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Dr. Delgado understands and respects the courage...

Dr. Delgado understands and respects the courage it takes for a patient to come to him about changing something as personal as your body. He always made me feel at ease by the way he listened to my goals, understood how to incorporate them into my lifestyle, took the time to explain procedures and even made me do some of my own research (implants) so that I felt empowered. Dr. Delgado was with me every step of the way with all my surgeries. In addition to scheduled pre and post-op appointments he was on the phone with me making sure I was feeling confident and that he had addressed all my questions and concerns prior to surgery. He would call and continue to check in with me at home after surgery. To date I continue to be impressed with the quick follow through and thoughtful answers he and his office team devote to my inquiries.

Following my facelift I had painful swelling which in addition to medication Dr. Delgado managed with "pain blocks." After going home the morning following surgery, he was again on the phone every 3-5 hours monitoring me and at one point had me remain in one of his examining rooms and sleep until he was confident that my swelling was under control. The unsurpassed "ownership" he takes in his work and care is a standard I've not experienced before. His office manager (who previously assisted Dr. Delgado in his OR for 10 years) drove me home after this visit and returned the next day to check in with me. I was able to feel incredibly safe, valued, and excited with each procedure as my anesthesiologist and OR team were consistent for all of my surgeries which took place in the modern, pristine Marin Surgery Center. The entire team displayed the exceptional expertise and friendly professionalism emulated by Dr. Delgado. It was conveniently reassuring and my husband was thrilled with the fact that I could remain and be individually attended to in the Center's overnight recovery room after an extensive surgery. At one time my husband even asked if I could please stay for two nights!

The cost of each one of my surgeries was more than fair. I remember my husband and I thought my thirteen hour facelift would be $10-$15,000 more than the actual bid. There is a refreshingly, prevalent way of thinking within Dr. Delgado's practice. You feel it the moment you walk through his door as it revolves around the service concept of creatively doing for others, what you don't HAVE to do. It is with complete confidence and trust that I will only ever return to Dr. Delgado for all my future procedures. He is my greatest anti-aging program!

Thank you Angie for your further interest...

Thank you Angie for your further interest regarding Dr. Delgado's work. I hope the following is helpful.

I originally saw Dr. Delgado after losing 80lbs. I had no idea at that time that I would choose to ultimately work with him over the next year as he transformed me.

The elegant, athletic results of my tummy tuck/liposuction, along with the minimal discomfort and considerate aftercare I received reinforced the extraordinary results Dr. Delgado and his team are capable of achieving. Stretch marks were gone, handfuls of loose skin and stubborn fat removed. I had an adorable new belly button I could see! I couldn't believe this flat, lovely tummy was mine! I was standing up straight within a few days, moving around slowly for the first week and felt almost "normal" after twelve days. The most challenging aspect for me with all my surgeries, was having to stay in bed, rest, and allow my body to heal along with not being able to exercise for 4-6 weeks. Dr. Delgado agonizes over the necessity of scars with his work. He was extremely conscientious about designing and placing them in a manner that fit my lifestyle activities and the clothing I prefer to wear. A few weeks after surgery when there was no more crusting from the healing of my scar, Dr. Delgado had me begin wearing silicone strips over my scar to further heal and reduce the signs of scarring. The support garment I wore after my tummy tuck to aide healing and maintain my new form also helped to keep the silicone strips in place. My tummy scar is now a thin white line. I continue to be humbled with its beautiful placement and healing as I no longer worry about wearing pants or bathing suits that might show my tummy!

My breasts no longer looked harmonious with my sleek, new tummy. My husband was thrilled when I asked him about Dr. Delgado changing my breasts as he too was overwhelmed with the graceful results of my first surgery. Implants were a, "walk in the park," after my tummy tuck. I was up, moving around, with ice packs in a loose, recovery "bra" shortly after my augmentation. I felt awake and excited as like the tummy the change was "instantaneous." My breast scars are very difficult to find as Dr. Delgado placed them right on the outer, lower curve of the areola where the dark skin meets lighter skin. Two days after surgery, at my first post-op, Dr. Delgado explained how to begin massage, once every hour, to avoid capsular contracture. I continue to do massage once every day. I took Tylenol for the first few days and used arnica cream (avoiding incisions) during massage. I had no real pain. Swelling was minimal. The massage helped heal and soften my breasts. I wore an elasticized, cloth band around the upper part of my breasts following surgery and they began to settle into place by 4-5 weeks. What I appreciated the most was the fact that Dr. Delgado had me research implants, their history, and current discussions and safety advances made with them. He educated me to the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials and shapes of implants. He explained the size of my "breast base" and the "pocket area" the implant would rest upon which gave me a range of implant sizes that would be safe and appropriate for my body type. Dr. Delgado would not tell me what specific size I should choose when I asked him, but instead guided me by having me perform the "rice test" so that prior to surgery I was able to "live with" and determine what size implant best fit me. Once decided, he congratulated me on all my work and told me I would be very happy with my decision. Looking back, it would have been easy to have recovered from my tummy tuck and breast surgery at the same time (Mommy Makeover). Ironically, I was someone who thought I would, "never get implants." Yet if not for the artistry of Dr. Delgado's tummy tuck, which led to my implant decision, I would never be feeling as feminine as I do today!

Dr. Delgado has a vast library of before/after pictures for all of his procedures but I always thought his facelifts were some of his most stunning work. My facelift included an endoscopic brow lift, lower/upper eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, cheeks, my lower face and neck, threading of fat (taken from my thigh) through the outer edge of my lips, and the evening out of my earlobes. For the first 36 hours following surgery I had painful swelling that Dr. Delgado stayed right with and managed extremely well with "pain blocks." Once the swelling subsided my healing continued beautifully. Most bruising was gone within two weeks. It was exhilarating to watch the subtle, masterly changes Dr. Delgado created come to fruition so naturally! Except for the small incision line hidden under my chin, all other short scar incisions (three on top of my head for the endoscopic brow lift, one in front of each ear, and one behind each ear, right above the base of my hairline) were hidden within my hair. Even the incision lines around my eyes "disappeared" into the natural creases below and above my eyes and the incisions within the corners of my mouth healed beautifully and are undetectable. The most memorable moment after my facelift came when my 18-yr-old son came to me with a picture in which I was twenty-five and quietly told me, "Mom, you are more beautiful now than when you were younger." Thank you, Dr. Delgado.

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