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That is what my hubby says. He actually did not...

That is what my hubby says. He actually did not want me to do anything to my face, but now that all is well, my husband is happy that I'm happy and that I still look like the woman he married. :)

A little about me: 40 year old Asian American gal, mom of 3, including 2 teenagers, and had typical Asian parents growing up that never hesitate to talk about my weight or my looks. It didn't give me too much of a complex, considering that I held off getting this done until my late 30s. :) For me, it was just that my monolids, which never had much fat in them anyway, seemed like they were getting droopier with age, and I was already starting to get an informal crease in my lids that were from the extra skin. I love wearing make-up, and my goals were to make the droopiness go away, get a decent and consistent crease, have my eyelashes pointing out instead of down so I could wear mascara without raccoon eyes, still look Asian for my Asian-loving hubby, AND still be able to do a perfect cat-eye with my eyeliner.

Dr. Lay was the 3rd doctor I consulted with, and instantly, I knew he was the one! I had my first procedure in December of 2013. I wasn't as "informed" about the whole Asian eyelid thing as I am now. I knew I wanted a medium crease, but didn't know if I wanted it tapered or parallel, so I asked Dr. Lay what he thought. He recommended doing a tapered crease so that it would look most natural, so I went with that. The procedure went well, and after 10 days, I could go out with some eyeliner and look pretty decent. I actually really loved my eyes for the first month after that. Then... the crease started going down. :( I had a little bit of forking on the inside corner of my right eye, and a small lump on the outside corner. It wasn't bad, but it totally foiled my cateye! I figured out how to work around it and do my make-up in different ways that I wasn't able to do before, so I wasn't too heartbroken about it. Meanwhile, Dr. Lay watched it closely, treated it with a cortisone shot, and I precisely followed his directions on massaging the crease and the lump.

After the 8 month mark, the crease was almost gone, but the small lump stayed. It still looked pretty good, but Dr. Lay said that he would do a revision for free if I wanted to change something. After the crease settled down, my right eye was slightly more parallel which I thought looked better. My left eye was a perfect taper, which looked *great* without make-up, but caused my tears to seep into my crease and totally mess up my eye shadow after about 3 hours. So for the revision, I wanted to make both of my eyes more parallel, get rid of the small lump, and take out just a little more skin from the crease so it would look more like it did the first 2 months after the procedure.

I had my revision in November 2014. Again, the procedure went really well. It's been about 2 months now, and I am ecstatic at the results. There are still some small remnants of the lump, which still messes up my cateye a little bit, but it's not enough that anyone would notice without looking closely. I really love how my eyelashes stick out now... no more raccoon eyes! What's nuts is that no one even noticed that I had this done except my close family members. Dr. Lay is that good.

Crease type reference for anyone who is unsure about which to choose:
Tapered - More natural and looks better without make-up. Can mess up your make-up if you have allergies like me and the tears seep into your creases.
Parallel - Supposedly not as natural-looking but if you are like me and have very little fat in your lids, it looks fine. Better for make-up because tears are less likely to seep into your creases.

By the way, my eyes look more like a cross between tapered and parallel. The crease tapers in but doesn't touch my inner eye, and the fold is on the outside so the tears can't seep in. It's great because it's like the best of both worlds.

2.5 months post-revision

Here are some before and after pictures. One thing I wanted to add is that it took a good 8-9 months for my eyes to settle the first time, during which my crease dropped about a mm or so. As a general rule, in order for your eyes to settle into what you want permanently, you'll have to live with your crease being higher than expected the first couple months.
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Great bedside manner, very knowledgeable, definitely someone I would trust with my family members.

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