33yo 240lbs / 2 Kids / Lost 78lbs Last 24mos/ - San Jose, CA

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He is super easy to speak with and invites any and...

He is super easy to speak with and invites any and all questions. He seams to be busy but doesn't make you feel rushed. I am very excited for my upcoming BBL. I placed my deposit today and look forward to enough to results to get my out of this slump I'm in. Also he tells it like it is - but so do I so he's a good fit for me... I know I'm NOT going to be a size 12 when he's done I just know imma haves much better shape than I do now and a booty worthy to strut to the gym! -lol

I'm gonna be a DrPhamPlusDOLL !! 11 MORE DAYS !! Ba donk a Donk Coming soon :)

I had my pre op last Monday blood test approved today and got my pain med prescribed as well as my postop antibiotics. I'm Ready to go !

I even asked if I can take an earlier date if one opens up... But I'm sure it won't.

He's addressed my areas the plan is to remove about 5 liters of Fat out and inject about 1100 to 1500cc of fact into each cheek, must be played my ear a little because the skins gotta do its part

Here's the game plan thus far

Upper Abdomen - .5
Lower Abdomen - 1.5
Back - 1
Flanks - 1
Arms - .5 + .5

Current measurements
45 Waist
51 Hips

Est Inch loss per PreOp plan

41 Waist
54-55 Hips

One week away from surgery !!

Any tips to offer before my BBL / abs flanks back and arms ?

15 min TILL BBL !!!

I'm excited and nervous !!!

Dr Pham PLUS DOLL coming soon !!

Here's the wish pic I sent him

ROUND 1 update

It's was cool to have the extra fluff but I wanted more so after 2 months I schld Round 2 with Dr Pham.

I am
Not sure why I can't post pic I will try again

ROUND 2 performed JAN 3rd

So far so good recovery has been sooo much easier this time around. The only thing that really threw me was that I wanted extra fat injected at the bottom of my bum and so those incisions bleed quite a bit and it was hard to keep them clean cause I didn't have anything covering my bum cause I want waist snatched and bum out.

Photos the nurse took for me

I asked Dr Pham ahead of time if I could get a few photos cause I was interested and wanted to document as much as I could for y'all ladies on here

Round 1 before and after

Before measurements
Waist 45
Hip 50

After round 1 bbl
Waist 41
Hip 53

After a month of working out post op
Waist 40
Hip 53

San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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