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After years of dealing with uneven and a super...

After years of dealing with uneven and a super long labia minora, I had my procedure yesterday at 8:00 am here in Los Angeles, the procedure itself took approximately 2 hours I was awake but felt no pain, made it home about 12 and then the good part began. The swelling, stinging an sharp pain along my labia. Popped some pain meds and that helped slightly, what really helped me was icing the area and numbing spray. A couple hours later I got up to use the bathroom, in which I was terribly scared but to my surprise was able to pee just fine. However I was bleeding as if I had my period and got super scared and ended up going back to see my dr. He immediately checked me, numbed the area which helped with bleeding, watched me for a few more hours and sent me home. Overall I'm sooo glad day 1 is over!!

Day 2...

Today is officially day 2! Swelling is going down and I can actually walk a lil better w out feeling like I'm tearing something down there, although could just be in my head and not really feeling it as I've been super careful and have stayed off my feet and kept my legs elevated and wide enough to keep any irritation away, it's almost 6 pm and I have only taken 2 norcos so far today and will probly have regular Tylenol tonight to help take off the edge of the soreness and I should be good (hopefully) I showered just fine today washed very lightly w warm soapy water but did not get in there deeply in fear of moving something that shouldn't be moved. I was also able to have a bowel movement, to my surprise the stool softener did it's job and helped, so I don't feel so bloated, so overall still sore down there and feel super bruised, being very careful an still taking it easy... Oh and btw using A&D ointment and I'm commando under a flowey night gown... Thanks to another ladies review on her experience she has helped me immensely to get thru these first 48 hours!!! Thanks lady!

Day 3 and irritated... Guess that's a good problem to have thou..

Day 3 and my nani feels like it has a cactus smack down in the middle of it... I have sutures from my hood all the way to my perineum. The dr did say he added a few touches to make me a bit tighter from my perineum and bottom of my inner labia, so I guess this is a good problem to have right now? So I need to suck it up and stop complaining lol I'm still very sore and bruised, my inner labia looks the way it feels that's for sure, I have swelling still but not as bad as the last few days, I can feel myself healing it may not look it just yet but I can def feel it, I have to return to work in 2 days not sure if I'll be able to as I sit 10 hour days that would be torture for me right now, so over all I can vouche for it now, it does get better ladies!!

Day 4... Cactus city

So I'm on day 4, swelling has gone down nicely, it's still there, but atleast I'm able to closet legs w out feeling like my cookie is going to pop lol so slept well, no more norcos, just my antibiotic and extra strength Tylenol... Yay! I am still not able to walk as I did before, but I am getting there. I think it's just me being super careful and super anal about it, but I can walk. I did however ask for a few more days off from work, I don't want to ruin or irritate the work my dr has done and the upkeep I have been doing, which I am totally in tact and looking normal to my eye atleast.... Only complaint I have is that annoying prickly poking irritating hair growth I have coming in and possibly the stitches are adding to it as well but I wish I could scratch it!!! Aghhhhhh only thing that has helped is the lanacaine spray and laying w my legs apart, so other than that all is well:-)

7 days post op... Yayyyyyy, I did good!

I made it... Still a bit sore and tender of course, but I can walk normal nowso all is well I just started taking sits baths which I probably should've started doing at the beginning but anything that had to do with me getting up and walking around I was not having it so I just started them yesterday and wow what a relief I'm still very tender and swollen on my perineum but all looks well still looks a little weird but that's expected right?

What a difference a day makes!

Feeing good, still taking it easy, nothing strenuous and swelling has gone down more, im a bit concerned about this bubble where my perineum is, I'm hoping that's just swollen still... which it could be and I'm just worrying about nada, tomorrow I go see my dr and will definitely ask him about that and these pesky stitches and update then! ????

It's shrinking!! Yayyyyy

Ok so inhace to had a chance to update my review... I saw my dr on Saturday (3days ago) and he said I am healing perfectly!!! Yayyyyyyy and I got some good news and and what a gift it is... So as the dr is checking me and moving stuff around... He says..."Ya know, I did extra work for you... And I hope you like it" apparently both of my inner labia were not symetric and very elongated and he had to try and make them look the same, and so he did but when he trimmed, he said he noticed my pernium was sticking out (I know gross) and so he cut my pernium and sutured me slightly, in other words he performed a mini vaginoplasty! I said woahhhhhhh thank you dr!!!! Not that I felt loose before but yes I've had babies and what mom doesn't want to feel the tightness again, he litotally put one finger in and and ouchhhhh it hurt!!! So it's no wonder I was bleeding like I had a period and in massive pain on the inside as well, he said no sex for 2 months! And when you do be very gentle as you will be very delicate inside! So I'm happy, very happy ! Every day I see my progress and I think wow I can't wait to see the finished product I'm so happy that I finally got this done for me now that it's only been not even two weeks I can imagine in two months how I will feel and how I will look. I will continue to post my progress just because I know when I was looking in doing my research I wanted to see I wanted to hear from other women about their experience so I hope this does help somebody out there! flower power!!

I made it... Cookie lookin cute too!

Today I am 2 weeks post op... I did good! Everything is healing and shrinking back to size, bruising and swelling going away slowly but surely! I still have stitches along my labia and some on the perinium area, only issue that's really irritating is the stitches poking me as if they are mad at me! I know it sounds crazy but they are so irritating, I am still a lil swollen on my perineum which does cause some discomfort. Other than that I am loving how I look! I am grateful I am healing well with out problems and delays, all is well! Yay!

2 weeks post op

4 week check up w my doc...

Went great!!! He said congratulations you look great! You are healing very good, huge difference!! Day and nite... Yayyyyyyy I'm very pleased with my results so far and it's only been a month!!! I feel pretty! An no it's not for him and not to look like anyone else "I" feel pretty and love what I see! I Did ask him if the skin that was cut into by the stitches and swelling would fuse together, he said yes... But remember it will take months be patient, you look Good already! And yes he is right! I. CAn see one of the labia healing how I want it to, I know it will take time and it is def worth the wait. I do still have swelling and Ibe learned to not be so hard on myself, patience has been tough but I already like what I see! Not to mention the tone in my skin and the tightness, so was it worth the pain and being uncomfortable? yes! A million times yes! Oh btw I got my period and opted to wear tampons after my third day into it, as the pads were frkn torture!!!! But... I was also 3 weeks post op, had I have been less than that, I don't think I would risk messing up the stitches by putting a tampon in my hooha!

4 weeks post op! :-)

Not sure why my dam pic won't post!

And here we are 6 weeks post op

Quick update, I'm feeling great, swelling has gone down immensely, I am still tender to the touch, but can walk perfectly fine, i am now wearing thongs again and have no restrictions. I know i am not done healing and need another 3 months to see full results, but I am so happy with what I see already that I am satisfied and eager to see what the future healing will look like! I did good, took it like a champ and now have my results I wanted! I feel beautiful!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Amazing dr. Dominique Doan in San Gabriel is an Expert on not only as a OB/GYN but caring and made me feel comfortable and secure in his care. He called me 3 times the same day I went home, he saw me the next morning as a follow up and will see him in one week, super happy he was the one performing this life changing experience for me. I can't wait to see my full results.

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