24 Year Old, 350cc Saline, Moderate, Under the Muscle. San Jose, CA

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Hi everyone! My surgery date is tomorrow Monday...

Hi everyone! My surgery date is tomorrow Monday May 23rd at 9:15am. I'm super excited and really really nervous. After 10 years of wanting to get my breast done I've finally gotten to a point where I can afford it. I found researching and watching vlogs of other people's experiences really really helpful so I thought I'd share my own. I'll be 25 next month and I decided to buy myself some new boobs for my birthday. As of now I've already had my consultation and pre op appointment. I'm 5'5 125 pounds and I've decided on 350cc saline, moderate profile, under the muscle mentor implants. I don't really have much more to share until tomorrow after my surgery but I'll keep you guys updated!

Surgery day!

I made it out of surgery and I feel a lot better than I had expected. Not in much pain just super sleepy. So far I love the size. Super happy I didn't go any bigger or smaller. They fit my body perfectly. That's all the update I have for now. Got to get some more sleep!

Day 1 post op!

Woke up in a little bit more pain then yesterday. Only when I move around too much. I'm able to eat normally and never really felt nauseous at all. I also got to take a shower today which I was excited about. Kinda had a hard time lifting my arms to wash my hair but I figured it out. I thought I would be in a lot more pain then I am. I also thought I would want to be in bed all day but I'm feeling pretty energized. My doctor told me not to over do it and make sure to rest. Super excited about everything so far!

Day 2 post op!

I woke up this morning super early with a lot of tightness in my chest. Definitely in the most pain I've been in so far. It feels like my implants are in my arm pits and my breast are so tight. My back also hurts from slouching. I'm trying not to take my pain pills because they are making my stomach super bloated and uncomfortable. Sorry tmi but it's the truth. As soon as I woke up I got my ice pack from the freezer and iced them until the ice pack wasn't cold anymore. After that I got into the shower and let the warm water run across them. The shower really seemed to help with the tightness. I have my first post op appointment today and I'm hoping I'm healing well. I did notice a little red area next to my bandage where my incision is. I'm hoping this is normal.

Day 3 post op!

I'm kinda confused if this should be day 4 post op or day 3. Anyway I woke up today feeling so much better. I feel like I'm almost back to normal besides a little tightness in my chest. Lifting my arms feel really good and it doesn't hurt to use them as much. I went to my first post op appointment yesterday and he said everything looked great. I was told I could wear any stretchy sports bar, my surgery bra, or even go bra less. I was also told I'll get my stitches out next Wednesday. I'll be going back to work tomorrow.

18 days post op!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long for another update. It's crazy how quick the time has gone. A lot has changed since my last update. My incisions are healing beautifully and the scabs are almost all gone. I started feeling pretty much back to normal around 8 and 9 days post op. It was a lot of uncomfortableness that I thought would never end but I'm feeling great now and very happy with my decision. I was told I could wear wireless bras now if I wanted to. Went down and bought a cheap wireless bra since my friends told me it may not fit right in a couple months. I held the bra up next to me and I thought there's no way this is gonna fit. I guess I still have a little boob mind. Ha ;) I bought a 34C which fits pretty good but it's a little snug. I also got a new bathing suit top, went from a size small to a large! That was exciting!! Of course some days I get boob greed and wish I went a little bigger. I know a lot of girls go through this. BOOB GREED IS A REAL STRUGGLE! They look so natural though and I really enjoy that. It's weird through my shirt they look so small but naked they look pretty big. Other than the greed I'm feeling great and very happy!!!
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tony Pham was very nice and patient with me in making this huge decision. He was very informative and even called me after the office had closed to make sure I didn't have any questions left before my surgery Monday. Very excited to see the results!

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