Petite, 27 Yrs Old, 5'0 Ft, 103lbs, NO KIDS, 400CC HP Silicone Implant. San Jose, CA

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I went to see Dr. Tony Pham for BA consultation....

I went to see Dr. Tony Pham for BA consultation. I'm thinking of getting 400CC silicone instead of saline. Do you think 400CC is way too big for my body type? Should I go for 390? I don't want to regret it! I need help on making this decision.. go big or go home right? I definitely don't want it to look way too normal.. kinda defeats the purpose..

Wish Boobs

Day 2 Post OP

Still having a lot of pain on my chest.. the pressure still there, although I can lift my arm half way. Or I thought I wouldn't be able to do it at all. I've been using my legs to kind of move myself like getting off bed, and I'm thankful that I didn't workout before my surgery or I would of been sore! I've been taking my pain medication every 3hrs, Dr. Pham recommended that since I told him it's very painful. I'm very happy so far... I can't wait til my breasts finally heal.

Before and After

I started with completely nothing. 400CC definitely stretched my skin out. No signs of stretch marks yet! Thank goodness.. I have a very sensitive skin so not having stretch mark is good. I will be posting more pics.

Btw, I usually set my alarm to take my pain med in the middle of the night but last night I completely forgot to do it.. I woke up with such a sharp pain on both of the side of my boobs. They hurt so bad!!! So ladies take your pain medication!

Day 4 Post OP.

Im getting sharp pain on my left side of boob. Icing helps tho. I notice that I get that type of pain between night and morning. Maybe from not moving so much?

I will be posting a picture of the scar removal I bought online. It has really good reviews and a bit pricey. Cant wait to use it. Also, I hope it works!

Video Clip.. Boobies are still hard and firm. Day 4!

Sharing a little clip for you ladies

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<3 When did you ladies start massaging your boobs?

Follow up appointment

I went to see my surgeon today. He took the bandages off, and told me I need to let the stitches breath. I have an option to wear sports bra or nothing at all.. since I have no idea what size I'm going to be, I didn't buy any sports bra yet. I only have a surgical bra that was given at the surgery center which I really like! Anyway, I'm healing really good. He said that as well. My next appointment which will be next week he will take the stitches out and will show me some technique on how to properly massage the twins. I'm looking forward to that!

Right now I'm still having a lot of pain on both side of my boobs. I'm still taking my pain med to help me for a bit til I run out! Ladies just to let you know, if you are taking the pain med you will need to hydrate! And heads up, it will make you constipated. I bought some prunes and prune juice and let me tell you! It gives me the run.. (lol) so make sure when you eat it, you just stay at home bc like I said it will give you the run! I like to do it every other day at night. Just a little advice.. I will be adding a little clip to show you my stitches.


This is how the stitches look right now. I'm so glad the incision aren't too big! I thought it will be about 1.5inch but they look like they are only about an inch. I'm healing just fine. I decided not to wear a sports bra for few days until I go back to work. There are times were my nipples get really really sensitive but it goes away. Right now it doesn't bother me so I'm glad!

For scar treatment, I bought this masque online from their actual website so I know it's not fake! I saw some from amazon but I don't want to take the risk. They are pretty pricey or at least for me. :( I read some really good reviews about this masque. People use it for scars, wrinkles, stretch marks etc. I personally have never tried/used it but I can't wait so I can share the results. I put it on my skin one time & it dried quickly. You suppose to roll on a thin layer at bedtime then remove it in the morning. Here's the link ladies!

I also saw the scar away, have anyone used that brand? If so, how is it?

Good morning!

I noticed that the shooting pain is gone now on my right boob, but not on my left. I get that pain for about 10-15mins then it goes away (idk maybe from my pain medication or it just goes away on its own) but I take my pain med whenever I get it. It's very very very painful where I can't even move at all. Deep breaths also helps.

I slept normal last night (on my back of course) I'm not even sure if I can do that yet. Doctor advice to sleep sitting up but I forgot to ask for how long! I'm goin back to sleeping sitting up tonight tho. Although I slept really good last night! :)

Right boob is sitting up a bit high just a tad bit!!!! According to Dr. Pham it's bc I'm right handed.. hmm. But honestly u can't tell!

Still a little bit sore

Hey all! I just want to update my blog.... as of today the shooting pain on my left side is gone now. Praise the lord! I'm still sleeping 45 degree angle.. I'm so over it I wanna be able to sleep in side position already. I feel so uncomfortable.

Update! Exactly two weeks after my surgery. (too busy to update my blog)

I recorded this video 12/07

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I went to see Dr. Pham 12/07. He took the stitches out. :) I will be posting another video on how they look now. So far, everything is good. Still don't have the sensation from the bottom of my nipple down to where the incision (both sides). This is normal according to my surgeon, it takes few weeks to get it back. I am not too worried about it.
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