22yr Old - No Kids - 5'3.75" 108lbs - 32B - San Fransisco, CA

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I love the shape of my breasts currently but I've...

I love the shape of my breasts currently but I've always wanted bigger ones. I'm currently a 32B (I should really be a 28B but those are impossible to find). I don't fill out my clothes and I feel unwomanly. Pretty much every bra I currently own is a pushup bra (it's not the most comfortable). I want to feel like 'me' when I take my clothes and bra off. I like how I look with the padding and gel inserts on (and clothes on) but I'm always so disappointed when I take them off because I don't feel like myself. I don't want to go big. I'm looking at smaller implants around 280cc which should give me a full C. I've gone to a few consultations but I think I've decided on my PS, Dr. Usha Rajagopal in SF. She made me feel instantly comfortable and understood my need for a natural look.

I've wanted boobs since I was 18 and realized I wouldn't grow any more. Now, that dream is actually affordable! I've been lurking around the site trying to get different perspectives from everyone (thank you for all the suggestions, updates, and info). I'm just hoping that my top half can match my proportionately larger bum and that when I take my clothes off I feel comfortable that I am really who I believe I should be (and no more wire, pushup, padded, gel, socks in the bras!).

Want: 280cc, mod+, silicone

Update on the profile of my Breasts

These photos are the last straw. I know that getting implants is a permanent change but looking at my breasts I'm just unhappy. From the front they look great but looking at the profile they do nothing for me. My collar bone and stomach muscles stick out more than my breasts. Compared with my larger behind they're very disproportionate. I don't need a major change. I don't want large breasts. I want medium sized breasts that help balance out my frame and give me at least a little something. The 32B bra I'm wearing in these pictures is loose and has gaps in the cups.

Questions about family and friends

Ladies I have some questions for you. I'm like 80% sure I want to do this. I believe I will be more confident in my body especially since I'm staying small (just giving my self a little boost). But my question is do I even tell my family? I've been testing the idea out to my more liberal friends and they are all cool with it. Some say to tell my family, while others say not to. I've been having a bit of a rocky relationship with my parents since I'm doing things that they already don't like (moving in with my long term boyfriend of 5 years, we plan on getting married but there's religious differences). My parents are very conservative and religious. I'm also religious but I view this as a way to better my body, my self image, my confidence, and become who I think I should have been all along (although it's not testable I believe my top half never fully developed due to lack of nutrition because of an ED during puberty). But lately my parents have been making snide comments along the lines of "you're doing the wrong thing (regarding moving in with my boyfriend)" and "people spend and waste way too much money on stupid things to look good" (they think things like whitening your teeth is too vain, or dying your hair. They see it as pointless and a waste of money). I just think we spend money on different things and I like to spend it on me. So do I tell them? I know it's major surgery so part of me wants to let them know that I'm going under general anesthesia but I also know that they would say they were disappointed in me and say I've destroyed my body. Has anyone else encountered this problem? How did you deal with it?

Gals I'm frustrated.

Hey gals! I'm frustrated. I'm feeling 75-80% sure about the whole process but sometes when I look down at my boobies they seem so familiar and I can't imagine them bigger. It's like my body is really two bodies. The top has been the same since 8th grade and the bottom actually looks like a woman to me. As much as I want them to match my bottom half and be more full I am just having a hard time imaging it on my own body. The consultations did help me get an idea but I forgot to take photos while there. I almost feel sad for my little boobs because they're still mine even though they're small. How did you ladies deal with this internal conflict?

No bra, with clothes

This is what I look like with no bra and clothes. The clothes totally overwhelm what little I have and make me look totally flat. This sure ain't mcdonalds because I'm not loving it.

That comfy life

I want to be about that comfy life with just these petals but still fit in my shirts and not look flat chested. Today was so comfy and if I could feel like this but look like I do with my pushup bras on I would be so happy.

An unfortunate turn.

Hi ladies. I'm sad to say that due to a series of unfortunate events I am no longer able to afford this procedure. Bad luck is taking all my emergency money and student loans on top of increased rent means I would not be able to make the payments in this procedure. I really want to. I hope to update this page with the happy news that I can finally look how I feel inside, womanly. I'll leave this page up incase it helps anyone else down the road. I'm really upset about this on top of the rest of my bad luck. Things are going to be tight until my luck changes. I'm sorry to leave you hanging. :( I'll be watching all your transformations with surrogate excitement. Best of luck. This will probably be my last update until I see a future where I have enough money. Love ya all. Thanks.
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