Ok, I'm happy with my results now! :)

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I have wanted a BBL for about 5 years now. The...

I have wanted a BBL for about 5 years now. The stars have never aligned for me until now. I found a surgeon that does the procedure for almost half of what all other surgeons in my area charge and I'm finally in a position career/school-wise where I can take a week off. I was skeptical of this surgeon at first because of his price. All other surgeons in the area charge $11k+. My quote from Dr. Tony Pham was $6,100 for lipo of stomach, flanks, back roll and thighs but I'll actually end up paying $5,700 because he offers a $400 discount if paid with a personal check. A friend of mine has gone to him twice now and her results are great! I've been lurking on this site now for many years. Now that it's finally my turn, I figured I should share my story in case it helps someone else. I've found it so helpful to be able to read through everyone's journeys!

Finally got the courage to post before pics

Ughh looking at my body like this groses me out. But I want to be able to see where I came from post bbl so, here it is! I'm 27 5'4 150lbs and two kids ages 5 and 6. I recently gained 8 lbs which has been pretty depressing because it took me 3 months to lose it and then I fell off and gained it all back. With my bbl coming up July 8th I'm scared to lose any weight so, I guess it can stay for now but ughh. My fiance says he thinks I should GAIN weight for the procedure but there is no way I can allow myself to get any bigger than this. I don't wanna be left with a fat face and fat arms after surgery. Any other ladies with a similar body frame? I am doing lipo of the abs, flanks, bra roll and thighs. I was concerned about lipo on my thighs because I have big calves and didn't want it to look weird but he ensured me it doesn't work like that and that my legs would look fine and proportionate. I had my preop yesterday and paid for the procedure in full. Originally he quoted $6,100 but I paid in full so I received a $400 discount. If I wanna come back for a second round, he'll only charge $3k AND I have until the day of surgery to back out and get a full refund minus a $500 cancelation fee if within 10 days of the appt. His prices are insane for this area! My girl went to him for two rounds and she looks great. I'm super excited and nervous. Do you think I'll have a good result based on my current frame?? I was surprised and a little taken back that he never had me undress to look at my body. Is that normal? He just had me left up my shirt and then examined my bootay through my jeans. I guess there's not much too it, take out as much fat as possible and put it in your butt.

Not enough fat for bbl?

My surgery is scheduled for July 8th and as the time approaches, I am getting worried that I don't have enough fat to give me a big enough booty! I'm not skinny by any means, I'm 5'4 150lbs and 19% body fat but I don't carry a lot of weight in my stomach. He will be doing lipo in my abdomen, flanks, back roll and thighs. My thighs are also very toned as I work out daily and hike a lot. I really dont want to gain any weight but am wondering if it might be a good idea to lay off on the workouts for the next few weeks. Thoughts anyone? I wonder if it would make a difference in my end result.

Pre-op photo

I took down my other pre op pics because I realized that you can see them even when you're not logged in and I've got some pretty identifying tattoos so yea.. Here's a clothed one instead :) I've got a shape already just need more projection in my booty it's flat from the side. Hoping the bbl will exaggerate my curves! Current measurements are 36-28-40. I'm getting so excited and nervous ????

Losing 5 lbs after BBL

I am not at all happy with my weight right now. I went from 142lbs (left) to about 152lbs (right) over the past few months. I didn't gain weight specifically for bbl it just kinda... happened. I do workout daily I just eat too much lol I'd really love to stabilize at 145. My plan is to loose a few lbs immediately after surgery but not sure if that'll affect my booty. I'm thinking my saving grace would be that the fat hasn't actually established a blood supply yet and so, would not be affected by weight loss yet. There is no actual logic behind that... just my own theory! lol I'm so confused because I definitely don't plan on staying at my current weight but don't want to lose my booty! And I'm afraid if I lose the weight before surgery, there won't be enough fat for my new booty ay yi yi!

Tomorrow is the day!

Ughhh sooo nervous now! Knocking out my last day at work today. Will be reporting to the surgery center tomorrow at 6:45am. I'm so nervous and excited. Nervous about the pain, thinking about what they're going to be doing to my body while I'm under (eek!) and also nervous about the results. I just hope it turns out right!! Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post pics ASAP!

Made it to the other side!

I don't have the energy to post the whole story now but just thought I'd share this pic. He was only able to get 1,138ccs all together :( wish it could have been more, especially since he did thighs too. We'll see how it all pans out when the swelling goes down. As of now though, I'm really liking this angle! Huge improvement! Hope i don't loose too much.

A before pic from this morning for reference

Sharing my experience for others looking into Dr. Pham for BBL... Not happy :(

I am only 11 days post op and I understand I am still swollen and that it will take time to see the end result. With that being said, I already know that I will not be fully satisfied. Going into surgery, I was 5'4 152lbs. He did lipo of the abs, flanks, bra roll AND thighs and was still only "able" to remove 1,138 ccs of fat with only 490 ccs going into each cheek. This is not enough to make a difference for someone with 40 inch hips to start with. Although my hips are measuring just under 3 inches bigger, there is no real difference in the way by butt looks, especially in jeans. He says he didn't put any fat in my hips but my hips are where I notice the biggest change. They bulge out at the top giving my butt a square shape. I can feel the pockets of fat where he injected them and they sure do feel like they're in my hips. I didn't want bigger hips I wanted a bigger butt :( It's my fault, I didn't ask enough questions (like how many ccs he thought he could transfer) and I wasn't clear about what I wanted. I kinda of just left it up to him because I trusted that he would just make it look good... big mistake. I'm hoping that when the swelling goes down in the lipo areas, I'll be happier with the overall picture. But at this moment, I'm feeling like I look pretty much exactly the same with slight improvements in my contour :( He will do a round two for just $3k so now I am debating... go back to him, be clear about what I want and whether or not he can do it and only pay $3k... or try my luck with another surgeon, pay around $10k and still have the possibility of not liking the result. I'm confused... and disappointed.

Update... I'm happy now :)

I though it was only fair to Dr. Pham that I update... I am feeling much better about my results at this point. The swelling is coming down, although its up and down depending on the day. I'm much happier with my stomach at this point and also my butt. I feel like it looks bigger now than it did right after surgery. Right after surgery I was 44 inches around the hips (started at 40) and as of now 17 days post op, I am at right under 43 and have been since about day 3. I'm happy that Im not seeing huge decreases in that regard although I know I will likely still lose volume over the next few months. I included some pics here for reference. I went out yesterday and my booty definitely got some stares :)

Also, I forgot to mention that the Dr. Pham's team offered incredible customer service through out the whole process. The staff at he surgery center were above and beyond nice! They made me feel so comfortable and at ease from start to finish. Also Dr. Pham called me each day for three days post op just to check in and tell me what yo expect for the day and give me any instructions. I was impressed with that especially since that meant calling me on a Saturday and a Sunday. With all of that being said, I do plan to go back for a round two in December. For $3k i can't really pass it up!

It's official. Going for round 2 Dec. 16

I met with Dr. Pham yesterday to discuss my concerns. I've got a flat spot on one cheek that I think I caused, because I fell pretty hard on it and overall, I was just looking for more booty volume and a more "snatched" waist. This time I asked him exactly how many ccs he think he will be able to get per cheek. He said if we only do my stomach, he only thinks about 300 per cheek, which as you all know, is nothing. He recommended doing thighs again, which I was originally against because the recovery was so bad, but this time he said he will do the back underneath my butt which, in addition to providing more fat for the transfer, will give the illusion of a bigger butt. He also recommended that I gain a few lbs before the procedure to give him more to work with. I am pretty much really not looking forward to going through it all again. However, I am excited to see the end results. I think it's still a good deal with Dr. Pham. In my opinion, it takes two rounds with him to get a good result but even then, I'll have paid $8,600 total for two rounds which is still much less than some surgeons in the area charge for one round.

Round two done! Dr. Pham did his thang!

I am 6 days post op from round two bbl. To recap, Dr. Pham did 490 per cheek the first time and I was extremely disappointed. I immediately knew I would do a round two since he only charges $3k for a round two or as he calls it, a "revision". He said he thought he could only do half of what he did the first time but to my delighted surprise :) when I woke up they informed me that he was able to do 545 per cheek which is MORE than last time. So, all in all I had 1035ccs transferred to each cheek. The second time I asked him to focus on doing away with the square look that my hurt still had. He recommended trabferring some fat to the hips to help with this and the result is great so far! My booth is honestly still not as full as I would like however, I've NEVER had a round booty the way I do now after the second bbl. I love love love the shape! My hips are super swollen now so they kind of look crazy especially in leggings but I know front the first time that the swelling with eventually go down and I'm excited to see the end result. I think with Dr. Pham, two rounds is necessary. I'm happy I made the decision to go back. I think I'll do it again a couple years from now but I'll go to Dr. Hasan in Florida. Prices and results are amazing!

Before and after :0

Left is before round one right is after round two. Finally see a noticeable difference! :)
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