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HEY ya'll! Im 24, no babies, no extreme weight...

HEY ya'll! Im 24, no babies, no extreme weight loss, just have lived with saggy boobies my whole life. I used to think id just have to live with this the rest of my life and except it, thinking plastic surgery was out of the question, cuz that would be "superficial" of me.....but here I am, and im SOOOO EXCITED!

Let me just say that living with saggy boobs at such a young age is like this deep dark secret that you keep from your friends and cringe when the opposite sex takes off your bra -__- I have never worn a two piece swimsuit, have to wear an undershirt with a built in bra in order to actually have some cleavage, and usually wear a push up bra underneath sports bras.....all this is super uncomfortable and just plain irritating. Ive been trying to "fix" this problem for a couple years now.

First I tried breast enhancing pills......that supposedly also "firmed" your breasts as well....duuuhhh...didnt work. Then I tried an "all natural" liquid that you could either drink or rub on your breasts....duuuhh...didnt work. Surgery was always in the back of my mind, but I always would make an excuse as to why plastic surgery was crazy of me, first of all the scarring, but after seeing some before and after photos, theyre not all that bad, plus its better than what i got now. Another was people finding out, but, just like keeping my boobies a secret for so long, so will this surgery. Only my mom knows about this and she is, now, SUPER supportive.

I was finally fully convinced to go through with it after I showed her my boobs....and she completely agreed. I felt so relieved because I had NEVER talked about it with anyone and to know that I wasnt crazy for wanting to go through with this was an amazing feeling. I decided to not get breast implants because Im fine with my medium sized breasts and I dont want to have to change them in the future or the risks involved, but mainly I would be ecstatic to just have some perky boobs!!! My surgery is in a week. Im dying to talk about it with people, but none of my friends know. I mainly just want to share my excitement :D Im actually not nervous at all, I just want it done and start healing so I can finally wear a bathing suit for summer time :)))

Some details
im 5 4, 140lbs, 34C but prolly closer to a full B
ill post some pictures later
thanks for reading!!!

Day 9 and i feel GREAT! Went through with it and...

day 9 and i feel GREAT! Went through with it and everything went sooo smooth. Not knowing what to expect was the scariest. I went in early, mom drove me, the doc drew on me, talked to the anesthesiologist, then they rolled me in. Ten seconds later I was passed out, woke up and they were done! I woke up and didnt even realize they had done anything, I felt like I fell asleep for a second, it was pretty cool. No pain really, my boobs were taped up but I didnt feel weird or anything, thank god, cuz I know some people get really nauseous, then drove home and rested. Next couple of days I took it easy, then went back to school on the third day, I know I wasnt supposed to do that but I seriously felt fine. I stopped taking my pain meds on the 3rd day as well. They took off the tape yesterday and I got to see the incisions and everything. It was ok, I mean its a little off putting at first cuz you have these gashes in your boobs and your like "OMG, I hope they dont stay like this!" but dont worry ladies, they wont, I asked my nurse if my nipple was gonna smooth out (cuz the skin on the nipple looked higher than the rest of the boob) and she said with complete confidence "oh yah, everythings gonna look so different in a couple months, theyre gonna look great"so im putting my trust in her :)
Glad I chose the doctor I did, he was more expensive, but I was at ease to know he was top of the line. And the shape of my breast is so natural, that was another major worry of mine, them looking weird or fake. But they feel like my boobs, just lifted :)

Overall everything went GREAT! I am SOOOO HAPPY with my new boobs, I keep on looking at them, making sure that theyre still there.lol. So glad I went through with it. I was worried that they were gonna look smaller but they look great, I tried them in my old bras and they filled it out just the same. Im glad I decided not to get implants, I think thats also why i recovered so fast was because I just did the lift (LOLLIPOP lift btw). I tried on a tank top with no bra and I started crying, it was ridiculous, ive never been able to do that before :). My whole body looks different too. I feel like my boobs made the rest of my body look saggy and well.lol.my body looks younger and healthier.
btw, I kept everything a secret, no one found out, i just pretended that i was sick for a couple days, worked like a charm.

8 month update

so its been a couple months, everything is awesome. Im so glad i went through with this. the scarring isnt that bad, i just used scar away and they worked really nicely. i was worried about a dimple when i lift my arms, there was a sunken look under my breast, but that is gone now, everything seems to have settled. my breasts look very natural and arent too purky to where they look unnatural. very happy with my results and would do it again in a heartbeat :)
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