30 Years, Asian Fem. Purely Aesthetic Jaw/cheekbones Reduction - San Francisco, CA

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Being born and raised in predominantly European...

Being born and raised in predominantly European country Ive always wanted to match who Im inside. Its probably vanity. I was said for 2in 1 procedure of zygoma and jaw reduction it would be about 10000 in San Fran, but I'm afraid of scars, or sth going wrong. I have no health issues and I like my smile, nose.. Im also not sure where to perform the procedure. Koreans seem to be very profound with such procedures, but what if they a doctor doesn't understand what I want ( my korean is 0%)?

More concerns

Some people mention that their noses, smiles, health etc changed after their surgeries which is definately not my goal. Id like my left face side(on pic should be right) to be more symmetrical, to be more like my right face side. Also Im not sure how much change is possible taking into account my natural facial features. Moreover, I dont want to have any implants, just my natural tissue.
Right now I consider my face shape to be close to that of Demi lovato or Tia Carrere. I have no particular wish pic, but something like Holly Durst would be nice.
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Still thinking.

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