27 year old 5'4 128 ** L 375 cc / R 400 cc** JULY 13th Palo Alto, CA

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Hello ladies! So I have a upcoming breast...

Hello ladies! So I have a upcoming breast augmentation in July and my pre op is july 7th!!! I am 5'4 130 pounds, 36 B and athletic build. I want a full C small D. I am having trouble picking a size!! My PS recommended 300 cc's possibly 330 cc's moderate profile. Will 330 cc's these help me achieve my look? or will they look out of proportion with my body?! Should I just stick with 300 cc's? Its so hard because I did the rice test and I feel like it wasn't accurate!! Is there anyone who can give advice? I want them big but not too big!! Thank you!

27 Year Old 5"4 127 Looking for Big C Small D

So I have my pre op July 7 @9:30 am!!! I am a B right now but want to
achieve a full C or small D. My ps reccomended 400cc's mod plus
profile. I am afraid I'll look to top heavy! I was thinking maybe 350 cc
or 375! I haven't tried on the sizers yet but I'm hopping to find
someone on here with my stats to see what they went with! Just so I can
see the results! I know we should trust our ps on the recommendation
they give since they have done it a million times but I want to make
sure that I'll be happy with them!!!

Waiting is the hardest part! My pre opt is July 7...

Waiting is the hardest part! My pre opt is July 7 @ 9:30am & and my surgery is July 13th. 14 more days to go!!! I am so excited but nervous just because I don't know what to expect. I am stuck between 300 cc 375 cc or 400cc. I have a wide gap between my breast and I want to try and fill that so that's why my PS recommended the Mod Plus Profile Round. I have always wanted to get my breast

Post Op Appointment Tomorrow!!

My post op appointment is tomorrow! I am super excited and also very nervous. I am deciding on my size and will share some photos of the sizer's I try. Also what did you ladies pay for your prescriptions. I have health insurance and was wondering if you got the regular bran or the generic. THANKS!!!!

Just Had my Pre OP!!!

I just had my pre op this morning at 9:30 am! I went to the clinic and was weighed, pee test and blood pressure check. I then sign my paperwork and went over sizes again and since (looking at me from your point of veiw) My Left boob is slightly bigger She recommended L 375 and R 400, Which will give me a Medium size D. I have a gap so hopefully it will take care of some of it. I didn't need to try on sizers because I trust her word. I got my prescriptions and went to fill them but I have to pick up tomorrow! Ill let you know the price . I am so excited for my surgery which is July 13 at 7:30 AM! I am the first surgery that day! Woohooo. I went out today to get a neck pillow, water, coconut water, ginger ale and little snacks. Time to make my nest!!! haha

Just for Fun!!!

Just thought it would be fun to post some before pics of me in my bikini!! I will post the day day of surgery but it will be the wrapped boobs and then the next day ill be able to post in my bra and my results! So excited and want to say thank you for all the well wishes means alot! I am Soooo nervous for my surgery day! July 13 at 7:30 am...wish me luck!

Need Some Support I'm Nervous and Excited.....

I am very Nervous and excited for my procedure in 2 days! I am scared
because I don't know what to expect and I hate feeling nausea and not
like me! I have been waiting 7 years for this procedure always on and
off but decided it would make me happy and I saved my money for this
procedure and I was able to pay in full!! I am very excited but I can't
help let the thought overflow my mind! So may thoughts are running thru
my head right now like am I doing the right thing? Will they be what I
wanted? Will I regret this in a few years? I just need some supportive
words and encouragement please! Surgery date is Wednesday July 13!!!

Day of surgery!!

Just got home!! Surgery was a breeze!! I went to the clinic @ 9:30 since my operation time got pushed back and the surgery started at 10:15 am. They are all so sweet and kind! Aroun arrival I filled out some last minute paperwork then headed back to changes into my scrubs and was marked up by the Dr. I then did a pee test and got comfy in the bed provided! The anesthesiologist came in and worked his magic! After the Ivs were in he and the said goodbye to my wonderful BF the andstogiologist rolled me into the operation room. We were talking and next things knew boom I was out! Woke up in pre op with pain on my chest. Best way I can bdescribe is likes hard workout And when you have a cold with a cough that turns your sternum sore. I have been out of the clinic for about 3 hours now. Woke up feeling good aware of my surroundings and mostly hungry and thirsty!! No nausea so far! Which I prayed for! Smooth sailing just feels very uncomfortable just hanging out in bed drinking coconut water eating soup and watching some tv! Sitting up really is not my favorite position really hurts the back! Well I'll post more alittle later! Again thanks for the well wishes!

Post op day 2!

Today is alittle better! Defiantly had a hard time sleeping last night because I'm not used to sleeping upright. I was up and down all night probably got 5 hours of sleep? My back is in major pain today more than my new additions. I finally outs a way to lay on the couch that gives my back more support so I am happy!! I went to my post op apt this morning and when the Dr removed all my bandage I cried! My new boobs are everything I imagined!!! They fit my body and I feel like me! I am currently still taking my anti-biotics, valium and oxycodine. My Dr told me to start spacing it out more tomorrow and then by day 4-5 to switch to tylenol. My boobs are sitting high which is normal and I don't have any bruising which is awesome! No nausea which is great have my appetite and mostly just drinking fluids!! I expected this to be a bit harder but its okay so far! one day at a time remember that ladies!! Don't over push yourself! I feel as if I had a really good upper chest work out and if I had a bad cough that I am sore from. Not as much pressure today fairly light. NOW lets get to the pictures of my new additions!!!! :) 405 cc on L and 375 on R ( form my point of view looking down and them. Stats 5'4 128 pounds

Post op day 3!!

I know it says post op day 2 but for me its 3! I FINALLY SLEPT!! I found a position to help me sleep! Sadly my wonder boyfriend who has been my care taker has fallen sick... :/ I feel soooo bad for him poor guy was trying to sleep but I still need help getting up in the middle of the night.. he's been a trooper and definitely will deserve a treat!! ;)...... AND TMI I finally went poop! feels so good to feel semi normal again. Its true day one and two are hard.... I cried yesterday wishing it was over but I remembered no pain no gain. I Woke up with morning boob! Its real man... just until you start walking around and warming up the muscles.. Don't over due it! I took my prescription and only one pain killer instead of two and it is helping. Today I am going to take a shower so that will really help me feel like myself! I was staring at my breasts and I cant help but smile! Today they look different one looks smaller than the other and I think that might be the lighting. My breast are slowly getting softer. I don't know why one looks small than the other its funny because the smaller looking one is the one which is my bigger breast before surgery. I just feel like my other one is very swollen because that one is very tender and sore!!! Ask any questions!!! Thank you ladies for the support!

Day 4!!! Much better!

Today is so much better. I was able to poop yesterday but today im alittle backed up again I'm ready for this belly to go down!! haah....I slept the whole night got up once for the restroom!!! SOOOO Everyday things get better! Sitting up doesn't hurt as bad the only pain I'm having is still with lifting things. My only concern now is that my Larger breast with the 375 cc is looking way bigger than my Right breast with the 405cc... whats up with that?! why is my larger breast way more bigger than the other one? ( DID I just answer my own question?) there is only 30 cc difference?! Looking at the pic you have to do the mirror image swap. Im freaking myself out I think. Has anyone had this problem before?? My mind just races to what if she put the 405 cc in the wrong breast and the 375 in the other!?! But I know thats impossible and she wrote the number down on me and we went over it a thousand times but I guess its just the healing process.... But I love the way they look so far. Had a breakdown last night because I am mentally and physically exhausted. I know the healing process takes time but I was just so frustrated at being limited. I was crying over the size, shape, if it was the right thing, that I didn't have full range of my arms. I was having a low moment!!! I love all the support from you women going thru the same journey. Means alot to me!!! Pain is tolerable probably will do a pain killer today then switch to tylenol. THANKS FOR LISTENING to my ramble!

Day 5 and feeling wonderful!

Its Post OP day 5 for me and I feel 90% back to normal! I went out yesterday with the bf to get his new tattoo which took 5 hours and halfway thru was falling asleep because it was too stimulating i think and I became exhausted and felt alittle sick, we came home and I took a nap and some more pain meds and felt back to "normal". I have stopped all pain med today and I have had bowl movements regularly since day 3 I believe because I was drinking coffee. I do have most of my motion back in my arms I can lift them and it doesn't hurt anymore, also I can extend my arms so I don't have t-rex arms anymore! My Right breast Incision does hurt though. If I am standing for to long or moving it will get a burning sensation... Has anyone else experienced that?! It's so strange. I slept all thru the night and can get up and down by myself!! I am trying not to push it because I don't want to injure myself. Just because I feel good doesn't mean I'm fully healed! The boobs have become a little softer and day by day I notice little differences. My Left breast was the larger breast and is clearly way more pronounced than the Right... Makes me a little worried but then again the Right hasn't dropped yet... I know I know I need to give it time. But today I am going to go find a new bra to wear and some work shirts just so I can cover the girls a bit more while they heal and they aren't the center of attention at work. IM so glad I took the plunge to have this experience its almost like a dream then I wake up and look at my new additions and smile!!!

post op day 6....

Went to work today and MAN am I tired. I am off all pain meds and muscle relaxers . I was tired by noon haha but I am happy with how things are progressing! I feel like I love my size then there are times I feel like I went to big.... For now I am happy maybe its me hormones... I just started my period so idk.... I will post pics tomorrow!!! Can't wait for the Fluff and Fold action!!!!

Day 6? or 7? Tomorrow will be a week haha

Well the new additions are doing great! My only regret is I didn't do this SOONER!!! The process of healing differs from everyone and I think my healing process has been great thanks to my bf helping me with EVERYthiNG haha. Somethings are hard to get till like grabbing a coffee mug from the shelve or pulling a shirt over my head. Then other things are easy like moving my arms full motion and light chores around the house! I am seeing improvements everyday and I am so happy!! I get my strips taken off tomorrow and have my week follow up on Thursday the 21!!! I was afraid of the size change and I was thinking maybe I went to big but thank to the Support on here and my friends and family and bf they all say the size works for me! I feel awesome some pain in the my right breast by the incision because its healing and gaining sensation back but all and all its been good! You can see that my Left breast has dropped alittle more than my Right breast. When I run my hands over the top of my chest I can def feel the left implant sitting higher than the right. SO I NEED IT TO DROP haha. I can't wait to see it come along and drop haha!!! But yea all is well thank you all for the kind words!

My One week Post Op

Went to my one wee post op today to get my stitches removed and it didn't hurt! She removed the bandages and while doing so removed the suture at the same time. It felt like a strange tickle then kind of hurt for a second. My Dr gave me silicone strips to heal the scar and told me when they fall off to replace them. She said I was looking good and the new bruising is due the breast implant moving down! :) I am clear to start massages on the breast. I have to push together me breast and hold them for 20 seconds then I have to push up and hold them for 10 seconds and then down for 10 I do these in a repetition of 3 time an then I must do it in the morning afternoon and night. I purchases Eden's Boobie Butter which I use while I this makes it way easier and almost therapeutic. My scars are small and I am very happy with my size! My Left has dropped now my Right breast needs to catch up!!! My PS said it will as long as I keep up with my massages and over time itll happen... I need to be patience....UGH...

Post op 2 weeks... Boobie Blues

Hello ladies!! So it's been about 2 week now with my new additions and man it's been a roller coaster. I am mentally and physically drained. I love my new look I really do but the healing is what has me bummed. Haven't been able to work out or do anything strenuous and I've never been limited. So it's a whole new feeling. My doctor gave me the okay to massage 1 week in and that's been going well. I bought eden's boobie butter! Go take a look at it if you have a chance it's organic and helps with the stretch marks, keeping the breast perky and soft! Other than that I see changes everyday I have finally gotten to the point where I don't want to look anymore. I've made myself go crazy over them I think that's why I'm sad. My friend had to remind me I had surgery in the same spot but two places so beach heals differently and she is right. For a while my left dropped faster than the right and I was super sad. Now I just won't look until a month. Because it's healing and I need to chill. I occasionally get the sharp pain or little spasms because the nerves are trying to heal and I'm not taking Tylenol or pain meds. I switch between my surgical bra and sport bras but right now everything seems to have a lot of pressure on my left breast since it hasn't dropped. Again I'm happy with doing this for me but healing process has taken a toll on me. Thanks for listening!!! Can wait to see what another week brings!!!

Sooooo I got a bear hug.....

At work today I got a bear hug and man did it hurt 2 weeks post opt I do not suggest anyone come near your new additions!! Emailed my ps and she said I was fine and it wouldn't affect my healing but I was so afraid but I know the implants can withstand more than a rough hug but man was I afraid!

Its Been 27 Days!!

It's been 27 day and I am back and forth. I love them but healing is
so hard! my left is still high and needs to drop.... but over all I am
overall happy...my left just need it to drop!!!! I know its been almost a
month but still I want to see it drop and fluff and fold like my
other!!! idk maybe boobie blues!!!!

Very happy with my progress

So my last post didn't have alot of detail in it so I decided to repost! I am 4 weeks out and feeling great! I have some pain now and then in my right breast when waking up but it goes away within a few seconds. My left breast was my smaller breast before surgery and is taking more time to stretch and drop which I now have accepted! but over all I am happy! I can squish them around without pain. All I have been wearing are sport bras and those are starting to hurt my back! Idk if its the pressure or the way sports bars are designed.. Im ready for a regular bra! lol but again all in good time. I can now be emerged fully into water like my tub or pool which is awesome because standing in it wast high or off to the side with my feet in only sucked! I wear medical grade silicon tape for my scars to help them heal. The scars them self are not back at all and hidden very well! I have taken a muscle relaxer recently to help my left boob since it gets tight sometimes in the afternoon when I am working. Other than that I am very happy with everything and I love trying on my clothes like dresses and crop tops to fill them out!


Just a pic for fun! It's been about 1 month and a week!

Very happy so far!

Hi ladies!!
It's been about 6 weeks and two days since my breast augmentation! I am happy so far! My scars are healing Nicely and I use the medical silicon tape to help them along! I have notice my left breast which was the natural small on has started to drop more but I do get some pain on that breast from time to time. I assume it's still stretching and getting comfy. I was supposed to have my month post op yesterday but due to the fact I'm sick I had to reschedule. I feel very comfortable with the size and profile I chose! At first I wished it was a tad bigger but the more I see the changes happening I'm glad I went with this size. Shopping is great but i still get tried from lifting my arms up and down for trying on things! I have started to sleep on my side with a tip from another user on here! She told me about a pillow trick to start off with it on the side! But other than that I'm still excited it's almost been two months! Can't wait to see what they look like by month!! I know I need to relax off the muscle relaxers but I do take them after a day of shopping or a workout since I can feel my left breast muscle tense up. I know it's bad I'm still relaying on that and I need to stop! But other than that all is well!

2 months post op!!

Well it's been two month since my surgery and I couldn't be more happy! I did get alittle of boob greed but other thank that I have been healing nicely! I think they for my body and I am happy just wish for a tad more cleavage! I started out as a 36b but I was barely filling out the cups now I am a 36 D. I still have about one more month till I can wear wire! My scars are healing nicely too!! My fiancé had been nothing but amazing throughout my experience! I feel way more confident and happy! I would do it all over again! I wish I did it sooner!!

3 months since!!!

I am having mixed emotions! I love I finally have cleavage! But again seeing ppl go bigger makes me jealous. I have to remember everyone's journey is different and I am having boob greed!! But still I get jealous. I have 405 cc in one breast and 375 cc I feel like i should of done 395 of something because I can feel the odd balance. I think it's because my left breast still has stretching to do. I'm happy overall.

Another boobie pic!

4 months update

Hey ladies so I am loving my girls!! It's been 4 months and I can't be happier! I wanted bigger but I remembered that everyone's body is different and very women is different and that's what makes us beautiful! I am okay they aren't too big but they fit me! I wanted more projectile in the beginning but now they fit me!

10 months post op

Hey everyone! So it's been about 10 months since my BA and man had it been a journey. Not only is it mentally draining but physically as well! I had a few months of omg I went to small to omg are they too big to was this the right move before kids. Overall I'm extremely happy. I wish I did it sooner! I have 405 cc in my left and 375 in my right! I am a 36DD and I feel like I got the breasts I wanted. In the next 2 years I will probably have a revision to be honest to go a bit bigger AFTER kids. I am happy and content with them now though!

Another 10 month pic

Another pic to show the before and after!
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