22 Yrs Old, 5'4 & 120 lbs, 365cc Inspira Implants

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So I finally decided to post on here after...

So I finally decided to post on here after browsing this website for the last 3 months. Today, I had my Pre-Op appointment for my breast augmentation, which is on March 10th. I made my full payment, got my prescriptions and decided on 3 sizes that the doctor will be bringing in to the operating room. Wow! It finally feels real, I can't believe it. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you and giving back to this Real Self community!


Height: 5' 4
Weight: 120 lb
Current bra size: 34A
Desired bra size: D
Implant size: My PS is bringing 3 sizes into the operating room (365, 385 and 415) Natrelle Inspira Implants
Surgery date is March 10th!!! Getting so excited and nervous! I'm more nervous about how their going to turn out and how I'm going to feel after.
I'm trying to rack my brain of all the things I need to get before my surgery. Any recommendations? I'm looking for a wedge pillow online and I already have an ice pack.

4 More Days Till Surgery!!

Omg. I can't believe it. My surgery date is almost here. I'm starting to get pretty nervous. Even though I enjoy reading about everyone's journeys, some stories are freaking me out! I know I'm going to be in pain but I just hope things go smoothly for the most part!

I picked up my prescriptions (Pain meds and antibiotics). I think I should go buy some extra strength Tylenol too in case I get nauseous from the stronger pain pills. I also picked up a few sports bras/front closing bras from Walmart. They only had super big sizes left so hopefully the ones I got fit.

My mom is flying out on Wednesday, the day before surgery. Thank god! My boyfriend is going to be in the middle of his final chiropractic exams so he won't even be home most of the time.

Well, I'll post a couple before pics in a seperate post. But then I probably won't post again until surgery day or after. Ahhhh!! Please send thoughts, prayers and positive vibes my way ladies!! ????????

Before Pics** Less than 48 Hrs Away!!

Attaching these before pictures because I feel it really is helpful and useful for people on this site. This site has helped me so much and made me so much more confident in my decision on size, placement, Doctor, and just the entire pre BA journey.

I made it through surgery with some awesome new tatas!!

I can't believe i did it you guys!! So my mom and I got to the hospital about 6:30 am. Went into surgery at 7:30. The anesthesiologist and nurses were so amazing and professional. I got back home about 10:30 am so everything went pretty quickly. They gave me some extra pain meds in my IV before I left so I wasn't in too much pain at first. I've just been laying on my couch dozing in and out of sleep all day.

Thank god for my mother. Moms are seriously the best and idk how I would be surviving right now without her. You really do need someone to help you and take care of you after surgery.

I can't use my arms at all. I can't even pull my pants back up myself after using the bathroom lol!! Trying to stand up is a total nightmare and is the most painful thing. I would say my pain levels have been varying from a 3-7 out of 10. Pain meds definitely help and I've been really on top of them. I'm also icing a little here and there.

Can't really see the boobs at all yet but I'll post a pic of the bandage and my ID card. Oh yea and sizing!!! So my PS decided to go with the smaller of the 3 sizes, 365 cc's. I'm guessing that was the one that fit the best. The nurse said he came in to check on me after surgery but I really don't remember at all.

Thank you everyone for the kind words and prayers today! It means a lot! I'll keep you all updated the next few days :-)

Trying to stay positive.. Day 2 Post Op

Yesterday and last night were really rough. My body cannot handle the pain killers at all. I spent all last night vomiting, it was horrible. My pain levels are manageable so I'm going to completely stick to Tylenol Extra Strength. I'm mostly just really uncomfortable at this point. The tightness and pressure feelings are so extreme and I can't use my arms or chest muscles at all. Getting up and walking around is still a struggle.

I'm supposed to leave my bandage on for atleast 5 days or until my post op appt. So I haven't really even seen my boobs yet but, they are very hard and sitting up pretty high. The bandage is soooo tight which is also making it difficult to breathe. I also started getting a little itchy today but I think it's the bandage too.

Ugh well I'm hoping this will all be worth it in the end. I know I'm going through the worst of the recovery right now so I just have to continue with a positive mind set. Wish me luck ladies, thanks for all your comments!!

One Week Post Op Appointment!

Well it's been almost one week (as of tomorrow morning). It's been quite the journey thus far. I've had a lot of ups and downs. I have had too much pain to deal with, so I'm happy about that but I battled a lot of nausea and uncomfortability while sleeping.

I've felt much better the last two days. I'm still having a little trouble moving my arms and using my chest muscles but it's getting better. Today at my first post op appointment they took the bandage off, finally!! Thank god!! My wrap was starting to get really annoying!

I got the ok to wear sports bras and take a full shower. They haven't taken my incisions out yet (that will be next Friday) but, they said it's ok to get them wet. I think I have steri strips or some kind of strip/tape over the incision right now.

Since I got my wrap off my skin,
and nipples especially, have been soooo sensitive. It's crazy!! I also think my nipples stretched out a little hmm..

Right now the girls are sitting reallll high and looking very "Snoopy". 'll try to update some more with any new changes.

8 Days Post Op!

Feeling pretty good today! My boyfriend took me to Target and I got a couple new bras that are super comfortable. My PS doesn't supply a surgical bra after procedure, I was just instructed to wear a front closing sports bra (so that I don't have to lift my arms over my head).

I've been putting bio oil on my boobs each night just because I felt like my skin was doing a lot of stretching and needed some nourishment. I don't get stretch marks b/c my skin is so pale but I do have sensitive skin so I've been worried about how it would react to all the stretching.

I feel like my swelling is going down a little bit and it's exciting to see the slowwww progress only at 8 days post :-) Posting a couple pictures of the bra I bought at Target and a pic in my old bikini top. Can't believe how little my bikini top is on me now????

2 Weeks Post Op

Feeling pretty good over all! Had my second post op appt today and got my stitches out which was painless. I start doing my massage exercises. My PS says to just move them side to side and up and down once a day. I've had some numbness and tingling sensations. PS said its normal while the nerves re grow.

Their still sitting pretty high but I do notice the swelling going down. I've just been wearing sports bras or wireless bras. Went back to work and was happy that most of my shirts still fit pretty well.

Will post a few pics from the last couple days!

Three Weeks Post Op!!

Well I'm exactly 22 days out!! I'm feeling pretty good. No pain. Random zingers. The girls are still sitting kind of high and on the sides. Slowly but surely their dropping. Their also getting softer. When I bend over they jiggle!! Woo hoo!!

I'm still wearing sports bras or really soft wire free bras. Realllllly can't wait till I can wear normal bras again. It's so hard seeing all the cute bras and wanting to try them all on, but I know it's still too early! I tried on a 34DD sports bra at Lululemon - that was a crazy feeling!! I think they run small though cause 34 band was a little tight.

I'm hoping for some big changes in the next few weeks cause I feel like i haven't noticed much difference the past week. I will post in another week or so when any changes happen. Its so nice to see everyone's progress here on real self!! Happy healing ladies :-)

One month post!!

Just a few pics with updates. I can't tell too many changes. Feeling softer and can finally sleep on my side!! Tried on a 34D bra at target but can't wear underwire till 3 months

Few more bra pics

This lounge push up bra from VS is amazing. No u Derwin's but great support and push up and it's supperrrrr soft!!! I got size 32DD and fits pretty good. Nipples are a little close
To the edge but hoping the more they drop the better it will fit. I just wanted some kind of bra for certain occasions until I can wear underwire.
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