Wide Hips and No Butt

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Stats: 5'-6", 152lbs, 34-28-41 athletic build, 24%...

Stats: 5'-6", 152lbs, 34-28-41 athletic build, 24% body fat. Lipo in inner and outer thighs, flanks, lower and upper abs, inner knees, and arms.

I rarely post but reviews on this site have really helped so thought I would pass on my own experience.

Surgery: husband was sick so was grumpy about having to take me. Traffic was bad so came 15min late. Wasn't anxious before but now a little. Fortunately, went back immediately and process went smoothly. Woke up feeling sore with tingly sensation in my butt. Managed to get into car using two nurses as crutches. Laid down in back seat. Wish the car wasn't so high to step into. Good thing my husband didn't drive his lifted jeep. Went straight to bed. Only woke to eat saltines and take pain/nausea Meds. Very uncomfortable sleeping on stomach and sides. Needed lots of pillows. Drainage wasn't too bad but that just meant swelling to come. Didn't have any drain tubes and incisions had single stitch. Doc sent us home with vascular compression machine to be worn around chins to prevent blood clots.

Day 1 post op: glad I bought female urinal. Could barely move. Husband took great care of me even though he was still sick. Woke up with right hand so swollen I couldn't make a fist. My whole right side seemed to be more swollen. No appetite so only ate saltines and Meds. Only felt nauseous when standing so slept all day.

Day 2: feeling better. Stretching pain Meds to one pill every 6 hrs. Ate some oatmeal and soup and started taking stool softener. Swelling is getting worse and now I'm starting to itch. Realize I'm sensitive to medical adhesive and silicone. Major rash in these areas. Hydrocortisone And mint tea brings some relief as well a shower. Hubby had to help wash me since swelling preventing me from moving much. Starting to pee a lot which is good thing. Wore tank top under compression garment and switched out ace bandages around arms with silicone/elastic band free arm bands bought on Amazon. Used gauze between skin and any adhesive. Gained 6lbs from fluids since day of surgery. Not too bad compared to others.

Day 3: off pain Meds. Now I can eat again and move around. Hubby has been great. Cooking, cleaning, and taking time off work to care for me. He has to get up 2-3 times at night to help me pee and take on and off the vascular massage machine. Also goes up and down stairs to get me food, Meds, or whatever I need. Admits he didn't know what he was getting himself in to when he agreed to support my vanity. I've been anti PS for many years having seen my sister go through a number of different surgeries that have left her lumpy, red faced, and looking fat (boobs are way too big). However, after 7 years of going to the gym 6 days a week, 2hrs a day, and losing 15 lbs, my inner thighs seem to be getting bigger. I started to have thigh sweat to the point that it would roll down my legs if I wore a dress. I tried boxer briefs but those would just roll up or give a rash from the adhesive. So while surfing the web to find a solution, I came upon BBL. having wide hips and no ass, I thought what a perfect solution. Two for the price of one. The doc could decrease my width while adding projection. So, I decided to be a hypocrite and tell my sister. Instead of throwing it back in my face all those things I've said to her over the years, she was actually supportive. Told her I wasn't going to fly to some third world country like her though to find the cheapest price and risk my life or end up deformed. I found a local board certified PS doctor with an office and surgery room next to a hospital. HE had performed a number of BBL's that looked natural. No kardashian or Minaj type booty. He was also going to perform lipo on 7 different sites. I was surprised when she said his price was pretty good considering her willingness to travel half way around the world for the best deal. After having gone through with this, I'm also amazed at how my sister was able to keep these surgeries a secret from her husband and family. She told me she was up cooking the same night of her lipo so that no one would know. Don't know how she did it but I have new appreciation for her.

Day 4: swelling has gone down. I can now straighten my hands and venture downstairs. Made my first poop since day before surgery (4/5 days, yikes). Used a rolled up towel across front of toilet so my butt wouldn't touch. Had to push almost as hard as I did in labor causing the hemorrhoids to come back. Tried sitting with pillows under my thighs and behind my back while slightly tilted back so my butt hangs in the middle to watch tv and give my neck a rest. Getting a little stir crazy now. Manage to shower by myself and wash garment. Hubby placed in dryer while I showered and doctored myself up with neosporine on incisions, arnica on bruises, hydrocortisone in rash, and lotion everywhere else. By the time I was done, I had to rest. Putting the garment back on took even more out of me. Must have swelled while it was off for about an hour.

Day 5: pooped again and fortunately not as bad as yesterday though still will need to take softener and eat plenty of fiber. Feeling so unproductive so swiffed floors slowly and not vigorously, folded laundry, and tidied up house. Hands are almost back to normal though thighs and knees still look like they did before surgery. Hoping that's just swelling. Butt projection is nice. Would like more definition on the bottom so there's more of a distinction between when my thighs start and my butt ends. Overall, seems to be ok. Will know better once swelling is gone. Tomorrow I have my first post op appt so will update soon. Have a social event on day 10 so hoping I won't still be waddling by then. Hurts to bend knees and thighs are so big I can't close legs.
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