33 Years Old, 3 Kids and Much Needed - San Jose, CA

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I am really going to do this! I have been wanting...

I am really going to do this! I have been wanting a breast augmentation since my second child. Now having 3, all breastfed, my breast make me feel so depressed. I need to do this for myself! I am so exicited yet i feel so nervous.
I went in for my consultation on May 4. I was even nervous then. But Dr. Pham made me feel at ease. He answered all my questions and some. I kind of lost my yraon of thought for a moment. This is a big thing for me. But i feel i really need this!

Tomorrow is the big day!

I can' t believe tomorrow is the big day!
I am so nervous, but it's finally going to happen. No more itty bitty titty committee! I guess you can say i am excited but yet so scared. I have never had any kind of surgery. But i really want this and need this for myself.

375cc mod plus, unders

Ok so i am 5'4, 125lbs
Getting mentor 375cc, mod plus, under the muscle. I am currently a 34A (i think)

Before pictures

Breastfed 3 kids almost 2 years each! Hence the saggy long nipples!

On the other side!

First day was rough! I mainly slept all day.
Surgery was at 7:45am yesterday, all i remember was the nurses connecting the iv and i was out. Woke up at 10:30am and i was done! Looked down at my chest and there they were, nice and full!
I was super thirsty, my mouth was so dry. I drank some water and suddenly felt so nauseous. So the whole rest of the day i was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Pretty crappy, because i was so hungry Ehhhhh. But i knew if i ate it would just come out, so i just slept all day.

A little bruising. Looks worse than it feels

1 week 1 day!

Here's another one

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