But I am 100% sure and I HIGHLY recommend my PS. Please see him if you are in the Bay Area, you wont regret it!

Also, I felt like I could have gone with the 700s, but the number was giving me total anxiety! And honestly, if I am worried about choosing 650's over 700s, 50cc's is nothing to be worried about! Now, if I chose 650 over 1050... I'd be worried. Worried about that, and worried as to why I would ever choose a saline 1050! I'm kidding! To each their own :) that's all for now.

1 Week Post-Op.

Officially 1 week old!

- These tots are still very high, very much in my armpits.
- Being consistent with the Bio-oil & Palmers.
- Bruising is almost fully gone. Mind you, I didn't bruise much.
- Totally sans bra, the numbness on my sideboobs are slowly going away with my right SB feeling touch, left SB getting there. The numbness has turned into..
- NIPPLE SENSITIVITY. Lots. I think this is more on the 'good' side of the spectrum, but they are truly VERY sensitive.
- Something that also freaked me out, since nips are very sensitive, you will feel your clothes' movement, even when you are stationary or laying down. I didn't know this at first, so I mistook the 'clothes against nips' sensation as the actual sensation of my implant pocket/skin being stretched... this resulted in many >__< faces.
- I am in no means a squeamish person. I'm the type that LAUGHS when being poked by a needle, why? Because the thought of blood gushing to the rhythm of your laugh is hysterical to me :) With that said... sometimes it freaks me the F out thinking there are these smooth, round, foreign objects in my chest under my muscle. The thought of my pectoral muscle, in its fan-shaped glory, being stretched... ahhhh sometimes I just get a little 0__0
- Still can't put my arms fully down my side when walking, I still walk a little like the Hulk (similar arm stance, and at the moment, similar chest.. too!). You notice you need to 'clip your wings' very often.
- If you have to sneeze, you will probably get the most unsatisfying sneezes of your life at this time.
- As I am typing this, arms straight in front perpendicular to my body, I feel a smooth sensation in my chest, perhaps this is the implant saying HELLO.
- My parallel parking isn't THAT bad, but it's not my best, either. Even with a backup camera ;/
- This is bad, but I have to drive with the / strap of the seatbelt off, with only the _ of the seatbelt at my lap. If you can drive while holding the / strap in front of you, then do it. It's been raining, so two hands on the wheel.

*Please be warned*
Percocets left me depressed, even after only taking them for 3 days, max. I am a psych major so this is all too familiar to me, I feel like one of my own test subjects! No wonder my primary doc was hesitant to give me the rx'd 40 by my PS, and instead gave me 30. I am also rx'd Adderall, and taking Adds and Percs can result in speedballing! Scary. I am not taking any narcs for this surgery anymore, only taking the vitamins regularly, and Adds on the weekdays (for work and school). I'm not *totally* depressed, but I do get very short 'waves' of it, usually after my depleted endorphins react to something. Being conscious of what you are going through is very critical, so you are aware of your do's and don'ts :)

Overall, I'm very happy and pleased with what I see so far!

10th Day.

- LOTS of sensitivity coming your way. Up until the 8th day I still could not put my arms comfortably on my sides. Wearing a sports bra (first real bra, post-op) distracted me from the tension I felt in my chest, permitting me to go about my normal movements!
- HOWEVER, made the mistake of wearing an old sports bra.... It "fit" when I wore it. Throughout the day, I could feel it getting tighter (I was warned beforehand that obviously it's because real breasts are fat and have a different consistency as implants...duh). My nips still have stitches so the sensitivity was almost unbearable. TIP: always bring your post-op bra with you wherever you go. I would go sans bra, but toward the end of the day my girls were extremely sensitive. So I had to wear a bra. Even the feeling of my cardigan rubbing up on my shirt, which is on top of my bra, was a sensation that was too much to handle.
- My worry was moving these babies out of my armpit and into the front to create the perfect baby butt crack. Slowly but surely they're moving closer, and that seems to be in part to wearing a sports bra (in my case, at least, it really helped).
- Bruises are slowly fading.
- Nips will look as if they are pointing down, but I've read that this phase passes once the muscle fully relaxes and the pocket is being filled accordingly.
- My sideboob/armpit area was still very tender and sensitive, so I would start massaging. I would cross my arms (R hand touching L's sideboob, L hand touching R's sideboob) and massage them out of my armpit and toward the middle of my chest. This seems to work for me to alleviate the sensitivity there, as well as hopefully pushing them together.
- Again, there was never any pain. Only tension, pressure, and the weight of the implants. Getting up is still... Different (the weight of the implants shifting down after you've woken up is something to get used to, but only in the beginning stages). Personally, the thought of my nips being sliced and sewed back together (that mental image, even if there was no pain associated to this image...) added an extra obstacle >__<
- Not really taking my vitamins as religiously as I should. Not drinking as much water as I should, but definitely still oiling and lotioning the area. Don't forget to lotion the nips too (avoiding the incision site, obv)!
- Probably not recommended, and this goes without saying, if you engage in any "activities" at this point, it's more of a "Look, but don't touch" situation.

That's all for now~


Update: Nips can get hard now. Lol... Slowly.

It's cold. That's how I know.

Previous days, it's still been cold, yet the nips were stretched to the point of no return = soft and sensitive.

Also, the bruising for my IV is slowly going away...


Stitches Out / Bra 'Shopping'.

Okay, I think this might have been the most intense part of this journey thus far--not to scare anyone!

It's like pulling a long, thick hair from deep in your... nipple? That's the only way I can describe it. And it was done FAST. Before the removal, I requested my doc to elevate the bed I was sitting on so I could recline back as opposed to sitting straight up. Immediately after the stitches came out, I was left laughing, frozen, and clenched. That same morning, my left stitch started to bother me; luckily they were scheduled to be removed.

I was also worried this past Friday, the 18th--I felt some tightness in my left breast. At the post-op appointment 2 days after surgery, dr. did not mention any explicit massaging instructions. And I knew it was too soon, but of course I was worried about CC! Dr. calmed my nerves at told me that the muscle will contract from time to time, leaving them feeling tight. And since my implants were 'so big' (lol), they will contract a little longer. As you would imagine, on the 18th I immediately searched the internet for breast displacement massages. I stuck with the 'push together' and 'squeeze one' (those are definitely not their names).

Instead of recommending those massages (dr. said they're 'ok', too), he recommended just holding one breast with two hands, and slowly massaging them in a circle: clockwise, then counter-clockwise, repeating with the other breast. This makes sense as the ultimate goal is to keep the pocket stretched, bigger than the implant.

I am also finally able to push my breasts together, more so than before, and they are now able to meet and say hello to each other! However there's some tenderness around the pocket. It feels as if the area would be bruised, but it is not--this is internal as the pocket is still healing.

As I mentioned, freshly post-op I kept my surgical bra on. Then I went braless (with baggy tops, of course) when I started going back to school. *Then* I needed to wear my surgical bra again (as this was the only bra that would fit) as my breasts became extremely sensitive (to the touch of my t-shirt, even feeling the cardigan graze *over* my shirt). Then I tried on an old sports bra that I thought fit at first.. but towards the end of the day it felt way too tight--back to wearing the post-op bra until I could make time to shop for a temporary bra. For sh*ts and giggles I got fitted at the worst store (VS) and laughed when my gal said I was a 36C or a small D. Mind you, I started as a 30C. Taking matters into my own hands, I ended up leaving with 2 34DDD's which fit the best out of the measly selection they had. They were still extremely tight up top, and not as tight on the bottom of the cup (for obvious reasons). $100+ dollars and some poor quality realizations later, I returned them. Too much $ for poor quality, and I am not even guaranteed that will be my size.

Fast forward to the mecca of all meccas: Target. Their selection wasn't that great either: the only triple D I saw had a size 40 band. Went to the sale section and found a granny-style, underwire-free, 36DD bra (in a nude pink, nonetheless) by Bali. Not my size HOWEVER--the cups fit and made a protective (i.e. not tight) barrier around my breasts. Just what I needed because imagine your breasts were slowly expanding balloons with rubber nipples: the seams of the post-op bra would create much friction on your figurative rubber nipples. And even though I am healed in terms of my cut (areola), I still massage a bit of antibacterial ointment on them. I also don't feel as if I need to put anything for the scars. When I get the chance, I will try to post a picture.

- Chest is still heavy. I would have been happy with 600's, too, but I know I will get 800's after my natural sag occurs, in 10 years and after pregnancy. My breasts look huge in the nude, but not overly-fake. They bounce now (soooooooo weird/new), and they will only get bouncier.
- Breasts are getting softer.
- Still sore when waking up.
- Still some numbness on my left breast (small area) and light, light bruising, however they are fading now that I am massaging the area.
- Nipple irritation from time to time, luckily just one of them seems antsy.
- Next appointment with my doc will be in a year, he said I should be fully healed by June.
- I forgot to mention I received my implant card at my 1st post-op, I laminated it myself, and also paid an extra $200 for an extended warranty from Mentor? Something like that--I paid online through the instructions on the card/Mentor warranty booklet (ask about warranty if you haven't already!).

I think that's all for now~

...And a Picture...

These babies are heavy...

I am 118 with these girls, fitted at a 34 DDD however still too tight all around. Going to Kohl's to find better sizes and hopefully try letters *after* D.

1 Month + !!!!

It's been more than a month already. Morning boob is getting less and less obvious. The light bruise finally went away. My nipples are sensitive, but not as much. Skin under the incision seems a little numb but only on the surface, I read this gets better. I'm not worried about it. I love these girls... They're amazing! I might sound crazy, it might be the boob greed... But after these drop and have under boob sag (weird, I know. It's the natural look I'm going for, oddly enough), I would like to get up to 1000-1200cc silicone. Eurosilicone or Sebbins. In the meantime, I'm happy as can be! Included is a recent pic, and my future wish pics (I know. I must be insane!). Oh and by the way...

I'm a 32 G. ????????????????????


The plan is set. Happy with my boobs, very very minor CC in the right but can be easily fixed by adding pressure or laying flat on it, to stretch out the pocket. It is not obvious, only the left is softer in comparison.

Still plan on going up a few sizes, will stay with my current PS meaning 800 will be my max CC's for silicone in the US. Then, after 10 or so years, I'll undergo implant removal with fat transfer.

In the near future, like within this year, I will undergo a BBL. I was 120 before my BA, surprisingly 115-118 after BA, and more recently tried my hardest to gain weight and I'm at 118. I'm vegetarian slash wannabe vegan, so it's hard. But BBL here I come just... Have to convince my DH I am not crazy. Correction: not that* crazy.

Dream ass attached*
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! Just a dream - Tony is phenomenal and will answer all of your questions. He is never pushy, but always honest. He will do what it takes for you to be satisfied, even if he has to make a couple of phone calls to find the perfect implant (after you decide the last minute you want a size down)! Tony is realistic with your expectations, and he is unfazed by the scares that other doctors have. He is a God and I will happily refer all my friends and family to him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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