30 Yrs Old, 160 Lbs, 5'10, Pre-op 34 B to 605 Cc Silicone Implants. San Jose, CA

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Finally did it! Got 605 cc silicone implants under...

Finally did it! Got 605 cc silicone implants under the muscle through the arm pit (axillary incision). I spent a lot of time on this website looking at other people's stories. Their stories helped me choose the right size for my body, get perspective and advice. My goal is to return the favor, if I could help at least one person in their quest for beautiful boobs, then I accomplished my goals!

Day 3 post op

Today pain is a little better. A lot of bruising in the sides that cause shooting pains. Right breast feels tighter than the left.

Day 4

Bruising worse but able to move around a little easier. First night I slept through the time I was supposed to take pain killers.

Day 5

1 week post op

Hi everybody! Things are going great, everyday the pain gets less and less. Yesterday I had my postop apt and we went over massage and took out sutures. For the next 6 weeks I have to perform massages three times daily. It's not really massage, more they pushing the implant around in the breast pocket (up, down, side to side) and holding for 60 seconds on each side. This keeps the pocket open and prevents it from closing tightly around the implant. First few times have been a little painful and uncomfortable,but I'm hoping it'll get easier. Naturally the implant wants to ride up and so the doctor wants me to continue using the compression strap above the sports bra for the next few weeks.

1 month postop

Everything going great


Went bra shopping today they measured me at a 32 DDD

Week 5

Loving them now, I'm actually able to sleep on my stomach again. Thank god cause it's been really difficult sleeping the other way. I'm still doing massage just not as aggressively. Going in for recheck next week

2 months post op

I'm very happy with my results. My natural anatomy makes them far apart, but that's ok, I feel like they look AND feel really natural

Tank top pics


I'm loving my new boobs! All healed up! Scars in arm pit look better as time goes, he used my natural crease anyways to make the cut so it's hardly noticeable unless I put my arms straight up. Clothes fit better and sometimes I don't wear a bra now. My surgeon said its ok to not wear one if I prefer and sleeping on my stomach is fine. None of these things will affect my new boobies. I got an ultra comfy bra from Macy's online, no underwire but still supportive.
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