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I've been considering a breast lift for a very...

I've been considering a breast lift for a very long time. I recently came across the Horndeski method and I am very intrigued by the possibility of no vertical scar. I found a doctor in my area who is being trained by Horndeski and I'm considering being his 5th patient. I've been pouring through reviews on Real Self to help me make a decision. Will the light, perky boobs be worth the risk, pain and scars?

Can't decide

I'm leaning toward waiting...still interested but just can't decide if the perky boobs will be worth the inevitable pain and scars. Took these swimsuit photos to help decide. What would you do?

Scheduled in September

Well, I've scheduled it and will go for a perconsult next week. I'm still a little nervous but am hopeful that it will turn out well.

Feeling Optimistic

My surgery is next week. ???? I've been watching another recent Horndeski patient for a couple of months and am so pleased with how she is looking. It gives me a lot of confidence to see recent work going so well. I'm going in to meet Dr.H next week and have my measurements done. I'm going to emphasize my desire to a) have a scar as close to the natural fold as possible and b) have balanced nipples that are not too high or too close. I've already spoken to my surgeon (Dr. Lowen) about this and he has been very receptive. Those two things seem to make or break the experience that people have with this method. I will also be hyper vigilant about after care and hope things go well for me. ????????

Pre Op Visit

My apt went very well. I met Dr H and Elisa and both were friendly and assured me that I was an excellent candidate for this procedure. They did a full mark up because Dr Lowen is learning. It was nice to go through it because I felt comfortable asking detailed questions about where exactly the incisions would go and also the size and location on my nipples. Details matter. After the Mark Up I asked if I could sit down with Elisa. I wanted to get specific recommendations about after care and since this procedure is new for my Dr and his PA , I wanted her wisdom. I can see why people like and trust her so much.

I waked away feeling very optimistic. I'm a good candidate. The length of my breasts (which I've always been self conscious of) is a very good thing for this procedure. Dr Lowen is meticulous and careful and wants to do a good job. Dr H has a ton of experience and will be there during the entire surgery along with Elisa. I know some people would be reluctant to be a "practice" patient, but I'm feeling good about it.

Post Surgery

The surgery took a long time and I haven't seen what's under this bandage yet but I'm optimistic. I like the size and shape and there is definitely plenty of upper pole fullness. I've got drains and pain meds and am just going to take it easy for a few days.

4 Days Post Op

I took off the bandage and showered today. I wanted to get my breasts into the bra asap in order to maximize the "shape as you heal" process. I have to say that it was a shock to see them for the first time. They look nothing like my previous breasts and I got a little faint as I looked down and saw all of the wounds. This is a very comprehensive surgery. I was under anesthesia for close to 10 hours. That is longer than it takes Horndeski but my doctor is still learning the procedure and he is very detail oriented. They had originally estimated seven hours of surgery time. As you can see I have a lot of upper pole fullness. They are definitely smaller and a lot higher. I was a low hanging 34DDD before and I'm a 34DD now. I'll probably end up a 34D once the swelling goes down. The scars are big but they look tidy so I'm hoping the healing process will make them minimal. The "divots" on either side (under the crease) I'm told will soften and round out (fingers crossed). I will have the drains removed tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to that.
Dr. Lowen

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